Could it be? Progress… So far I am impressed

So some moron in Arlington Wa puts an ad on Ebay with an offer to shoot his 5 yr old dog & skin her for 500.00. The sickest part that there were bids on it. He was claiming she was a wolf hybrid & her name was Katie.

Someone sent me the ad & was hysterical so I posted it on my Facebook page & about 8000 reports went to ebay in the blink of an eye. They took the ad down & suspended his account.

Wolf Dog Fur  eBay 2013-06-16 01-06-20That was a great thing but then something else happened… I reported it to Snohomish County Animal Control on a Sunday, & I got an immediate response from Vicki Lubrin. YEP! The head of Snohomish Animal Control took her time off on a weekend to respond to a dog in danger. She already had the SnoCo Sheriff’s Dept on it & the Snohomish County Auditor by the morning. Monday she emailed me a couple of times to ask me to make a formal report, & a few other questions but she was up til 10pm working on this & I can prove it! I have the emails.

Something has changed, not sure what it is, but the whole climate up there is different. I would venture to say that with the top cop gone, & the sexcapaders gone, the county is no longer a Sodomite playground?

Seriously the Everett Police Dept cleaned house as well & got rid of Officer Franklin but I knew that Chief Atwood wasn’t going to let someone like that stand or represent the Everett Police Dept for long

Then I get my daily email from the Everett Herald & see this GEM! Accused Officer agrees to resign This is the jail guard who pulled a fellow employees hair for whatever reasons, he didn’t like her hairdo so he took matters “into his own hands”

EVERETT — A Snohomish County corrections sergeant who assaulted a co-worker last year agreed on Monday to resign.  Jerry Dixon Jr. was accused of pulling a co-worker’s hair at the jail in September. He pleaded guilty Monday in Everett District Court to fourth-degree assault, a gross misdemeanor.

Now that I know personally that it was Christine James & Mike Fisher who was telling the lies to SnoCo AC, I have only one issue with SnoCo that is actionable, but if they are actually going to be utilizing tax payer money for helping animals it would be counter-productive to screw with that. My issue is with Everett unfortunately they drug SnoCo into it too but any place that is going to actually going to take care of animals gets major points from me & even a little forgiveness.

Maybe we can get the County Auditor to give PAWS back the county contract & quit illegally forcing BSL on different cities that don’t even have it, but that is the auditor’s office not Animal Controls decision.

Anyway I don’t usually have good things to report or say about SnoCo but this I had to share because for just a time, it was good to feel like I was dealing with an agency who cared, who was going to go the extra mile to help an animal & that is a good day by any measure. Not adversaries in litigation but fellow rescuers who were working together for the one’s with no voice. I didn’t have to write a scathing blog post to get action, I didn’t have to sic 20K people on them, there was no need for petitions or phone calls, emails or faxes from the masses. Just one person with the power & the ability to do something good just did it, on their day off, & even past that the time on the county clock, going above & beyond the call of duty.

Let’s hope & pray that this is small sign of bigger things to come.

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