Welcome to Edmonds Wa.~ “Picture Perfect ~ Animal Abusers Welcome here!

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This is what the CITY OF EDMONDS represents.

YEARS of animal abuse, torture, suffering & neglect while animal control stood by & did nothing

I mean Sadie must’ve somehow deserved this:

Sadie getting killed

This is perfectly legal in the City. As a matter of fact you will be rewarded for your abuse…. Hey the city will even knock a few charges off the books for you! Oh what is that you say? Your on Probation, awww schucks that’s okay they’ll overlook that too.

It’s like magic! First you have NINE court appearances

Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2013-05-16 05-38-04

No worries the city dropped 5 of those charges for you just for being a good sport!

Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2013-06-12 09-09-22

Hey if you are really good we’ll go ahead & take a few off the State’s Website for you!

Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2013-06-12 09-37-39

Never mind the 7 charges from last year, oh that dogs running at large & the refusal to cooperate with the police… pisshaw, that’s no big deal here! We’ll take care of everything with your Probation Officer, too, just relax.

Of course everyone knows that this is a good sign of being a caring & responsible dog owner in the City of Edmonds! I mean really! Look at these pictures, they’re not bad at all here. We did 3 whole “investigations” & found NOTHING wrong here!

Sadie block

What’s the big deal with this stupid video, I mean geez after one or two more of these fights that dog would be dead: PROBLEM SOLVED, just be sure to dispose of the body properly in your local landfill.

I mean we know you’re “really under the gun” from those mean mean protesters. Who do they think they are to tell us how we can treat animals? We can’t have any of those bunny hugging animal lovers telling us what to do.

Oh & those other TAX PAYING ~ HOMEOWNING ~ VOTING ~ CITIZENS OF THE CITY OF EDMONDS in your neighborhood, they can just take a flying leap too. I mean they go to work every day so you can sit on your butt, collect welfare, fraud PUD, fraud the Social Security System, collect dogs, dump human waste in your backyard, start a rat infestation, keep junk cars & trash all over the yard of the guy’s house you are squatting in. I mean how rude of them to complain about your dogs running at large, killing cats, & you screaming at the top of your lungs most of the night & threatening them.

What is this world coming to when an animal abuser can’t just be left alone to do as they please? I mean how embarrassing: The Media shows up & even though we TOLD that stupid kid NOT TO POST THAT VIDEO he still did it & look at all the work he made us do


Not really funny is it? It wasn’t meant to be… This is the way that the WORLD views the City of Edmonds & it should. At every corner the city has FAILED these dogs, failed the citizens & failed humanity.

I have been told that “we have to be nice” so that the city will actually do something. You’d have to have a rather LARGE soft spot in your head to believe that by now.

They told Rose’s son not to post the video on line, he did, it went viral, news showed up, their phone lines went down several times from calls all around the world demanding justice for Sadie & the other dogs that have suffered at the hands of this woman.

Even after viewing this video it was decided that this “was not enough evidence” to get a warrant or to press charges until the media showed up.

I am not a lawyer, not a cop, not a politician but even I know the FIRST investigation was more then enough to prosecute this woman, the SECOND one was even better, the THIRD one was ironclad, open & shut, but it took a FOURTH time & the desperate screams of a single dog that was heard around the world to make them get off their tails & do something!!!

THAT IS INDEFENSIBLE an absolutely egregious dereliction of duty; duty to the citizens of the city of Edmonds & to the helpless animals who endured this hellish nightmare for years.

I simply just don’t “get it” Edmonds seemed to be a little slice of Heaven, who would’ve guessed in the midst of 7 figure homes, beautiful beaches, & a cozy little downtown hub that they were actively protecting animal abuse that some of us can not even wrap our heads around.

I know the upper crust of Edmonds, the Court Officers & the Politicians just want this to go away; Too late, the world has seen what the city allowed, & even sanctioned to continue under their watch .Can you hear your property values dropping? From now on the city will be known as “the place where that animal abusing hoarder lived, & that awful dog fight video happened”

You can NOT make this go away, Me & 22,000 other people will NOT let you get away with it. I don’t care if I have to go door to door til this woman goes to trial, I don’t care what I am told I can & can not do, I will not stop. Maybe the City of Edmonds should’ve checked with the City of Everett to see how hard it is to get me off of their tail… I really hope that I am wrong & that the City of Edmonds is not covering for the City of Everett & their “Star Witness” Just by statements she made in court that let me know she is still very friendly with the City of Everett Prosecutors.

Only God knows what the hell they are doing, first the warrant is written out so that Rose could get her dogs back, then the prosecutor couldn’t even take lead from the Judge, no one has been called as witnesses, myself included, because I have seen the abuse Sadie suffered first hand, the only victories have so far been that Rose gave up 9 dogs, but at the bond hearing it was said she didn’t even have to get a home check for whoever she wants to toss the dogs to. They let her slide on the fact that Sadie was registered to her & even though she was ordered to pay somewhere around 3100 dollars by now I have this really bad feeling she will weasel out of that too. Maybe the bond fees will “disappear” like her other charges.

The Judge seems to think we are picking on poor poor little Rose, which terrifies me; Anyone who is sympathetic to an animal abuser is someone to watch. I just want to know where is his sympathy for the dogs? Living feeling, emotional, helpless, sentient beings capable of feeling fear, & that they did for years, capable of love, capable of feeling pain & they did, they felt & experienced more pain then any creature deserved & they were innocent. All they wanted is to be loved, to be held, to be cared for. Can you imagine their sheer terror, & despair day after endless day, week after week, month after month, YEAR AFTER YEAR???

What do you have to do to an animal in the city of Edmonds before you are stopped?

Worse yet; How many more dogs are living like this but have no media, have no petition, & have no voice to speak for them?

That is the reality. If they let this blatant abuse go on with these dogs; How many more are suffering just like this? Maybe worse?

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3 thoughts on “Welcome to Edmonds Wa.~ “Picture Perfect ~ Animal Abusers Welcome here!

  1. Thank you for this much needed/overdue article about the realities of the legal system/animal control system in Edmonds,WA..faillures to the core. I fear for Sadie and the other dogs that have been abused/neglected for many years..I fear that somehow because the system has failed them, that this evil being will have some or all of them back in her possession..if not them, others will fall prey to her. She should not be allowed any dog/cat/hamster/rat..she should be fined and jailed..the laws need to change/improve for thes sake of Sadie and all other ani mals being abused/neglected


  2. I’m from Ma. and have been following this. I’ve sent the pics of Sadie to the mayor and the DA along with a letter of concern and disgust and pleaded for them to do the right thing by these poor dogs. What else can I do. I’m in awe over this. So very disturbing and heartbreaking.


  3. As sad as this sounds, it seems that Rose Adams will never even get more then a slap on the wrist for this one. She has spent her entire life abusing others, her children & animals so that is not likely to change. We all need to keep an eye on her, a tiger doesn’t change their stripes & she will be back to her normal behaviors very soon. I hate when I write these stories & it creates another question… How many OTHER animals are suffering the same torture, possibly worse in this city? How many have been abused to death? I think we need to set up a hot~line for the city so that people can get some action. I have had many calls from citizens telling me horrific stories out of Edmonds, so much so that I have been thinking of creating a whole web page or even paying for a hotline number myself.

    The other day when I called the Mayor & Officer Dawson about that brown dog in front of Rose Adams house Dawson actually said “What’s it to you?” WTH? When I told her that many other citizens had called me about it, she asked why they would call me & not her… IT COULD HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE SUFFERING YOU LET HAPPEN FOR YEARS & BECAUSE NO ONE TRUSTS YOU TO WATCH OUT FOR ANIMALS! It is exactly that attitude that terrifies me for the many animals in Edmonds. Edmonds definitely needs to be on a very high watch alert for any animal welfare agencies & groups. This story is one of many in this town, sadly.

    What’s it to me? (I have the voice recording of the conversation) I’ll tell you what it is to me: A living breathing sentient being with feelings, that can give & receive love, that can feel fear, pain & desolation, that can feel joy, that only wants to love & be loved. The very same creatures that can not help themselves, that have no voice, that have been let down, & have been allowed to be tortured abused & murdered. A being with a soul, with as much worth as any other living creature. THAT’S WHAT IT IS TO ME 😡


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