Christine James… Liar extraordinaire Part 3

I kept this for last because I realized after reading through all of the emails with this woman she has the semblance of being balanced but she is not & she is very abusive.

Christine James stole 5 dogs from me. She knows it, yet she continues to lie about it. Her & I when we were friendly did some back & forth, I would bring her puppies & cute little adoptables, & she would occasionally help me.

To hear her tell it her home & the way she kept her dogs was a slice of heaven but as I started talking to her & figured out that she was involved in setting me up I tried to pull back & get the dogs she was fostering for me.

At which point she became insane. She tried bargaining, threatening, guilt tripping, & then just went nuts on me. She has so many different stories about the dogs that it has ceased to be amusing. One is that I wanted her to get the dogs vetted & for her to just give them to me, then she was “saving them” from me, then it was that I owed her those dogs, then it was about 4 other things I can’t remember right now.

I tried to do a screenshot of all the emails, some get cut off but you can see the progression or the downhill slide. The problem is that this is a “civil matter” no officer would take a report, they said I had to file a small claims suit against her, she knowing that I had no money to do so could do nothing to fight her for those dogs. It also shows you what a high & mighty bitch she really is, so if you don’t have your own business, & a million dollar home then trust me, she thinks you’re a POS too.

Here she has a heated garage…

Oct 25 2011 935 pm

Yet now she claims that it is too cold for the Chi’s in her garageOct 28 2011 1103 am

Here is just a list of the dogs she has of mineOct 28 2011 1147 amThe common theme is that she keeps trying to change the subject once I got uncomfortable with her set-up. I did not want any dog just sitting in a kennel in a garage & worse yet possibly being abused by her “drunkard husband” every other comment was about what a mean drunk he was… at the time I didn’t know Al at all & it is a well known fact that abusers abuse anyone, person or animal. So now I am in a cold panic

(19 unread) - saving_them_all - Yahoo! Mail 2013-05-19 04-48-57 (22 unread) - saving_them_all - Yahoo! Mail 2013-05-19 04-15-51 - Copy As soon as I start demanding she brings the dogs back is when the crazy comes out & she plays just about every card in her little game book. Here she is trying to guilt trip me & make it appear she is doing me a favor Oct 29 2011 108pm  Now she is acting like we are bargaining… funny part is I never discussed money, I wanted the dogs back because I was worried about them. Then she throws the dogs dying because of “his” decision. Oct 29 2011 1152 amHow the hell she managed to fire off 2 emails of this length is unknown to me but she did, so now she is using another “tactic” again acting like we are bargaining. If you remember in an earlier post she said she had already vetted them all. Oh & NOW Al is a nice guy who likes me & she is the obedient wifeyOct. 29 2011 1152 am Okay so now she is playing the cheering & concerned “sister act”… Never seen paperwork or any money from these dogs at all.  Oct 29 2011 321 pm

Now she is doing the pouting little girl thing when I kept insisting she bring the dogs back, trying to put the owner who was their breeder down after I refused to go along with her & say I didn’t know where the dogs were so she could keep them. Okay so if she gets attached to dogs after a day or two, how does she manage to adopt them out?October 29 2011 436 pmSo now she is saying she will meet me to return the dogsOct 29 2011 524 pm

Now she is trying to guilt trip me & put down a man who wanted to adopt a dog who was willing to pay all of the dogs vetting fees including a leg injury, & saying he never met the dog. He was to be adopted after his vetting & now fishermen are bad bad men, & you know I am just too stupid to adopt out a dog because I don’t know this man very well. So she must adopt out ONLY to people she knows?  Oct 29 2011 749pm

Well here goes another excuse about why she can’t meet me… Oh & another guilt trip. Again acting like we are bargaining, she keeps offering me money & I keep refusing because I don’t want the dogs living in kennels in a cold garage… but she is “of course” ONLY looking out for my best interestOct 29 2011 847 pm

So now is the “if you really value our friendship” ploy, putting down the guy who wanted to pay for potentially 2000.00 worth of vetting, I mean what a jerk he is. Who in the world needs bad owners like that, I mean a guy who would take care of a dog? Get a rope cause Christine didn’t like the color of your skin so you are not allowed to have a pet by order of the imperial highness…Oct 29 2011 9 pm

This is by far the most ironic & the last email I got from Christine James. I have no idea why she referenced Roxy to me, that was not my dog. She is not a thief??? Well I never got the dogs back, nor did she give me any money for them. Yes she did help me in 2010 but that was because I was bringing her dogs left & right that she could adopt out immediately & make money off of.not a thiefSo I did call the police in a panic but they said it was a civil matter & I would have to file suit against her but I didn’t have the 200.00 filing fee at the time & I was almost willing to let it go because I have been so busy with the legal crap her Rose & Ginger started for me that I didn’t know what to do. After all the shit she has pulled & said about me over the past few weeks I have an instant win for any suit. I have a lot more emails & forwards from people but I can’t share them here because I plan to use them for court.

It is time for me to start fighting back, not just thinking about it but actually doing it. Game over & all bets are off.

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2 thoughts on “Christine James… Liar extraordinaire Part 3

  1. I deal with people like this all the time, criminals and liars. Those who associate in any way with Christine James or CJ’s Rescue, IMO, cannot be trusted. Both Christine and Rose are VERY unstable and their actions prove this. Also the lies that Christine spews to cover her own ass is so pathetic. She points her fingers at everyone else but herself. Oh and dont forget her buddy Aaron Davis, who has blantently stated how wonderful Christine and CJ’s is. He loves them. To associate with any of these people, you are foolish and only looking to be involved in their drama as well as being blamed for something they do not want to take responsibility for, their scapegoat.


  2. I learned that lesson the hard way 😦 The ONLY thing that has saved my butt is that I keep every email I get from everyone because I had a stroke previously, so I keep emails so I don’t forget things or people.

    As for Aaron, I honestly thought that he was a friend & being a man I thought he was above the drama & BS but when I seen him posting bashing me & defending this putrid woman I just blocked him… Still surprises me that I am dumb enough to get my feelings hurt by these people


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