Christine James… Liar extraordinaire Part 1

Sorry folks but this woman lies so much that it may take more then 1 or 2 posts to cover it all.

We will start with the documents from the Edmonds animal cruelty investigations that plainly show that most of the dogs that Rose Adams had came from Christine James facilitating the whole thing.

She lies repeatedly in the first investigations, & in the second one she tries to cover her ass but still can’t seem to QUIT LYING.

It is so complicated that I am going to do it in sections. We’ll start with the Edmonds PD & AC investigations into Rose Adams, there were two of them where Christine James was directly involved. The first one Christine was lying to cover for Rose & herself, the second one she was lying to cover her own lies

This first page covers a dog named Layla who escaped from Rose Adams yard, no doubt one of the lucky ones, she was picked up by animal control dirty, muddy & stinky, her  microchip led back to a California rescue who immediately made arrangements to get the dog to safety

Here in the 1st paragraph Rose is saying she is a foster for CJ.

The second paragraph it states that Christine can only have 10 adult dogs & up to 15 puppies, but she plainly says on facebook that she has 20 of them, none are listed on her adoptapet account as puppies

20 dogs

The 3rd paragraph is where Christine admits she is giving dogs to Rose Adams because she is her friend. She states she is giving Rose these dogs for extra money so she is helping her fraud the social security & welfare system. She also claims to have never been over to Rose Adams house which is another lie. This is also where the AC Officer called her out on her lies & “she stumbled for words”

Christine lies1

Christine Lies2Here are 2 letters she sent to AC lying to them saying that Rose was dogsitting or fostering for her on the first letter, the next is where she is “authorizing Rose Adams to pick up Layla

Christine Lies3Christine Lies4Christine is a treasure trove of fairy tails as you will see in the next investigation but first I want you to take a look at something that might give you a bit of a giggle. She has no idea what the dogs she has had listed on her petfinder account were? Keep in mind she said this before she knew we have documents proving she gave most of these dogs to Rose & that she had them listed for Rose so she thought her little lies would be believable. Please note that ALL of these listings have Rose Adams as having the dogs.

cjbs12wtfChristine Lies5 Christine Lies6 Christine Lies7 Christine Lies8 Christine Lies9 Christine Lies10 Christine Lies11 Christine Lies12 Christine Lies13 Christine Lies14This is from the 2nd investigation that was done, seemed Christine is learning some of Rose’s tricks & has now become an “informant”

cjbs1Here is where she gets caught in yet another lie & all she can come up with is “she gets confused”… It seems it would be hard to keep all of her lies straight so I can understand where she could be “confused”

Rose Adams036cjbs2cjbs3

Wait a minute here Christine claims that Rose used her account without her knowledge to the Edmonds Police Dept but on Facebook she is now a martyr… 2480 dollars: Yet she never filed any charges against her for it??? Oh but if you read her facebook posting she says she had to pay for it because Rose was so poor, she paid it because she was helping her… but I thought she did that without Christine’s consent: So which is it?

now she paid for the billThe thing that is the most disturbing to me is the blase attitude about Sadie’s injuries, it also shows that she knew of numerous attacks by her phrase “this time around” So she didn’t think this last attack was all that bad????

That will do it for now, here you can plainly see that Christine was no more a “victim” of Rose Adams than I am an Oldsmobile, the has been working with her for years, & has been well aware of the putrid living conditions & abuse of these animals. She was more then willing to lie to authorities to cover Rose’s ass butt once she got in the hotseat she turned on her to cover her own ass. The problem is that yes Christine James is a liar, but she is a bad liar. Why anyone who listens to her for more then 5 minutes would believe one word that comes out of her mouth is beyond me but a few still do (((???)))

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7 thoughts on “Christine James… Liar extraordinaire Part 1

  1. This time around???? What a douche bag!!! Excuse my language but WTF??? Plz tell me what happened on the court date. Plz tell me some kind of justice is being handed down to these evil wretched people in the name of Sadie and all the others


  2. I know 9 of the dogs are safe, Rose is still trying to get 5 of the dogs back… As for Christine, I don’t know what will happen to her, it is obvious she lied to authorities but she will just try to lie her way out of it if all else fails :/


  3. I’m wondering how Taamu, the poster of this “article” is doing with her lawsuits? I think they’re from when she was convicted of animal abuse. She also had business with Rose Adams.

    Remember folks, the articles that are posted on these sites are not verified by the websites. They issue disclaimers, which means that they think they can’t be sued if someone tries to get info removed. Anybody can write about anything, and not have to prove anything.

    I noticed that most of the gotcha moments in the above story weren’t all that.


  4. I absolutely LOVE comments like yours… I have documentation for anything I say, it is on this post as well as 2 others or I don’t say it. Unless of course you are claiming that the whole of the Edmonds Police force is lying, if you don’t believe the documents here you can go ahead & request them from the Edmonds PD yourself & pay for them again…

    I have no “business” with Rose, nor have I ever, I ONLY met her because of Christine.

    I didn’t know I was writing a “gotcha” story, sorry there was enough drama & exaggerations for you. Oh but that was brilliant: You know… bringing up me being convicted of animal abuse, which is not what it was, it was for not having water out for 24hours a day which EVERYONE who reads this blogs already knows so it looks like your “gotcha” moment failed as well 🙂 Oh pssst… Everyone here knows my name! LOL!

    So why are you so interested in my lawsuits?


  5. Just so you know, Christine had her 501c3 REVOKED. She is still asking for donations, while failing to state the fact that she is no longer a registered charity, and therefore, NONE of those donations, since May 2016, have been tax deductible. If you see her collecting funds, report to the IRS for fraud please.

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  6. Actually the agency to report that to is the Secretary of State, they control the non-profits and investigations of those who have or had non-profits. You are required by law to post your non-profit # on your page and a link to the SOS if you have an active non-profit. They don’t really enforce it but you’re supposed to do that. Thanks for the warning but she will continue to do this as long as she thinks she can get away with it.


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