So how did Sadie & the other dogs fall through the cracks? What about George?

I have hundreds of people asking me:

How did this happen? Why were these dogs allowed to suffer for so long?

You have to understand how adept at “working the system” that Rose Adams is to understand it. She has been doing it so long & is so good at it that it is a career path for her, literally a way of life.

She collects Social Security from the Federal Govt, medical & food stamps from the state govt, she makes money off of selling dogs & she has learned how to get protection from the cops so she can live her life of petty crime. For a very long time she was collecting Social Security for her son through most of his life & at about 26 yrs of life he just found out about it.

If she doesn’t have anything “good” on someone she makes it up. So now she is a “witness” to a crime, then she files restraining orders on people. So now she is also a “victim” & receives payment from victims compensation, plus sometimes even crimestoppers. Plus she gets money for testifying against people, & she is immune most of the time for prosecution. She is then free to do whatever she wants to whomever she wants.

She hasn’t lived in a place in decades that she hasn’t gotten evicted from because she also has that down to an art form. She pays a couple of months, then quits, then when the manager files a court action, she responds & asks for weeks, sometimes months to respond, & keeps them tied up in court for up to a year, costing the landlord 10’s of thousands of dollars, & living rent free.

If that seems like too much drama for a rational focused human being: you have to realize that she THRIVES on drama & conflict, it excites her, that is who she is.

Her biggest allies & enablers are Pasado’s, Christine James, & the City of Everett Animal Shelter. They had the power 3 years ago to stop the abuse that Sadie had suffered but they didn’t, instead they dropped SIX GROSS MISDEMEANORS against her to testify against me for 1 misdemeanor, but it isn’t just about my case, she has done the same thing to others as she did to me, only they couldn’t or wouldn’t fight back & their animals are definitely dead now so they just gave up.

Pasado’s is the only agency that gives her a platform for her ranting & lies, as a matter of fact they ENCOURAGE it. They were aware of what was going on years ago as well.

Then you have Christine James who was getting dogs for Rose knowing full well what the living situation was, & how Sadie had suffered at this woman’s hands. I find it amusing that at this point all she can do is point her finger at me & try to discredit me by telling the same lies she has been telling about me all along. Only she is getting more creative with them, but the problem is that she can’t keep her lies straight. I will do a blog post & put it all together for everyone so they can understand it all later tonight.

The reason I am doing this post is simple: Many people are asking me why I am not bashing George or going after him

He is a big dumb doofus & he can be dangerous. He has mental issues but he is just as much a victim of Rose Adams as her children & animals have always been. I personally am not fond of him, but there were times in the 17 days I stayed with them when I actually cried for George because she treated him so cruelly. I know mostly women read my blog, some who were sexually abused as a child. George was sexually abused by his own mother & where as women have support groups & can “share” our feelings, men don’t always have the same luxury & it is far harder for them to recover from sexual abuse then women because of societies bizarre expectations of men. George is simply living what he knows, & he doesn’t have the intelligence to be able to help himself. THAT is why Rose picked him, she can control him, & he can’t even fight back. As long as Rose is alive he will forever be her prisoner & unfortunately his friends aren’t functional enough to help him, & his family can’t seem to get through to him.

I hope that answers some folks questions. I am not excusing his behavior I am just trying to explain it, who knows maybe this will be the catalyst to get him away from her, but I wouldn’t put any money on it. Just read the court documents from when he was trying to get his son back, Rose kept interfering in that just to watch him fail. Since the focus wasn’t on her she couldn’t take it so if there is any hope of him escaping her it might be short lived.


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