Answers about my case & how Rose Adams arrest will affect it.

I have had thousands (literally) of people asking me how Rose’s arrest will affect my ongoing case in Everett because of the lies that her, Christine James & Ginger Luke told about me.

I am now on my way to the state Appellate courts, so there I might stand a chance once real judges & a real court see all the crap they have pulled.

I was hoping that the Superior court Judge would have the decency to rule for the law & dismiss this entire case but it appears I was wrong, horribly wrong about him, he is just another Snohomish County piece of work in the wheel.

I don’t say this because I am so well versed in the law, or because I know that much about it but because I have other prosecutors & lawyers scratching their heads asking me WTF is going on with that county. Some of those same people also helped me with my own briefs so they know what they are doing.

Some of you thought it would mean that the city would go “Oops we were wrong, come & get your dogs & cat & we’ll fix this mess” That is not the way it works, they have screwed themselves so badly that they have no way out but to count on the corruption in their county, it is now out of county hands but don’t get too happy because the state has an interest in keeping this going because they are liable for the actions of the city & the county.

The sad reality is that Soffie my Schnauzer is almost 14 yrs old & Hoki my Kelpie is almost almost 11 yrs old, my cat is almost 9, George my American Eskimo was 14 yrs old & was mutilated days after they took him. I have had to accept the fact every day that I may never see the others alive again. I can & will sue them in state & federal courts but that can never bring back the time I have lost, or the pain they went through.

For those of you that have followed my case if you remember they took my animals at around 11am & didn’t get to the shelter til 4:40pm at which time Soffie was bloody, missing teeth & hypothermic, her teeth were perfect & I have 8 years of vet records to back that up. Hoki was in full on seizures, & George who had lymphoma & was on the last few days of his life was bleeding from his rectum & unable to walk, whether they manually raped him with an object or hit him so hard with some object that he bled internally is unknown.

I can never give my boy George a proper burial because they threw his body away like trash. In my culture that means his spirit will roam the earth forever lost & I live with that every day.

The one instinct in most human beings is to protect what they love with their lives, whether they are your human kids or furry kids, & I couldn’t even do that. That day I had no choice but to hand them over knowing they would be hurt, knowing they would be abused, I wish I could say I was wrong… I know that I will never be able to forgive myself for that, I only pray to God that where ever they are they have forgiven me. How could they understand that the person they trusted the most in the world just handed them to these people? Who knows what condition they will be in if I ever get them back. I have no idea where they are at or how they are being treated, that is what I wake up thinking about & what I fall asleep crying about.

Obviously they tortured them for that time because if my animals would’ve been in that condition when they picked them up I would’ve gotten charged with MORE then not having water out 24hrs a day.

George wordpress file Hoki wordpress file Soffia wordpress fileAs a matter of fact I was never allowed to present that evidence or any other evidence at trial.

My jury was an even bigger joke, all violent crime victims who were friends or family of local judges & cops as well as a former cop who led them,

I wasn’t allowed my witnesses & the ones they did allow me to call they harassed so badly that I just had to let them hang up.

I was never allowed to have a vet go in & examine my animals & I have never been allowed to see them since January, 6th 2011 at 11:09 a.m.

No they can not go back now, their butts are in such a bind right now the ONLY hope they have is to keep my in litigation for the next 10 years or so. Any judgement I would win they will appeal & my case has topped over the million dollar mark all to prosecute me for a 1000 dollar misdemeanor, or rather a 500.00 citation.

They dropped 6 GROSS misdemeanor charges against Rose Adams to get at me because I complained about them.

In 2009 I was pulling (rescuing) pitbulls, staffies & American bullies from there & EVERY SINGLE DOG I pulled from there was injured or maced.

Typically pit bulls are the most abused dogs, but not every single one of them!

2 of them that I returned to their owner were the most loved dogs you could hope for, that owner moved out of Snohomish County to keep them safe after that because he had went into the shelter over 6 times looking for his dogs, but didn’t see them in front or in the book which clued me in… I started taking notes of the dogs in the back where they keep all the bullies so the general public can’t see them, versus the dogs in the book & MANY of the dogs in the back were not listed in that book.

Even more sinister is that I have paperwork for dogs I NEVER even got… Now why would they have me listed as pulling a dog I never got unless they killed it & didn’t want anyone to know?

There is far more to all of this then just my case. The animal control officers knew that at that time Rose had 7 dogs, they also knew the abuse they were suffering then & did nothing. It was more important to “get me” I highly suspect that Edmonds was not doing anything & still trying not to do anything because Everett still needs her as a witness against another person she lied about & still needs to lie under oath about. They sure did hit the “jackpot” with that woman, though.

The prosecutor Mike Fisher, even hid a convicted child rapist Michael Pilkington, wanted on a felony warrant because his girlfriend Jennifer Speelmon was one of their witnesses. He claimed they were living in Spokane when they never even left town, as a matter of fact they did not get evicted until almost 3 months after my trial from the same place Rose got kicked out of. You can see they both have the same idiot landlord who can’t spell their names right.

Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2013-05-27 04-25-45 Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2013-05-27 04-29-35  Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2013-05-27 04-33-13Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2013-05-27 04-31-39They are both in jail now, him on 6 charges, & she is being held on 31 charges. Oh but again don’t get too happy, if you look most of these are Everett charges, 26 of them with no bail & no charges pressed just noted as a PC (probable cause), only 1 Everett charge has a bail & that is a PC too, so it “looks good on paper”. She often bragged that her & her boyfriend were “bullet-proof” on her facebook page & they could get away with anything. Here is proof positive, once Snohomish County, Skagit & King counties drop her charges she will be out there with the rest of us.

Snohomish County - dailyJailRegister 2013-05-27 02-19-28Snohomish County - dailyJailRegister 2013-05-27 02-22-00This is how you get treated if you are a snitch, you can lie, break into people’s homes, carry weapons, abuse children, & animals, steal people’s mail, & their identities & be protected, you can break the law any way you want to & get away with it. That is Rose Adams & many other scumbags “Secret To Success”

This is the SCUM I had to face, to try to defend myself against: Seasoned criminals, child rapists, child abusers, animal abusers, & liars.

Even though I have MORE then proven she was lying: the prosecutor & the city look like such a bunch of dipsticks now that they will have to fight me harder because they have no way out. Just to make matters worse they have violated so many of my civil & constitutional rights that they lost their immunity personally so their homes & assets are mine for the taking.

Oh & don’t forget they have millions of hard earned tax-payer’s dollars to use any way they see fit & if they run out of YOUR money they have an insurance carrier to foot the bill for their screw ups. Funny thing is I am writing several briefs right now & they are refusing to give me the name of their insurance carrier.

This is what our system has become… A joke, something to be used for bureaucrats pleasure & to play out personal vendettas. So ask yourself: How does not having water out 24hrs a day equate to the horrific abuse that Rose Adams dogs & children have suffered? It is the SAME charging equivalent, two different names but the same penalties.

I know all of this is hard to believe, I wouldn’t believe it myself if I wasn’t going through it. That is why I always have documentation to prove what I am saying because it all sounds absolutely mad. This has ruined so much of my life, I got to the point where I was suicidal, but on my way off a cliff I realized if I do that, they win & there would be no one to fight for my animals, or the animals that Rose has been abusing for so long. I have lost everything I owned, I haven’t been able to hold a steady job because I have been to court over 100 times for this nonsense, probably more by now. I have had people I thought were my friends turn on me & try to destroy me, I have had another minor stroke, it just never ends.

The worst part is it won’t end for a very long time. There was a councilman who in his own weird way tried to help me before he died, he told me that at a council meeting they were given the authority to “shut me down any way possible” & they were given unlimited funds to do so. That is the City of Everett, & Snohomish County. That is how they operate, & if you don’t fight back you will never know that. I have no choice but to keep fighting, they have the last of what is important to me, my furry kids. Honestly I don’t know if any of them are even still alive, they better hope & pray to God that they are though.

As for Christine James & Ginger Luke I will take them to court. I now have plenty enough evidence to slam Christine James right smack dab into the truth. In her efforts to cover herself with being involved with Rose she has told on herself & she has lied so many times that it wouldn’t take a jury 15 minutes to figure it out, but that is another story…

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7 thoughts on “Answers about my case & how Rose Adams arrest will affect it.

  1. So, so disturbing to hear all of this. Especially what has and is happening with your animals. My heart breaks for them and you. Stay strong and continue to fight this incredibly corrupt town. Find strength in knowing you do this for your beloved pets. I pray for your Angels 2 guide and help you in this fight. God bless you. There should be more people like you 🙂


  2. Don’t give up… keep on fighting these corrupt “public servants”. I know that what you talk about is true because I am in a fight against Kitsap County’s corrupt officials… Here is a link to my brief to the Federal Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit that describes how we citizens are being “fleeced” by corrupt government employees, judges and lawyers.

    People need to understand that every time government succeeds in destroying a citizens life by lying and falsifying evidence they set a new and lower standard of conduct …. one day the government may use this new and lower standard against others and it may be you! Please support people who are willing to stand up and fight the injustice.

    Here is my brief . if this link doesn’t work visit my web site and read about Judge Ronald B. Leighton and how he uses his power to enrich his wife who represents government liability insurance interests and other risk pool assets … in other words, Judge Leighton insures the county’s and state’s liability insurers are “protected” from paying damages by using his power to dismiss claims filed against those counties … the very counties that his wife represents through their insurance carriers.


  3. I am so sorry Bill! I have just read most of your brief & that is INSANE, these cases all seem to have a common theme, they just wrap you in so much garbage & nonsense that it can take years to even come up for air & get your bearings. I did post your blog on our blogroll. I think it is time for a class action lawsuit against the state at the Federal level for allowing their municipalities to continue to abuse their authority to give them a wake up call. One of two suits they can bury us, but several hundred… There is a thought!

    Talk about a CLEAR CONFLICT of INTEREST & a monumental appearance of impropriety!!! They don’t even give a crap anymore, no one holds them accountable 😦


  4. Okay so… let me get this right: In order to get your DUE PROCESS, you must perjure yourself under penalty of law, then agree to their illegal & unconstitutional terms, which effectively removes ANY appealable issues. What a racket, these folks could make the maffiosos proud.


  5. Brandia, Your Tenacity is Honorable, and I know you already know, that our pets and animals, especially our dogs, do IN FACT, have eternal souls, and no matter what the pain on Earth has brought in yur searation from them, be evil and corrupt people and government entities, You will see and play with ALL your dogs and animals, again… That is God’s gift and Promise. I KNOW! Brandia, My Friend, I leave you with my additional thoughts on this matter as follows: We the People, who own dogs, cats, pets and animals, desire and manifest the expression of our God given Rights, United States Constitution and Bill of Rights freedom, to include “Freedom of Speech” and Religious Rights to freely express “We the Peoples” views on any “religious” subject and belief, to maintain “our” God given Rights to freely own our animals, on our “own” property, without government or individual(s) interference, intrusion, or violation of any of “our” Bill of Rights, upheld by the United States Constitution, as traditionally written, by our forefathers.

    I want to make something clear to you all in this group, about “Truth,” “Justice,” and the “American Way.” Laws are only words written on paper, words that change on society’s whim and are interpreted differently daily by politicians, lawyers, judges, and policemen. Anyone who believes that all laws should always be obeyed would have made a fine slave catcher. Anyone who believes that all laws are applied equally, despite race, religion, or economic status, is a fool. We cannot, by total reliance on law, escape the duty to judge right and wrong. There are good laws and regulations, and there are occasionally bad laws or regulations, and it conforms to the highest traditions of a free society to offer resistance to “bad” laws or regulations, and to “disobey” them. Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them, using God’s word of power and authority? Never undertake anything for which you wouldn’t have the courage to ask the blessings of heaven. Speak what you think today, in words as hard and bold as cannon-balls; and tomorrow speak what tomorrow thinks, in hard and bold words again, though it contradict every thing you said today; if that be Right, under God, to Preserve Thee. The Motto for this group is: For “I AM” a man or woman, who is firm in the Faith of CHRIST, and he, and I, have “SWORN WITH AN OATH” to defend my Rights, & my Animals. Authored By: Dean A. Ayers

    God Bless You Brandia! Dean


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