Rose Adams dog fight caught on tape, the prosecutor is protecting her & the police do NOTHING

For those of you been following the situation with Rose Marie Adams I have some really bad news. There is videos posted of the horrific dogfight that happened yesterday and we tried to get everybody to share the videos which they did but the prosecutor for the city of Edmonds refused to do anything about it because one person out of 10 who filled out a statement forgot to put Rose Adams address on there she said that the videos weren’t enough evidence: I think you should be the judge of that.






So we showed up at the house at Rose Adams house at around 2:30 (myself and another rescuer), we called the police, they did nothing.

So we called animal control and they told me unless they had the videos on hardcopy that they couldn’t do anything so they wouldn’t come and get them we had to bring them to her office so she could look at them. She wouldn’t even come & get them!

Then we came back and animal control and the police officers were waiting outside of Rose Adams house because they were so relieved thinking they were getting the warrant the other animal control officer even came and it was her day off… well the prosecutor for the City of Edmonds called and said there wasn’t enough evidence because one person forgot to put Rose Adams address on their statement. So the police left without checking to see if the dog was attacked was still alive Rose refused to let them see the dog and they had to leave.

But we stayed there yelling at her to let us see Sadie, to let us see if the dog was alive to just give her to us and they didn’t… next thing we know George comes running out of the house looking like a mad man his hair sticking out the sides all clucked out.  A 6 foot 4inch, 208 pound cluck comes running at Rose Adams son charges him and tries to beat him up he goes running and everybody’s trying to stop him, I’m trying to hold onto his dogs and George falls flat on his face while trying to beat up the kid.

Next thing we know one of his dogs got off the leash and went chasing after him which scared George enough that he turned around and ran back to the house so we called the police again it took them 25 min. to show up and when they did they didn’t do anything. Eight witnesses that this guy assaulted this kid and they still DO NOTHING!!!

So the police asked us all as a group to leave so they could do their job, we left, they got in their cars and left. The evidently their job is not doing anything! Their job was to make us go away so that they could go do whatever it is that they do… which evidently is NOTHING.

So you have to ask yourself why this is the fourth cruelty investigation that they’ve have done, that they’ve done nothing about. Why why do you let this go on in the city of Edmonds? What are you protecting her for, or what is it that makes you have such a strong aversion to doing your job the job that the taxpayers of the city of Edmonds pay you in order to do your job? Your job is not making excuses or covering up things that you don’t want to deal with.

Animal abusers, cluck’s, squatters, child beaters, and any other type of seedy person you can think of: Edmonds is the new safe haven for all all of you!!!

Now for those of you who were wondering:

Who would just watch this and not do anything or just stand by while this was happening?

I can explain, there is a 10 foot fence between the person who was filming they had to literally stand on a rock ledge and then a fence and then a big border to film this because they had been trying to get her attention and of course she didn’t do anything.

Even if the kid would’ve went across the fence then those dogs probably would’ve turned on him and attacked him because they don’t know him.

The next thing is that the animal control officer has refused up until now to do anything because she said that there wasn’t enough evidence so at the point where they were at they couldn’t get anybody’s attention, and they couldn’t stop the dogfight so they got the video camera and tried to get it on film so that even if the dog had died that they would have some kind of evidence.

Any normal human being with two brain cells would’ve thought would’ve been enough evidence to get her convicted or get those animals taken away. Animal control is well aware of it because I personally sent the craigslist postings that she has 11 of those dogs on and still they did nothing. Her son has made numerous statements, his girlfriend has made numerous statements, they have posted and sent over 20 videos and those were never good enough for evidence.


I have this horrible feeling that they are protecting her because of my case against the city of Everett, no one just does shit like this & gets away with it for YEARS, there is a whole lot more to this then anyone can even imagine. I am going to add this to my page as well & download the HUNDREDS of pages of reports for the other cruelty “investigations” they have done & done NOTHING about as well.

Here is their contact info: Maybe you can get something done because they aren’t doing anything. Maybe if enough people call something will get done, or maybe it won’t help at all but we won’t know if we don’t try.

Of all the media we contacted ONLY King5 showed up!

Melanie Thomas, City Prosecutor
Sunset Building
Suite 1D
23607 Highway 99
Edmonds, WA 98026

Dave Earling, Mayor
Third Floor City Hall
121 Fifth Avenue North
Edmonds, WA 98020

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17 thoughts on “Rose Adams dog fight caught on tape, the prosecutor is protecting her & the police do NOTHING

  1. Here is a response I received from one division of the humane society in Arlington, WA. “It is being handled by the authorities. Hoarding situation, mother allegedly mentally ill. Police have been there before. It is a reposessed house they are living in. It is also being investigated by our local papers. It’s not in our jurisdiction, being handled by animal control for Edmonds – ADIX.”


  2. Good news I just received from Humane Society. “Police got warrant, all dogs are out of that home and Sadie (the dog in the video) somehow survived and is at a vet.” Can you confirm this?


  3. I just got back from the raid at Rose Adams house, ALL of the dogs are out & Sadie walked out on her own!!!! She is at the vet’s office, but they got 14 dogs out total & all are in safe hands now. It will be on KOMO 4 news at 5pm, 6 pm & 11 pm


  4. Way to Go King5 Kudos to your network for having the Guts to cover
    a very important story.. this is unconscionable the filth in the pictures
    that the dogs are living in angers me deeply as a dog lover and pit bull advocate.


  5. either the police are in on it to raise fighting dogs ar something, dont tell me you cant arrest her on those charges, they do it in pa. all the time, she should have a lot of jail time and never be able to have animals again, cops or animal control, or humane society, DO SOMETHING ABOUT ANIMAL ABUSE, DONT JUST SIT AROUND COLLECTING A PAY CHECK FOR NOTHING.


    1. For some reason they are protecting her. I don’t know what more they need to do their jobs as far as evidence but it doesn’t make ANY sense. It is sickening to think that they KNEW this was happening & stood by & did nothing


  6. You can’t blame the Police when their hands are tied by what the judge or prosecutor tells them they can or cannot do. My husband is a cop and a huge advocate for animals. You do not even know the frustration he has to go through when he deals with animals. It even says they were standing by thinking they would be getting a warrant… It was not the Police who said no to it. Logan needs to have all witnesses information and he needs to go take out charges on George for assault. Everyone needs to protect him and look out for him right now, people misunderstand him and FB is fueling hatred toward him as well. Please just keep in mind the frustration Police Officers have to deal with when it comes to their jobs, not just in this situation but in everything they do. The first ones you call for when you need help is God and the Police ❤ I have worked for years in Law Enforcement specifically with animals. PLEASE do not let this situation drop out of the publics eye. Be there and been seen during every stage to ensure Rose does not get her hands on an animal again. Also, can you clear up a few things I have seen on FB? Did she get four of the dogs back when she bonded out and were there three dogs left in an RV on the property? Did they get those dogs with a separate warrant? I wonder why George was not arrested on the same charges she was arrested on.


    1. I was there with 8 witnesses when George attacked Logan the police did NOTHING. On the other hand yes there were other Officers that were there the day they thought they were going to get a warrant, they were in court today. When the judge set her bail at 1000 per charge INSTEAD of the 5000 she asked for everyone was stunned. I was raised by pretty much the entire Seattle & King County Police force so I know the frustrations they face but they just blew Logan off, just to be clear these were different officers.

      George was arrested too later, she is still in jail with a 3500 bail, they did have to get two warrants or a warrant & an addendum because they had dogs in an RV (vehicle on wheels) so it had to be separate. She was ordered to have no animals in her possession today & the ones she had were ordered held by the city.


  7. Rose & George had an in-custody hearing. Rose was not able to make it because she was in quarantine for “a lice problem” but George was there. George’s bail was set at 2500.00 & Rose’s bail was set at 1000.00 for each animal cruelty charge, EVEN THOUGH THE PROSECUTOR ASKED FOR A 5000.00 BAIL FOR EACH CHARGE. So it looks like the prosecutor is NOT the problem… but please remember THE JUDGE IS AN “ELECTED OFFICIAL” So George’s bail is 2500.00 & Rose bail is 2000.00 + the 1500.00 bail she had for the other 3 charges already = 3500.00 dollars. That is what an animals pain, suffering & misery are worth to Judge Fair. Those screams that you heard from that video, the tears, the worry, the heartache, & sleepless nights were worth a MERE 2000.00. Rose has another hearing at 2pm on Monday May 20th, 2013 if she is still in custody otherwise it will be on Wednesday May 22nd if she is out of custody. Sadly no one but myself, Rose’s son & his girlfriend showed today but the news was there too


  8. Do the right thing to Sadie. I hope you hear her cries and see her face when you turn off the lights at night when you go to bed. Do not let this person named Rose walk on the streets that the good people paid for. If these offices Mayor Earling, Prosector Thomas, and your so called Animal Control Officer Dawson. The good people of Edmond PAY YOU to do the right thing so you know what you should do. If these office dont do the right thing.
    I hope the city people do by not let you serve another term in their city.


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