Maybe the City of Everett should pay attention to this one… maybe a few others should

Okay fresh off the presses of Top Cat’s Roar

Federal Case -Plaintiff wins!!! -4th Amendment suit and damages
On Wednesday a federal court awarded a woman convicted of mistreating animals nearly $200,000. Jennifer Petkus filed a lawsuit against Richland County, accusing the county of “unreasonable search and seizure,” according to federal court documents. Petkus owned the Thyme and Sage Ranch in Cazenovia when it was searched in May 2009. There were 190 animals seized, with authorities citing poor living conditions. The ranch considered itself an animal rescue facility and had been in operation since 2001. It also held a contract to operate as the official shelter for Richland County. Petkus was found guilty of six misdemeanors in 2011, including intentionally mistreating animals. She was sentenced to three years of probation. Federal court documents filed in May 2012 showed Petkus accused Richland County of being negligent while supervising around 100 people who searched Petkus’s property in 2009. Petkus claimed those individuals damaged and stole her personal property.

I read the story & assumed well maybe this woman really was innocent, but she wasn’t. thyme-and-sage-criminal-complaint.pdf  she was actually convicted on 6 charges.

So is she going to be acquitted because of the federal decision? Is her case going to appeals or is she just done with it? How is it you are convicted of a crime that you can still get a jury award for violations of federal law?

Petkus 12-104limine.pdf

Woo Hoo

Here is the actual brief with description of the judgement
Petkus 12-104 partial SJ.pdf

So you guys know me I can’t just read the story and go oh wow that’s cool, I had to investigate. I found most of the briefs of the federal case and I’d like to note that this woman filed this Pro-Se she did this on her own, may be I need to get a hold of her!

So if you’re following me here: a woman who was convicted of animal cruelty just got an almost $200,000 award from a federal jury because they violated her civil rights.

Now keep following me: I was convicted of failure to provide humane care because I didn’t have water out 24 hours a day and the city of Everett has violated about 94 different state and federal laws. So basically all I have to do is follow the form and format of what this woman filed and I can take these people to court and there’s no way in the world that I would or could lose based on this decision. The county can appeal the decision but that remains to be seen if they will or not.

Something else that I noted in her brief she includes the county and their insurance company. The city of Everett swears up and down they don’t have insurance company which is ridiculous so they won’t give me their insurance carriers name. Any municipality that is in operation has to have an insurance carrier, the truth is they don’t want me to make the insurance carrier aware of what is going on.

The problem is with that is, that I’ve had nothing but insurance carriers on my webpage: Remember I have page trackers I can see who visits me, I know who stopped by, I know who’s reading my blog, I know all of whatever they’re doing, which page they go to, which page they came in on, what page they left on, how long they were on & what search term they used.

So where does that leave the city of Everett, or where does that leave Snohomish County? This is a federal decision in regards to animal seizures, my problem has been that there was no federal decisions in regards to animals so a lot of attorneys are afraid to take the case because federal trials can be very costly and then you have to get your foot in the door your case has to be accepted.

If this woman can do this on her own all pro se and still come out with that amount of money then I can do the same thing because what happened to me was far worse than what happened to her, I can’t speak about what happened to her animals because I don’t know the whole story. I’ve never even heard of her until I read Top Cats Roar’s article about her. But I know that my case covers FAR more just fourth amendment rights mine involve the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th 11th & 14th Amendments plus many parts of USC 1983, & other Federal laws and many many many other state and local statutes.

So my thinking is they’re not going to want to pay out any money that’s not what insurance companies like to do, but that may give me the leverage to get the city & the county out of the animal sheltering business to hand it over to know or PAWS or NOAH or Purrfect Pals, (NO NOT PASADO’S AT ALL, NO WAY, NO HOW) somebody who actually cares about animals and won’t destroy them based on what skin they’re born in. It may also give me the leverage I need to get rid of that people that are running a place people who kill just for pure fun and joy and pleasure.

For instance the dog Blaze that was reported on KOMO4 that they killed even though he had somebody who wanted him.

Or the dog that they killed a little pitbull that had been surviving on his own for months and he was picked up and taken to the shelter he had eight different rescues that were willing to take him on,(yes I have those emails,too) but instead Ms. Shannon DelGado made that dog wait in that shelter, made all of us rescuers wait for her decision until she got back from vacation and essentially got back from vacation she ordered him destroyed. HE WAS MURDERED but not until she got off of vacation.

Or like the case where they went out and trapped a mother dog who had a litter of puppies and they had left puppies out there alone, in the cold, under a trailer. They catchpoled mom because she was being aggressive chasing people off where she had the puppies at which is perfectly understandable although on that occasion I believe that it was Officer Harmer who went out and and gathered up those puppies to bring them back to the mom, but when rescues tried to get that dog she told them (and I have e-mails) that she was going to be destroyed after her quarantine. I wrote a bunch of blog posts about what a POS she was so next thing you know all the puppies & momma went up for adoption… “because it’s perfectly understandable that mother would be a little protective of her puppies”. (DUH)

Seriously every picture that you see that she takes up animals animals are looking at her like “oh God don’t eat me”. So she could actually can be shamed into doing the right thing at times but they would left those puppies out there if officer Harmer hadn’t went & got them so there are some good people at the shelter there.

FUGLYdog killerThe above pictures are the momma & puppies, other pictures can be found at the Everett Herald on this story Just be warned this story may cause you to throw up a little bit in your mouth…

The problem is not with the people who work there except whoever is beating the hell out of the pit bulls & macing them

This is the manager and this is also the same woman who laughed in my face when I found out that my dog had been killed and mutilated and then thrown away like garbage.

So like I said this might just be the leverage that I need to get rid of that @%#$@ she’s a city employee so they can find some other position for her they could shuffle her off to some other department and get rid of her and may be do an internal audit and figure out who’s good & who’s not… maybe they can maybe start doing something right for the animals

They also need to get rid of their BSL and adopt the Dangerous Dog Laws of Washington state which doesn’t discriminate based on breed. I will not budge on that and if I can win any money in a federal lawsuit I will use that money to pay lawyers to fight them.

I don’t care how long it takes: I’ve been fighting and waiting for 13 years I’ve got nothing but time on my hands, so any money I get will go to fight them or they can just agree to my terms which I doubt they’ll do because her egos are too huge, and by now if their insurance carriers have seen my story and seen all my documentation they are probably pooping themselves and they’re probably doing everything they can to cover their butts. One of the Council people told me that at one their meetings about me that they were to use any and all resources to shut me down.

I used to sit by the pitbulls kennels at that shithole pound to give them just a tiny bit of love (when they couldn’t hide them from the public at their old shelter) the day before they were killed & I promised them I would NEVER stop fighting for them, I intend to keep that promise. For all the one’s who have been murdered, for all the one who will be murdered I WILL NOT STOP FIGHTING FOR THEM.

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