When all you’ve ever written about is gone… You write what you can

So now that Aaron Reardon is supposed to be resigning at the end of the month & the Edmond Thomas mystery has been solved (or so they think) you can almost hear the crickets at the local newsrooms. Now we’re down to stories about a new twist on Mozzarella sticks & the opening date of the local farmers market.

But it was good while it lasted…

Oh but wait!!! There is just one more story! Kevin Hulten makes porn & he even looks at it!

WHY IS ONE GUY MAKING HIS OWN HOMEMADE FREAK SHOWS NEWSWORTHY? Well you see it’s like this… He is connected to Reardon so no matter what he does, it is going to be put on public display. There is no mention on what the homemade stuff is or the downloaded stuff. We can safely assume it was nothing illegal or he’d have already been fast tracked to prison.

Newsflash: In this age of handheld movie cams & computer cams, cell phones & digital cameras A LOT of people are making their own homemade shows. Only “celebrities” get noticed for it though. So does that make Kevin Hulten a celeb? Is Hugh going to beating his doors down any time soon? Don’t be surprised if Kevin gets his own spread on Playgirl any time soon with the caption “Bad boys of Snohomish County” He’s not an ugly guy, I’m sure a few women would pick up a copy


Okay seriously now, some things you just have to laugh at or they will give you a migraine. So let’s look at some facts.

1) Hulten is not as smart as one might think to put his home brew on a county owned computer or to be perusing porn sites on it. (Maybe the Herald will do a public records request to see when it was downloaded to see if he was on county time, maybe they already have)
2) Hulten has not had control or possession of that computer in several years: So for several years someone has sat on this info, seen it & said nothing until it was useful.
3) Media is saying that it was found after he filed the whistleblower complaint BUT they are also saying it was found earlier… So which is it guys? Before or after?

I have told you over & over what a cesspool Snohomish County is. I swear that everyone is sleeping around, everyone is taking a cut of something & everyone has got some dirt on everyone else. Seriously like I said in the Snohomish soap opera story, these are ONLY the stories we read about, so you can imagine how many don’t get reported. You can also gauge just who the stories “aren’t” written about & you can tell who controls what the media writes just by reading the stories. Now this may come as a surprise to some, I like the Herald Reporters, one in particular that I give the most crap to & I realize that they are relegated to writing what they are told to. I can hold out some hope that with new ownership will come some more clarity in what is being reported.

I also don’t know if this got lost in the mix here…

One story says Hulten was placed on administrative leave on March,5th,2013

Last week, the county placed Hulten and Rudicil on administrative leave pending the outcome of the King County Sheriff’s investigation.

Another story says that he was placed on leave solely for the porn…

The lawyer detailed how Haakenson confronted Hulten after the images were found in March and gave him the option of quietly resigning, which would create no disciplinary paper trail. Otherwise, Hulten would be fired and the reasons detailed in his personnel records.

So which is it? Who is lying? Doesn’t anyone but me see how much bull is being reported here? At some point you would think that these reporters would get together & think Oh Geez maybe we better make sure the stories match… Or maybe they are just reporting all of the conflicting stories so a reader with a brain can figure out something smells here.

What the hell did Rudicil have to do with porn on Hulten’s computer? Why would he have been placed on leave for it? So were they placed on leave for porn or for an investigation?

I am getting nauseous just thinking about stepping foot in that freak show of a county this week.

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