So why did I put up a page about my case & my stalker? Why write this blog?

The simple answer is I was afraid for my life & my animals lives, I know the corruption that goes on in Everett & Snohomish County. I wanted people – the world – to see what kind of crap these people were pulling & to help others in my situation to know they weren’t alone, to know what they would also be facing & hopefully to help others going through it too.

So why did my stalker/the city’s star witness/baby selling/child abusing/animal abuser get her own page? The simple answer is the same as above the difference though is that this woman survives on Social Security & Welfare, along with where ever she can squat at. She has nothing of value, her SSI & SSD is untouchable.If I can save one person or one animal or one more landlord the misery that she causes then it will be worth it.

The City of Everett, Snohomish County, the State of Washington, & the city employees on the other hand all have attachable assets. There was a ruling in the 9th Circuit which touches on immunity & they have none in regards to my case. By sharing my personal information, by lying about me to other agencies, & by instigating their witnesses to threaten, harass & intimidate me they went WAY outside of their duties as employees.

I will share my briefs when I am done perfecting them so it will give everyone a better understanding of how my case is unfolding & how my case relates to the 9th Circuit case.

Honestly somewhere in the middle this blog & my webpages became about revenge, but after 25 months of living in this hell you find acceptance of your situation. Now it is about doing the right thing. I am tired, tired of fighting, tired of crying, tired of living without my dogs & my cat, tired of living in a flippin desert, but intrisically I know that this is not just about me or what I want, need or feel. I am fighting for others before who couldn’t fight or speak for themselves, thousands & thousands of bully breeds who have been killed for no reason other then being born in the wrong skin, I am fighting for those who will come after me so that they won’t suffer the same fate, I am also fighting for the people who’s lives have been destroyed by the a-holes, so that maybe they will think twice before they do this to someone else, & if they do you had better believe I will help them fight back. I will not stop until they do. Simple as that.


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