I hope the city of Everett idiots are wetting themselves: They should be

Okay now if everyone here remembers I told you that the city of Everett employees are actually responsible for everything that they’ve done. So not only is the city in the county and the state liable but they are as well. So basically they’re all sitting in their own piles of crap right this moment.

I had a very interesting meeting with some very wonderful people. It was actually very nice to see that Rose Adams hasn’t destroyed everything and everyone that she’s touched in her life so that actually made me feel pretty good. At any rate the people that I met with gave more information and tons more documentation. My head is just reeling, I’ve got three boxes of documents now that I have to somehow try to scan and copy onto my page so that everybody can see what kind of a nut bag she really is.

Evidently the boy that she keeps referring to on her online postings where she’s looking for the daughter that she sold and the kid that got taken away by the state is another child she keeps mentioning, a David J Robinson. Honestly I was a little afraid to look for him or dig too deeply because I thought the kid might be dead knowing her and her history I was very worried about that, I am very happy to report that he is alive and: well. I also found out that the daughter that was sold via the attorney in Florida is also alive and doing well. I also found out that the boy that she lost to the state, the second one that is, is also doing well, plus the other two kids are well they’re making it the world or at least trying to. So all five children are accounted for and hopefully have found each other.

I got a lot more information today but I can’t really share it because it is criminal in nature so I can’t divulge it until I actually turn it over to authorities. I got good news and I got bad news mostly things that I suspected were verified but there were also things I never even dreamed of. As you also know she took credit for getting all the information to shut down the Renée Roske mill and as most people know I gave her most of the information. That really didn’t bother me but she managed to get herself in the paper a bunch of times and I started reading through some of the statements that she made & it was heartbreaking. I swear there is something intrinsically wrong with this woman she has no heart she has no soul she has no conscience she has no apathy or sympathy for any other living being, she reminds me of a guy my mom used to date… his name was Ted Bundy.

So now everyone has seen videotapes of the filthy living conditions at her home, heard her screaming and cussing at the dogs, everyone has seen the documentation for her losing her children to the state, seen the documentation for her selling them, everyone has seen her criminal records, I have everything documented because I don’t say anything without proof;

This is the city of Everett’s of Everett’s STAR WITNESS, this is the woman who with the help of Lori Trask and Shannon DelGado gets everybody’s animals taken away because she is such an incredibly good liar and such a hateful person.

You’ve heard the saying don’t sweat the small stuff? All of this is the small stuff. I thought that I had this big huge battle ahead of me, but, with everything that these people have done, and all of the information that I’ve uncovered about Rose… I don’t have any problems whatsoever in the world, my lawsuits will go just fine! Now as to whether the city of Everett still wants to continue with the legal battle. I really hope they do. They haven’t even turned in their reply briefs, & I will promise everyone this: I have much more information, much more documentation, I have been sitting on it, but soon I will release it all, even the things I don’t have documentation for. I have held back because I did not want to hurt innocent people but it’s not me who is having affairs, or cheating the system, it is not me lying conniving & destroying people’s lives, abusing kids or animals, or stealing. You seen the post I did about all the crap that goes on daily in this county, these people have NO SHAME, no morals, & no conscience: If you can’t beat them I guess you quasi join them. The scary thing is all of the stuff that is reported in the paper… Just imagine how much more is NOT reported? Seriously


 A Gold Bar couple face up to a year in jail for their role in an alleged puppy mill operation
When Snohomish County officials raided a home near here in January, the stench of dog urine and feces was overwhelming. Excrement littered the home…Rose Adams of Mill Creek adopted Poncho, a red merle chihuahua. Her dog seems as if he still is frightened by people, she said. She too was pleased with the guilty pleas and said she will ask a judge for stiff penalties for the Larsens. “I think they should suffer,” she said.

Pair pleads guilty in puppy-mill cruelty case
Jason and Serenna Larsen, whose January arrests exposed a two-county puppy mill with hundreds of dogs living in squalid conditions, pleaded guilty Friday to six counts each of first-degree animal cruelty. At Friday’s court hearing, Rose Adams, a representative of several animal-rescue groups, called the Larsens’ role in the puppy mills “horrifying.” “To you and I, a dog is like a family member. To them, they were a commodity,” she said.

1-year sentences in puppy mill case
EVERETT — The couple accused of starving, dehydrating and suffocating at least six animals while working at a kennel in Gold Bar has been given the maximum sentence allowed. In court on Monday, some were simply stunned by the sentence. “I don’t think that’s fair to the community. I don’t think that’s fair to the animals,” said Rose Adams, who gathered most of the evidence against the Larsens. “The animals had to live in cages. Why shouldn’t she have to sit in a cell for year along with her husband?” “The financial difficulties that, from time to time, people are in are simply not sufficient mitigation,” said Snohomish County Superior Court Judge George Appel before handing down the maximum sentence. Maximum or not, the sentence left Adams fuming. “Those animals were treated like they were nothing, like they were garbage. And you wouldn’t treat your child that way. Why would you treat your animal that way?” she said.

I see these articles & hear the words coming out of her mouth & it makes me sick to my stomach. I think of poor little Poncho & it makes me cry. Going from the hell of Renee Roske’s puppy mill to living with Satan reincarnated

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