The Rhineharts & Ms Caldwell are still waiting for thier childrens “ransom note”

I’m no fan of pot or booze, I do however know about the medicinal value of pot. Alcohol has no useful purpose, it is a killer, yet it is legal. I don’t want to turn my blog into a pro-pot platform, but more crimes are being committed against people in the name of law enforcement then ever. Pot is now legal in our state so the Feds aren’t going to get a bunch of gung ho supporters here so they went next door to Idaho.

I think this is the scummiest new low in “The War On Drugs” to steal someone’s children & not even offer a ransom note. It is however a valuable tactic when you want to blackmail terrorize & extort someone. There has been 6 or 7 cases like this just lately This is most egregious “government taking” there is, unfortunately it is far too common & most CPS agencies have NO GOVERNING body so they are free to do whatever they want, they are like the IRS, they answer to no one.

17 yrs ago I had a divorce going AND a lawsuit against the Bellevue Police for an accident that put me in a wheelchair simultaneously. The police picked up on the custody dispute & brought CPS & the media into it. They only the two kids from the divorce proceedings, left the other 5 at home with me but by the time I got the kids back & dealt with the fact that in the small time they had been in foster care they were both abused (by a foster parent that is still getting kids in this state) the LAST thing on my mind was a lawsuit. It worked perfectly for them. The absolute diversion tactic… & I guarantee you that “Officer P.O.S. Black” thinks he “won” what he doesn’t seem to realize is that everyone must face judgement at the end of their days.

2 yrs ago the city of Everett came & took my animals for me complaining about them abusing animals, trying to use the same tactics but by then I had become aware of the games they play. They figured they could retaliate against me, & shut me down at the same time & get some free time to beat my animals. It worked out perfectly for them, at first. See, even CPS lets you see your kids, they have never allowed me to see my animals so in my mind knowing what a bunch of liars they are, I don’t even know if my animals are alive. I don’t have small children & I have lots of free time on my hands so now I can & will fight them to the death.


Same thing with the Turner/Thurston County case, she finally had a baby & they used that against her to make her plea out. She put up a damn good fight but once her child was threatened she laid down & took it. Any decent mother or father would’ve done the same thing. What she fails to realize is that now she is branded an animal abuser so if CPS ever gets any reports or gets a hair up their ass they can & will use that against her forever. THAT IS THEIR POWER. She is now a GUARANTEED VICTIM of their whims.

So what is the common denominators in all 3 of these scenarios? Well we have all fought the Government, & we are all poor. Poor people can’t fight the law or the govt. without total loss of life & liberty. Anytime you see a groundbreaking case or change of law I promise you that came upon the back of a poor person who had to lose everything & when everything they had was gone all they had left to do was fight.

Right now this is just a wait & see game but there is another story unfolding about two other activists, the Hakkens, who have been deemed the “anti-govt  couple” that has the same trappings, the difference is that this mother & father went in & took back their kids & got the hell out of dodge It should be noted that they have also been deemed “armed & dangerous” so when the police catch up with them they will have justification in murdering them.

Here is the article in question:

Cops Raid Home of Idaho Marijuana Activists; Seize Children

By On April 24, 2013 at 2:00 pm · 155 Comments

[Moms For Marijuana]

[Moms For Marijuana International]

The home of Idaho marijuana activists Lindsey and Josh Rinehart was raided on Tuesday by Boise Police and Child Protective Services while Lindsey, Josh and their friend Sarah Caldwell, a fellow marijuana activist, were on a small trip to the mountains.

Lindsey and Josh’s two children were taken into “protective custody,” and because Sarah’s two children were also at the residence with the babysitter, they were taken as well.

A custody hearing for the children is pending, and possible criminal charges relating to marijuana might arise in the future, according to Serra Frank, director of Moms For Marijuana International.

Lindsey Rinehart [Facebook]

Lindsey Rinehart

Lindsey Rinehart is the director, chief petitioner and volunteer coordinator for Compassionate Idaho’s medical marijuana petition. She is also a core member of the Idaho HOPEFest Committee and of Idaho Moms for Marijuana. Josh Rinehart is Lindsey’s husband, director of Idaho NORML, and core member of Idaho HOPEFest and Compassionate Idaho.

Sarah Caldwell is executive director of finance in Moms For Marijuana International. She is also a founding member of Idaho Moms for Marijuana, founding director of Compassionate Idaho, Idaho NORML, and the Idaho HOPEFest.

“These three nonviolent, loving parents have dedicated their time, their money, and their lives to help end cannabis prohibition in the state of Idaho, and to help reach others worldwide,” Frank said.

Sarah Caldwell [Facebook]

Sarah Caldwell

“These are three very close friends of mine, who helped create Moms For Marijuana and everything else happening in Idaho, from our groups to the petition and HOPEFest,” Frank said. “Sarah is our executive director of finance and close family friend of 15 years. Lindsey took over as chief petitioner of the medical marijuana petition I originally started, and when that one didn’t make it, started a new one.

“I know these people very well and they are WONDERFUL parents and activists,” Frank said. “Personally, I think they are being attacked by the state because of all the progress they are making with the Idaho Medical Marijuana Petition and everything else they’ve done in the last few years.

“This happened yesterday, so now it’s a waiting game for hearings and to see if the state is pressing charges,” Frank said. “When the police raided the house they took several garbage bags full of evidence (Lindsey has MS) so charges are probably being filed as we speak.

Serra Frank [Facebook]

Serra Frank

“They are heartbroken and just want their babies back,” Frank said. “Unfortunately, it’s a long, drawn-out process once CPS has them in custody.

“All three of these dedicated cannabis warriors are physically disabled, and receive very little to no income, and absolutely zero income from any of their volunteer efforts in cannabis reform,” Frank said. “They are all in need of help to retain both family law and criminal law attorneys.

“Anything that you can give to help provide towards these costs would be greatly appreciated,” Frank told us. “Every penny helps!”

You can click here to donate directly to the Moms For Marijuana Compassion Fund for Sarah, Lindsey and Josh.

“All donations will be given directly to Sarah, Lindsey and Josh for help in their court battles and help set case precedence in Idaho that marijuana is NOT DANGEROUS to anyone, including children,” Frank said.

You can check this page for updates.

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3 thoughts on “The Rhineharts & Ms Caldwell are still waiting for thier childrens “ransom note”

  1. Reblogged this on blogsavage and commented:
    This is case is paramount on my page! whether you are a toker or not, Mary Jane is a true symbol of freedom. A plant, made by the creator(s) is has been infused with wonders for us to use to be peaceful and healthy. The Hemp industry kept this country rich and if you research it, you will see that the elimination of Hemp and Cannabis production is the major precursor to economic problem in the USA. While there are many other factors in the fading away of the USA, Hemp and Cannabis could be a huge return for us! 74% of Idahoans support the Legalization of Marijuana. We have 2 states that legalized and over 16 that have medical use laws. OUR federal GOV’T is supposed to listen to US! Why are they not?
    The Savage


  2. My deepest concern with the continued stigmatization of marijuana is that it has been known to cure, has been proven to cure cancer & many other ailments that the big pharmas are charging up to a 1000 times more for chemically created “medicines” that usually do more harm then good. As a medicine woman I know that there is not one disease, naturally occuring or man made that some plant of combination of plants can’t cure. Everything that occurs in our body & in our environment are ALL connected.

    The govt taking of property & children is at the very least a blatant double jeopardy. In the case of these children they are being “sentenced” right along with their parents when they haven’t been to trial yet. The children are most likely being indoctrinated & turned against their parents so they can get more witnesses to testify against the parents. The children were not sitting in the corner “blazing a joint” they were not in eminent life threatening danger, they police & child welfare waited until the parents were gone so they could STEAL & RANSOM their children. There is no other way to perceive or present it… but they will find a way to twist it around.


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