Another Snohomish County FAIL, your tax dollars hard at work to protect their “friends”

Just when you think that these pompous a-holes can’t be any more flagrant in their abuse of county tax-payer money they do something else. Friends of the Council will be protected at all costs so as you pay that sales tax, pay your property taxes remember YOU are paying for this, THIS is what YOU voted for!

County Council Member John Koster                                     John Koster

Brian Sullivan                                   Brian Sullivan

District 4 Councilperson Dave Gossett                                               Dave Gossett

Dave Somers - District 5                                   Dave Somers

Image of Stephanie Wright                                Stephanie Wright

So I woke up to this gem of a story…
County Council votes to authorize its lawyers to defend Lovick in recall bid
Snohomish County Sheriff John Lovick can count on legal support from county attorneys when he fights a recall attempt filed against him last week.
Recall paperwork submitted to the county Auditor’s Office Wednesday accuses Lovick of failing to investigate alleged harassment of Anne Block, a Gold Bar attorney and blogger. Block maintains that county employees have been targeting her.
The County Council voted 5-0 on Monday to authorize county lawyers to defend the sheriff, ruling that the recall allegations involve official work duties.

WHAT THE HELL???? So when Aaron Reardon was facing a recall he had to pay his own bill because the county council INSTIGATED the proceedings against him BUT once they want to give one of their buddies the job when he comes under attack then they all come to his rescue?

Now as far as the actual frame of the recall petition I don’t think that is going to hold water but I haven’t seen it so I don’t know the exact language, but it makes NO sense that Lovick would willingly NOT investigate Reardon’s cohorts since he is gunning for Reardon’s job, unless of course that was a political move so it “didn’t appear” that he had a conflict of interest in his efforts to move up the political ladder. That is entirely possible & may be the reason they are going to lawyer up for him, or there could be other aspects in the petition that would be actionable.

I think she’d be more successful in a “Citizen’s Action” for recall simply for all the deaths at the jail, the rapes, the assaults & the obviously biased internal investigation team. The “appearance of impropriety” is not a nuance in that, it is screamingly blatant & truly disgusting. It is her dime & her time so I can not try to dictate what she does with either.

I have to get ready to drive over to the coast but I just wanted to post this quick. Now I get to drive over with a headache…

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