If Snohomish County was a soap opera you would watch

You wouldn’t believe it but you would watch it every day!!!

Someone commented to me that the whole county sounded like a clown convention… It is worse then that. It has become the new age Sodom & Gomorrah. The sad truth is that it is all real, & no one comes back the next season (but they can be reelected ad-nauseam) . Worse yet, if the local media gets it in for you: you are screwed.

There is no clear place to start because it all makes no sense, but it never ends & where one problem lies 40 other problems pop up weekly.

So I’ll start with my case… 874,000.00 spent on a 500.00 citation you know: because I fought back, & with the lack of concern or representation it looks like we are going to the Washington State Appellate & possibly Supreme Court. I may shoot myself in the face for this one though. I actually have faith in the Superior Court Judge to actually rule in favor of the law & the Constitution, most Superior court judges are far more educated & knowledgeable about the law as opposed to my municipal court judge/divorce attorney.

Oh we now have a firefighter selling items from a burned out building on craigslist where the owner caught him with multiple items in his home & his reaction was to DEMAND she buy her own items back & he is walking away scott free… There evidently “wasn’t enough evidence to charge him”  WTH?????


No worse then the cop who was stealing items from some random persons house claiming some criminal told him to pick up the items, the good news is that Snohomish County had no say in this he was charged in King County so he was actually charged… Don’t get too happy because “charged” doesn’t mean convicted as evidenced by this travesty…

Everett cop Troy Meade shoots a Niles Merservey, an unarmed man in the head at a bar parking lot, gets charged with murder & is acquitted. (maybe he had the same jury as I did with ex-cops & judges buddies) That only cost the tax-payers of Everett about 12 million bucks, possibly more

Atleast this kid was only kneed in the groin & arrested by Officer Anders of the Everett Police Dept along with his girlfriend for calling the cops after he & his girlfriend were assaulted in a Goodwill, to date the right guy has never been arrested & he is still stalking & torturing the victims. (I’ll be doing a separate story about this when I get the rest of their paperwork)

There is also the matter of all the deaths at the jail…
1) Leon B Moore –  February, 28th, 2013 Medical Death
2) Bill William –  Sept 14th, 2012 Tazed to death

3) Michael Saffioti – July, 3rd, 2012 Died from allergies

4) Jason ? 32-year-old Mill Creek man – Dec, 21st, 2011 Committed Suicide
5) Lindsey Lason – Nov, 11th, 2011 Died from a lung infection

6) Diane Cowling – April, 20th, 2011 Died from a heart failure

7) Landon Taylor Hays –  April, 6th, 2010
8) 25 yr old man from Monroe – April,  2009
9) David Herget – July,1st, 2005 Committed Suicide

When the guards aren’t trading cookies for sex or raping the prisoners & stealing bail money  or making prisoners strip naked & having their mommy cover for them, It should be noted that this guard filed a discrimination claim against the jail right before these allegations surfaced so take that with a grain of salt) they are busy beating the crap out of each other or pulling each others hair when a Sergeant doesn’t like a hairdo

These folks managed to make it out alive & sue the jail but keep in mind these might also be lawsuits instigated by family members of those who died in jail & this is only a few cases in the Federal Courts
1) Johnson v. Monroe Correctional Complex et al
Filed: March 7, 2013 as 3:2013cv05167
2) Renee Bishop v. Snohomish County Jail, et al
Filed: December 10, 2012 as 12-36013
3) Bishop v. Snohomish County Jail et al
Filed: March 22, 2012 as 2:2012cv00493
4) Bartholomew v. Snohomish County Jail
Filed: September 30, 2010 as 2:2010cv01570
5) Thompson v. Snohomish County Jail et al
Filed: June 1, 2010 as 2:2010cv00902
6) Bell et al v. Snohomish County et al
Filed: June 15, 2007 as 2:2007cv00927
7) Hardee et al v. Snohomish County Jail et al
Filed: January 4, 2007 as 2:2007cv00019
8) West v. Snohomish County Jail et al
Filed: October 6, 2006 as 2:2006cv01453
9) Bland v. Snohomish County Jail et al
Filed: July 11, 2006 as 2:2006cv00980
10) Guillory v. Snohomish County Jail et al
Filed: May 25, 2006 as 2:2006cv00747
11) Pimption v. Snohomish County Jail
Filed: June 8, 2005 as 2:2005cv01050
12) Olson v. Snohomish County Jail et al
Filed: April 1, 2005 as 2:2005cv00638
13) Heggem v. Snohomish County
Filed: August 4, 2009

Evidently the Dept of Justice is off in the corner playing with their own winkies because in 2003 they launched an “inquiry” into two other deaths at the jail… problem was the jail didn’t even know they were being investigated & I quote:

Snohomish County Jail officials said yesterday they didn’t know of the federal inquiry into events at the jail. “No one from the federal government or the Justice Department has contacted me or anyone in our department that I’m aware of,” said Steve Thompson, the jail’s director.” No wonder the Seattle Police Dept is essentially telling them to blow it out their holes
Diane Stults, – on Feb. 11, 2003
Joy S. Miller – Mar, 19th, 2003

So 2 deaths in one year, a DOJ “inquiry” that no one knew about except the newspapers: but at least there were only those two deaths. As soon as the Sheriff’s Office took over we see a skyrocketing death rate at the jail 8 in 4 years, so about 2 deaths a year & somehow that is supposed to be better? Thank the Snohomish County Council for that liability!

Aaron Reardon grasped the problems with this 5 years ago but no one listened “Thompson’s concerns have been echoed by County Executive Aaron Reardon, who said Thursday that neither Lovick nor anyone on his staff “has any experience in the corrections field.” In a strange twist of irony Lovick is now trying to take Reardon’s job!

Unfortunately Aaron Reardon himself is the source for much more material, hell he could be his own soap opera! It boils down to an affair, an intimacy kit billed to his county credit card on a “busines” trip… that instigated several investigations including the state patrol & an out of county agency which found 6.00 unaccounted for.

Oh & then allegedly making calls to campaign during work hours, aides with fake profiles, public records requests, a county council & a local newspaper with a MAJOR hard on for him. Seriously, the local paper actually went as far as to call together a posse to find out who was making the records request for the prosecutors office!!! This is the call from the paper for the “Posse” That may just be bluster, but we think it is time to whistle up a digital posse to see if readers can help flush this person into the open.

Please take a look at this link, it contains links to SIXTY stories they have done about him just lately!!!  I almost have to wonder what the newspaper will do once Reardon steps down, I sense there will be lay-offs since most of their “material” will be gone.

There has been a long standing battle with the County Council & the county Exec, anyway. Some time ago Reardon put a hiring freeze due to the economy, the council went over his head voted against him & hired their friends & family then instituted a hiring freeze like it was their idea!!!

I do however find it funny that the two men who are hot on his tail as liars & drunks themselves. Mr Somers ensured Ms Dutton that everything would be kept confidential but once he got the information he was running around screaming like the town crier with it. Then there is Mr Sullivan the County Council President who must’ve been taking notes from Judges Ryan & Fisher after his DUI, out of Mukilteo
Council hiring freeze welcome but late

The State Public Disclosure Commission confirmed that it is investigating Reardon Oh but enter a certain Gold Bar Blogger/Attorney Anne Block, she has filed a few petitions with the courts to recall Aaron Reardon & in retaliation a fake Wiki page was set up about her…. She doesn’t strike me as a woman you want to screw with. The good news according to the Everett Herald is that she now has her sights set on Lovick & has filed a recall petition against Lovick, hopefully some of the info I have compiled here will help her accomplish that goal. The problem is that the Herald is reporting the recall petition but it is not listed on the state website which isn’t surprising, but they say it’s there

Speaking of Willies… never go golfing with a drunk county planner or else you may get to see his wee willie winkie whether you want to or not. Former Snohomish County Planning Director Craig Ladiser pleaded guilty this afternoon to a sexually charged assault of a woman while he was in a drunken stupor at a golf tournament last summer. I guess there is no designation for assault with a dead weapon so they took the next best thing. No worries though they cut some kind of a deal so the woman is not going to sue the county on public record, nice under the table hush money works though
Craig Ladiser

Being a Judge in Snohomish County has it’s perks too! One district court judge gets pulled over for a DUI, he refuses a breathalizer, gets to keep his license gets off scott free retires on public money because his buddy the other Judge Roger Fisher tells investigators Ryan wasn’t drunk: Problem is none of their stories matched but that’s okay, you’re a judge you can do what ever you want

If you ever do end up on the wrong side of the law then DON’T give this guy Fredrick Bletson Jr your money & make sure if you’re a girl to dress frumpy or you’ll never see your money again. I wonder how many people paid this guy & got their diversions revoked after he stole their money? According to the Herald Bletson is accused of pocketing about $14,000 from clients he supervised as part of his job as a diversion counselor with the Snohomish County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. Bletson came to the attention of his bosses in June 2010 after a female client complained about him making inappropriate sexual comments.
Frederick Bletson Jr.

Oh & if there is any question why your electric bill is so high, well you are paying back the 20K that one of the employees helped themselves to, More than $20,000 belonging to Snohomish County Public Utility District ratepayers has turned up missing from a safe kept at the utility’s Paine Field-based operations center & they have NO IDEA who did it, only 4 people had the combination to the safe… but of course they don’t have any suspects.

Good God I am tired, this article has taken 3 weeks to compile, but I still have so much more to add. Please keep in mind I am only reporting on the current issues! If I went back a couple decades it would take me atleast 40 articles just to list the crap that goes on daily in this joke of a county, not to mention I have information on well over 400 things that I can not release until I get documentation which I have stored somewhere else.

Maybe in the next story I can cover the Lake Stevens cops who bust into people’s homes & stalk them, harass & threaten them that are being given another chance. You don’t even want to know how much these officers are costing the city & county in lawsuits, along with civil claims for the one who likes to beat people up at bars

Better yet we can also discuss the craziness going on in Granite Falls where the former Mayor was charged with drug dealing but the kicker was he was being investigated by a cop who is under investigation for illegal seizures & missing funds from the evidence room.

There are the every day things that go on here, like the county assessor giving Snohomish counties animal control jurisdiction to the Everett Animal Shelter you know because they are buddies & all. The problem with that is that Everett has BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) & they will kill anything they perceive to be a terrier mix even if the dog came from another jurisdiction then the city of Everett. The next problem is they hide them in the back so the owners CAN’T find them.

Then we have Officer Franklin of the EPD, who likes to cancel ambulances for black men he or store employees may have beat at QFC I swear that he & Meade are total aberrations of what the Everett Police Dept is like. Even as a little girl I personally never had a problem with one single police officer in Everett, the Lynnwood, Edmonds, Mountlake Terrace & Mukilteo Police have been nothing but kind & good to me as an adult. I got pulled over for no brake lights in Edmonds instead of a ticket the Officer was trying to help me fix them, you should’ve seen the looks I got as people drove by & there is half a cop hanging out of my trunk. I was wandering around lost in Mountlake Terrace lost & a cop pulled me over to ask if I needed help & got me directions where I was going & escorted me most of the way there! The Lynnwood cops pretty much helped me raise my bunch of goofy teens, the Mukilteo police are just damn funny, they’ll have you laughing so hard even if you get pulled over you can’t even be pissed about getting a ticket, then drive & realize they didn’t give you one. I have been pulled over by the Everett Police because they were bored, & they wanted to know if my night was more exciting then theirs was which turned into a conversation about chocolate chip cookies, chafing & who driving training course was better then who’s.

There are more & more stories about police corruption & brutality just in 2011 the statistics were terrifying

I know many of you have read my story & some of you have even emailed me asking if I am serious, or if I am delusional, honestly I WISH this was all a bad dream or a figment of my imagination but this is Snohomish County, this is how the county is run, this is what the people act like & conduct themselves like, there is nothing sacred, there is no law that is off limits. The saddest part is most of the people who email me are AFRAID to post publicly on my blog here & that just isn’t right.

I wish to God I could tell everything I know, at this point I am trying to make light of it but the sad reality is that this is the truth, this is just the way it is there. I am sure many  of you seen my letter to the Department of Justice which calatogues & documents every allegation I have made. I have given them proof but they just sit in a corner yanking their little wankers. The ACLU is ONLY interested in things that will get them some news coverage, the Snohomish County Human Rights Commission is a GD tea & cookie party that does NOTHING but surveys, I am not black enough for the NAACP to give two shits about what I am going through especially since one of them is a black man, most every attorney on this side of the state is nothing more then an ambulance chasing money grubbing chicken shit that is scared to face off with this county, unless of course it is an easy win they can arbitrate down the line. The municipal judge is about as corrupt as they come, the city attorney & council will do anything to cover their ass legal or not. Mr Nielsen filled me in on a few of their meetings about me before he died & even then he couldn’t help me.

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9 thoughts on “If Snohomish County was a soap opera you would watch

  1. Hi Bill! I didn’t see your new site but I am going to add it to our blog roll, I have a list about 200 long of stuff you can add to your site as well 😦 I was thinking I was going to have to make a whole new page & blog just for the corruption but I think I’ll just send it to you. I still have about 4 more articles worth of stuff to write just on Snohomish County & 1 story I might need your help with because it has to do with MILLIONS of Federal dollars….


    1. The problem is we don’t know who he is. I still hear his cries in my sleep. Chief Atwood got rid of him though, I have a feeling she is going to be doing a lot of housecleaning in the EPD, it is generally a good force, she can bring it back. I sure hope so but she comes from a strong law enforcement family.


  2. Wow Boo- Ya hit it HARD on the Nail here Sweetie! Luv this post of yours- Very well done! Posted to my Facebook because this was so well done! ya know I SUED Franklin right- MISTRIAL- I FOUGHT LIKE HELL at Trial- The Judge even COMPLIMENTED me over and over on what a GOOD JOB I was doing- Going back to the ACLU-Seattle this WED! Wish me luck Kk- Never Give up- Never back down!


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