You gotta love some Animal Control Officers…

I have often said that Animal Control Officers should be writing the Animal Laws, get rid of the rabid animal rights groups, the lobbyists & hand select a few good officers who have a firm grasp of Constitutional Law as well as concern for people as well as animals.

So I had a meeting with an AC Officer about a very problematic person that EVERYONE is having a hard time getting prosecuted, I found out the evidence I had was useless, so we were brainstorming on what we could do.

In her utter frustration she said I” want to be a Humane Officer not a GD Humaniac!” I LOVE THAT!

Some of the people told me she might be kind of hard to talk to about the situation so of course she is the one I went to first. Once I got a grasp on her legal limitations along with her frustrations & heartbreak I was able to explain to the other people what was going on & why. I explained that some things were out of her hands for the moment but it was because she was someone who followed the letter of the law & explained about the civil & constitutional rights aspect of it. I also explained that if they really wanted this person prosecuted & her operation shut down that they should all work together for solutions. Now that the citizens know that, they have confidence & understanding in the process & the person.

Most importantly they know that if AC shows up on their doorstep they are not going to have to be defending themselves all the way to the Supreme Court & that they are dealing with people who truly care.

The sad unfortunate fact is that those animals are still suffering because of these ass backwards laws we have in Washington State. I do know however that they are doing something so soon the situation will be resolved. I also have another in my long list of awesome rocking AC Officers I am proud to know!

On a personal note… It is so nice to know that there are still so many folks working for the good, that are in it for the animals & still have compassion for people. With this economy animals & people are going to need them more then ever.

It is sad that I have to write to exalt the efforts of good AC Officers, it should be a given that someone placed in a position to protect animals should be good people who care & for the most part they are. All we read about in the news is the idiot rogues, or the camera whores with the same old song & dance keywords, the was the worst situation, it was deplorable, a very apparent case of hoarding HSUS PETA ASPCA blah blah blah…. As I keep reminding you: my case & a lot of the cases in the news are the “exception” not the norm but as our AC Units, shelters & legislature gets infiltrated by the rabid animal rights psycho’s those kind of officers will soon disappear too.

That is not to say that some of the situations you read about are all set ups or sham prosecutions. I just don’t want you to believe everything you are spoon-fed, use your own mind, investigate, look at things from all perspectives. Why do you think I add documentation to things I write about? I want you to be able to believe in what I am saying but I don’t want you to read this & just take me at my word, I want you to actually look at & read the documents, but most importantly: I want you to understand. I want you to be involved in what you take away from here or anywhere on the net, I want you to ask questions, I want you to challenge me & your own thinking. To be very cliche: I want you to think outside the box.

It all comes down to common sense, when you read about some big raid like the one down in Enumclaw, & they tell you that twice as many animals were seized as there really were, & they tell you that the animals were all in deplorable conditions but all you see is one skinny horse, THINK please, or the case out of Stevens County all of those animals were nice & healthy & in all actuality were a bit chubbier then most working farm dogs should’ve been, or worse yet the case over in Olalla where every single farm animal was in beautiful conditions & they were being handled roughly enough to damage them for the photos. Most times in these cases they contradict themselves & watch very carefully for the keywords & catch phrases.

Also watch for the poor, or widow syndrome. Find a poor couple or a widowed woman & most times you can punch holes in the entire story. They make the best victims, they can’t fight back, most times they have never even seen the inside of a courthouse, they are alone & can be bullied & it is a perfect atmosphere to gauge the public’s reaction to see how much further they can take the laws to strip you of your rights.

With me they thought they had it in the bag, but it’s kind of like the 200lb bully that picks on the 98lb weakling & didn’t know they knew Karate & got their asses handed to them, yeah they punched me in the face but I keep swinging & I will not stop until I win or this goes to the Supreme Court & because it is a case of Constitutional magnitude it will go as high as I take it. My case also involved a lot of ego’s from the AC Officer, to the Prosecutor, then to the Mayor, City Council,  & even the City attorney . I mean… How DARE I challenge them!

Make no mistakes the AR groups are watching my case very very carefully & they are learning too. Not only are they watching but they have been bankrolling my case as well. Remember I have some very effective technology & trackers on my page thanks to a few “Anonymous” friends & sadly some days the AR folks are the only one’s on my page, it’s not them I want to reach, it’s definitely not them I want to teach.

My kids tell me this my new version of “Home Schooling” the cyber world & I guess they are right. Mostly it is just because I don’t want anyone to suffer the way I am or the way some of the other people in the other cases I have written about have. There are also many cases I haven’t written about yet that I have incredible documentation on because the people have asked me to hold off until it is resolved.

I will fill in the blanks of the case, the who, the what, the where, & the when once the investigation is done & the animals are safely removed from this psycho’s home. Until then give your pets a big love from me

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