Rose Marie Adams-Beutler animal abuse & filthy conditions caught on tape

There are things in life you can ALWAYS depend on. I keep telling everyone that EVERYTHING that Rose Marie Adams (Beutler) accuses me of is something she is doing, has done or is guilty of…

She accuses me of having “numerous” evictions: She has over 20 of them

She accuses me of having a major criminal record which are almost all parking tickets & 2 divorces… Instead it is her who has had over 100 run ins with the law

She accuses me of being on welfare or social security, turns out she is on both. I do qualify for Social Security because of my Autism & my previous stroke but I am not on it, although I probably should be.

She tells everyone about me getting my kids taken away for a couple of weeks because of a messy divorce, but doesn’t mention she lost her own kids for physically & emotionally abusing them & never got them back, didn’t even try to get them back.

I could go on & on & on but just suffice it to say that if she says something about me: SHE IS TALKING ABOUT HERSELF

I am not sure who sent me these video’s but thank you! I have tried to tell people over & over that Rose Adams (Beutler) is a psycho witch but she has everyone convinced otherwise.

This first video is Rose Adams screaming & cussing her head off at her own dogs, you can hear her calling them by name so I can only imagine how she treats the foster dogs she has locked up in the back of her garage. This is what I had to listen to for the 17 days off & on that I was there & the REASON I wouldn’t take my dogs anywhere near this woman

This next videos are a mom & puppies locked in a filthy room that at first was carpeted but then the carpet gets torn out little by little, & the urine has soaked into the floorboards. The floor planks are swollen & warped with all of that urine & the puppies & mother are sleeping in their own feces. These videos happens over a period of 2 months as you watch the puppies grow it will break your heart seeing how they are forced to live.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

I should be jumping for joy right about now because we just shot the city’s witnesses credibility right down the crapper but all I can think about is all the helpless animals that are stuck with this worthless person

I have no idea what happened to Buster, Mojo, or Snoop, I was told that they were killed but I can see Missy, Trace, Poncho, & Sadie in this video at least. This is who she considers her dogs, so again if she treats them this way & the mom & puppies the way she does in the previous videos, I don’t even want to know how she treats her helpless foster dogs.

The most brutal irony is that Poncho came from the Rene Roske puppy mill, so he went from that hellhole of a life straight to whole new kind of hell, poor little guy just can’t catch a break. She got him from Ginger Luke of Ginger’s Death Row Dogs. Poncho is the mottle colored Chihuahua, Missy is Trace’s mother & yes Rose bred Missy to Trace, I don’t know if those puppies survived or not I was told by Christine James that they did not. Missy Trace Buster Mojo & Snoop came from Karla Matilla at “Another Chance Rescue”… A hell of another chance don’t you think? I have informed her that her dogs are being treated this way so we’ll see if she will do something or not. I don’t know what area Rose is living in but when I find out I will send these to animal control in her area as well.

Doggie Prison


This is White Sadie after a fight with Black & White Sadie the 2 pitbulls that 4 adults could hardly pry apart when I was staying there off & on. NOW DOES EVERYONE UNDERSTAND WHY I WOULDN’T TAKE MY DOGS ANYWHERE NEAR THIS WOMAN OR HER DOGS???


Sadie white sadie

PLEASE remember this is the same woman who claims her work is “Sanctioned by HSUS” right on her own little blog (see below)

I am an experienced animal advocate and puppy mill investigator. My work is sanctioned by the HSUS, the ASPCA, BEST FRIENDS, LAST CHANCE FOR ANIMALS and CAPS, I have also worked with law enforcement on animal cruelty cases. I think it is great that those posting probably really do care about animals and we really appreciate that, we need more like you.

There are several things to keep in mind… NO ONE had commented on the Sierra fish & pet story, she is talking to the other people inside her head, also what she means by she has worked with law enforcement is that she lies about people & turns them in to Everett Animal Control… Mine are NOT the only dogs she has had taken by Everett Animal Control. I am going to let these other agencies know she is saying she is sanctioned by them as well, they might be interested to know that little fact themselves.

Sadly enough there is a worse video out there.

I don’t know if I counted right but there is 15 dogs, plus I know she has a ton of dogs in a garage or shed either connected or behind her house. According to whomever was talking on the video. The bullie Monkey looks like he needs immediate medical attention if he is even still alive.

What I can’t figure out is how after 20+ years of not paying rent they haven’t had a single eviction since February of 2011… all I can figure is they found a free place to live or are squatting somewhere. I do know she got 6 new charges out of Edmonds so I am going to go down & get copies of the incident reports, the clerk said it was about her beating the 2 pitbulls with a bat but that there was more, so I will let you know when I find out.

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11 thoughts on “Rose Marie Adams-Beutler animal abuse & filthy conditions caught on tape

  1. come on people ….animal cruelty is what it is and it should be a felony. enough is enough. something needs to be done to this woman. she needs to be punished for what she has done time and again. I promis you if I were to do half the things she has done I would be sitten in jail. and that is exactly where she needs to be. ridiculous. some people and there blinded eyes. wake up and deal with the reality.


  2. All 14 dogs were removed & she was arrested! It will be on KOMO4 news at 5pm, 6 pm, & 11pm. They are safe, 2 of the puppies who are a year old now were so scared they crawled to the AC van… Sadie walked out on her own & was taken to the vet hospital (the white pit bull in the pictures & other videos)


  3. My name is Keith H preece and what was said about adams and Buetler is !00 per cent true i have a hearing on a protection order she got against me under the penalty of perjury this is at 9am in lynnwoods south district court this is where i will show with concrete proof what kind of slanderous low lifes they are ! keep posted to this site because i want the whole country to know who and what these people have done to innocent victems includinganimals and to her son charles i must say that she said you had servere mental illness from your fathers side,I can say this whith100% confidence The Only mental problems is whith her andher side of the family im only sorry being a father myself that i cant immagine the type of abuse you your sister and john have put up with God bless you . I have letters comming in to attest to my caracter as she tried to make me look like a theiving message to rose is this,MY HIGHER POWER IS FAR GREATER THAN ANYTHINGYOU CAN IMAGINE!!!!!!! get Honest with yourself and admit all of your wrongs to god and at one other human being and your life will begin to flourish make a list of all people you have harmed even though it would fill a lbrary and become willing to make ammends to them ALL!!!!! Adams may be indited on federal charges yes she was caught on film comittinga felony, and two state felony charges and thee gross misdeminer charges in which i will be askedto testify. too many innocent peopleand animals have and are suffering at thje hand of this dark indivdual! OH if any one is wondering how i got caught up in her slander well here it is I allowedHer to stay at my apt for a couple days in which it was almost unbearable to listen to her brag about falseafing documents and lying to have innocent people prosecuted and How all of her children were Lying pieces of crap when i asked she leave she did and she robbed me The full story is at any bodys dispose Feel free to contact me at Thanks keith


  4. Here is an update on satins child rose adams i never thought i would ever be in the presence of such a methodical lyer but it was a blessing! good once againwon over evil sad part is she was so pissed one of her horns melted LOL she has set out to get signitures from people so they may perjer themselfs that devil is going to take alot of people with her for the more intellecual typesPlease read the dshs mental eval on this wicked hateful thing! My skin is about 4 inches thick and tho i still wish her wll even tho she left a message at my home today to watch my back and i know shes comming after me with all shes got rest ashured that since she brought the fight to my door that even if she gets me she has already lost because she is absolutly incapable of telling the truth my heart goes out to you rose and i do love you just not the spirit you carry may god have mercy on your torminted soul!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Did she leave the message where or with whom? Save that so she can’t continue lying. She is a slime bag beyond what you have ever encountered. Trust me, she probably makes satan “Why didn’t I think of that” seriously.


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