Commercial Kennel Vs. Puppy Mill HSUS, ASPCA Coming to a farm near you

Being in the rescue business I hear that distinction all the time. I always figured anything with over 20 dogs was a puppy mill.

I have learned a lot over the past 8 years sadly enough. I have seen Commercial Kennels with socialized, clean happy animals with plenty of staff, good food, self cleaning & watering systems, & lots of enrichment activities for the dogs with upwards of 75 dogs.

I have also seen puppy mills with only 15 dogs, dogs who have never felt the touch of a loving hand, who are bred cycle after cycle until they die, that eat crap food & have to sit the whole day in their feces & wait for others to pee so they can have something to drink.

I also am the weird rescuer because I work with breeders, a good breeder is a wealth of knowledge about the breed of dogs they breed, things you can’t find in any book or online, even about mixed breeds. Then there is also the fact that they truly love their breed & have huge waiting lists, so when I get a full breed or even mixed breed they will go through their list & make some calls to help me get the dog adopted out or even take the dog & have them fixed & find a suitable home for that dog.

There are all kinds of breeders, some good some bad, some I haven’t made up my mind about yet. I know a few breeders that make breeding their income & business, some have to work up to two jobs to support their breeding.

HSUS, PETA & ASPCA would have you believe that all breeders are simply puppy millers in disguise. It makes them more money & feeds the hatred & blame game. As they point out up to 25% of all animals in shelters are pure breeds. So what about the OTHER 75% well those are what we call “Oops puppies”. Again HSUS, PETA, & your local shelter would have you believe that every dog owner is a miscreant who lets their dogs breed harey carey as well & so it is ALL breeders & owners who are to blame for the euthanasia rates.

People confound me anyway with all this animal rights crap as it is. Save the dog, the whale the wolf, while they are eating the cow. We have always started out a little back-asswards as a nation anyway. Settlers came, killed off the Natives as much as they could, then they brought slaves, those slaves were considered “property” much like our animals are now, & Chief Standing Bear had to go in front of the United States Supreme Court to earn the right for Natives to even be considered a human being, well now the Natives are “people” & someone set the slaves free… but hey! We still got wives, kids & animals! So now wives & kids are people too so that just leaves animals & the irony is: Child Protection laws were modeled after Animal Protection laws which incedently were written centuries before protections for women & children & they were specifically written for livestock AND pets


Being the backwards nation we are we have found a way to differentiate discriminate against animals too! Can’t eat dogs cats & horses, but you can eat pigs cows & chickens. Why? Because we identify with dogs cats, & horses so we have justified the difference in treatment, but no worries we still make sure as a nation that we pick a dog breed to hate… Shepherds, Rottweilers, Dobermans & now Pit Bulls. You know: So our pointing fingers & hatred will always have a place to go. The biggest irony in all of this? Now we are ALL considered property by our Government & we have all seen how “property” gets treated, we are now the cattle.


So… as most of you also know I help breeders who’s lives have spun out of control for many reasons. Generally I keep my mouth shut & get down to business, get the dogs safe & move on. I have seen some pretty bad things but at least the owners were reaching out for help. I get a lot of crap for doing it, some folks think I just just let animal control “handle it” the problem with that is law enforcement can’t do anything until the animals have suffered past the point of no return, what you may not know is sometimes I go in to these places & situations with animal control. The bottom line has to be the dogs, or whatever other living creature is in harms way.

I have also walked into situations where I just turned around walked out & called the Sheriff & Animal Control… that is what I should’ve done this Saturday in Eastern Wa.


This is just 2 of the 5 dogs we rescued but the good news is 21 more got out, the bad news is that there is still 22 downstairs & 27 upstairs in the house alone, never mind the 3 car garage, the barn, the motor home & the sheds.

This was at one time a beautiful farm & country kennel, with a painted porch, perfectly groomed dogs, beautiful horses & a rolling view of a beautiful lake. Or atleast they were groomed for pictures…

So she has all these adult children, 2 workers & an extended family… and this is the condition her dogs are in?!?!? . I never post pix of any of the rescues I did but this one I did, & of course all of her children & friends came out of the woodwork telling me I was bashing such a good woman. Awwwwww horseshit

When we got there I wanted to throw up, but once one of her daughters got there & started talking crap I understood exactly what was going on, they were trying to sell the dogs they could to make money & didn’t want us there taking “their” money. I couldn’t understand why they kept freaking out about puppies, I wasn’t there for puppies I was there with the one breeder who was going to take most of the big dogs, the breeder who was supposed to pick up the little dogs & 1 or 2 puppies gave me a ride. I was not supposed to take any dogs… my husband even warned me not to bring ANYTHING home

Unfortunately these types of operations are run for decades before anything is done. This woman was in business for 30 yrs. 30 years of misery for countless animals but the tides started to turn when her property was raided in 2010 (See Video Here)

UNBELIEVABLY this misery was allowed to continue for 3 more years. Somehow after numerous violations & nothing being done, SCRAPS was finally able to put an end to this  woman’s business & the Commissioners put their stamp on it as well

Here is the Commissioners findings when you read all 18 pages, yes 18 pages of violations you should ask yourself how this misery is allowed to continue.

reality for Pandareality for Mistywhattheyreposed2looklike

I have dealt with the people at SCRAPS, & I cried the day I found out that they got the city contract, for joy. SCRAPS is the kind of agency that won’t just kill an animal at whim. They already have a great group of volunteers & are rescue friendly as well as Pibble friendly. So that is why it mystifies me even more how this was allowed to go on under their watch.

I did take MAJOR issue with their raid at the Elk Washington property with a woman who was actively working with them to try to alleviate the situation, that was just plain sh*tty & of course HSUS was there disguised as HEART (Humane Evacuation & Rescue Team) which just fissed me off even more. They are representing themselves as an agency that was created in conjunction with the red cross for emergencies but so far all they have done is assist in raids if you look at the home page they are holding one of my Eskies, but at that time they were telling the truth about being HSUS. Now they are acting like it is a separate agency though… You know: Because we are all that stupid

These pictures were taken by HSUS and have been posted with their permission

So… SCRAPS is affiliated with HSUS? Yes, but it is also associated with the ASPCA

Below are 2006 statistics for three of the ASPCA’s shelter partners: Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Services (SCRAPS), SpokAnimal C.A.R.E. and Spokane Humane Society.

2006 Totals

At this point you should be very afraid. Any agency that gets in bed with both of these agencies has an AGENDA

Furthermore the Euthanasia rate is over 40% how is that conducive to their so called “Mission”?

So at this point you are thinking “What is your point already!?!?!?” My point is how do puppy mills like the one above stay in business for so long & people who are actively working with AC get their animals taken? You have a big city smack dab in the middle of a farming community, the seeds are ripe to test out all of these new laws that violate people’s Constitutional Rights, terrorize the farming community, & “practice” on going after the big boys. A lot of the farmers are struggling & don’t have the money to fight them… What better target then someone who can’t fight back? Evil geniuses I tell you.

Do you really honestly believe that the city of Everett has over $110,000.00 to prosecute me for a $1000.00 misdemeanor or a $500.00 citation? No they don’t but they are being bank-rolled by our local HSUS I know this for a fact & after my case is over I can show you proof. One of the leaders of the city told me point blank that I was fighting something 10 times more sinister then a piss ant city hall before he left this world, he told me many other things which: again, I will share after my case is over.

I wish they would’ve LISTENED to me when I told them that a woman with nothing left to lose it society’s MOST dangerous creation. I will never back down… their worst mistake was screwing with my furkids & by the time I am done with this state I will turn their asinine legislation on it’s head. It’s kind of my new mission in life

Oh & in answer to the question of why these puppy mills are allowed to continue… because people in Govt & politics don’t care about animals, they care about money: puppy mills pay wonderful taxes.

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