I might sound a little crazy…

but I am still going to tell the truth.

Gossip_324126724_z62288598Recently on a discussion board about some horses in Centralia there was a rumor that 2 kill buyers were involved in the rescue & the way that it was presented I thought that maybe one of my stories was the cause because the names are similar so I tried to correct that with a comment & tell them who I was writing about. Well their little minions came out of the woodwork. They tried every which way they could to slam me but mostly they just made me laugh. They mentioned my blog & radio show which let’s me know that they are listening even if no one else is! They brought up my kids & the charges in Everett, & even my Ordination. Seriously? That’s it? Hmmmm… I don’t believe that is an eye spy super secret thing. Since they read my blog so much pretty sure they have read about it all numerous times.

My point is: Unless you are willing to tell me the truth, or you have documentation that proves I am wrong: Coming along trying to bash me only incites me to look even deeper, & try even harder. I realize my blog, my web page, my radio show makes certain people hate me, I also realize that I go off on tangents & rant like a loon because I get so upset over some of BLATANT abuses of power, abuses of animals, & abuses of people that go on everyday as if it is the norm.

I have a newsflash for those who don’t “get it”. I don’t write this blog to be one of the popular girls, I don’t write it to impress anyone, I don’t write it to make money…

I write it so that somewhere in this world the wrongs that go on every day are memorialized for others to see, I write it for the animals who have died in vain to give their life meaning to let someone know THEY WERE HERE & THEY MATTERED. I write this blog so that others know they are not alone, that they are not the only ones who have been victimized by a corrupt system, & that someone in this world understands & cares. If that pisses off a select few then GOOD. The ONLY people who are upset by the truth are the one’s telling the lies.

cowardice mlk

There was one statement that the cronies made that was especially interesting to me, they mentioned my radio show & about how I went on & on about the same story telling the same story 10 different ways. Now they shoulda not said that: We all have that friend or family member that tells you the same story over & over you never question the story, you know it is true because it is the same story over & over again no matter how many times it is told. I believe the exact words were “How can you tell the same exact story so many different ways?” Because I tell the truth. Simple.

Now here is my truth, I don’t “like” writing this blog, or doing my radio show, I don’t “like” that I had to build a webpage to tell my story, I don’t “like” the things that have happened to me, my animals, other people & other animals. I don’t “like” the emails I get from one more distressed human being who has lost everything they loved, I don’t “like” having the knowledge that I have, but at the end of the day I have to live with myself & my conscience. I have to look myself in the mirror & ask the question my real father asked me every night before bed when I was fortunate enough to be with him, bless his soul: “Did you to the best you could today?” It was always meant & taken as a personal challenge, which I hold to this day.

This is Purim for those of you who don’t know, another day of deliverance for the Jews, this was no days of parting of the seas, no thunderous army, or of plagues. It was simply the day that a woman, Queen Esther went against “The Rules” to fight for what was right, to do the right thing & to save her people even though it could’ve cost her her own life. As some of you know my Jewish Blood goes back to these people & I would like to think that some of her blood runs in me, or atleast some part of her spirit.

Yes I realize that some people hate me for this, I realize that some are trying to destroy me for speaking out. I realize that even some people I genuinely loved are the very one’s who are now out to destroy me. Now that I have gotten over the betrayal, I understand that they were never worth my time or love & I will never shed another tear for them again. Some of them are even Jews, the people who should know the most about persecution but that is their own mishegas.

I may not save a “people” but in the end my actions will save a few pit bulls, & maybe a few people, but I am only one person so I am doing what I can.

Scroll of EstherScrolls of Esther…

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2 thoughts on “I might sound a little crazy…

  1. Brandia, I have known you for a long time, and I can tell the world of Hater’s that they are wasting their time, attemping to discredit or bad mouth such a fine and honorable person as YOU! I would take it as a compliment when you are atttacked, as it indicates that you are striking their EVIL where it hurts them the most… By telling the Truth! Bravo! Keep up the Fight for the RIght of Freedom and the Truth, Be Told! Saving the animals, is the most important and honorable mission, God gives us. I am proud of you!


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