And the media says… If there is no news or facts let’s invent them!

Because they know that you’ll believe anything they tell you EVEN when it is obvious they have no idea what the hell they are even talking about.

Hey it’s easier then thinking for yourself right?

So I get an email from someone who was on scene of a horse “rescue” telling me that the “rescuers” traumatized one animal so bad that it fell hurt itself & had to be euthanized killed.

What is it with rescuers killing horses? First I find out about the horse who died of an intestinal rupture under the watchful eye of Hooved Animal Rescue of Thurston County. Now this. Can’t even round ’em up without killing them?

Of course I can’t find any story about the horse… You know because causing them such horrific injury that they have to be murdered just doesn’t go along with the media feel good wonderful “rescuer” image.

For those of you uninitiated who don’t understand the nature of “Livestock Rescue” my heart just breaks when I hear about any raid involving livestock because most of the “rescued” horses, pigs, goats, sheep, chickens & what have you will be going off to slaughter after the court case is over, most times before if they terrorize the owner into signing the animals over.

If you don’t believe me go to petfinders, look for horse rescues, look at the numbers they take in versus the number shown as “adopted”

HAROTC by their own account had taken in 417 animals as of last year yet they only show 34 animals as being adopted. 383 animals taken away from their owners, fattened up for slaughter with their former owners given the bill. Plus they make money from the slaughterhouse the city and/or county & of course from your generous donations.

Hey we all know it is far better to take an animal from it’s owner & fatten it up so it can have it’s throat slit so it can bleed to death on some slaughterhouse floor. Most of these animals are pets & were never intended for slaughter but they’ve already passed through someone’s digestive track by now so it really is a moot point.

Legalized organized crime at it’s finest.

Anyway I do find a story about a raid…. actually several stories all different. I only see one picture of a horse that looks thin, then I see another horse who looks fine then I see another one with a picture from a totally different story. Did I mention that NONE of the stories match?

According to the Olympian “dozens” of horses were seized yet they only say 16 horses, a goat & a cat were taken… I would like to know how you turn 18 into “dozens” but they did say that five horses, two goats and several cats were in good enough health to remain on the farm

According to King5 there were 40 horses a cat & a goat seized They had video & I only seen 1 horse that looked skinny
The Examiner says that 29 horses were taken but they changed their headline & I don’t know what happened to the wrong picture, it has been replaced with a slideshow & although the animals don’t look great they don’t look like they are in eminent danger.
Atleast the Enumclaw Patch is acknowledging that even they don’t know what is going on & they keep changing their headlines as well but they are being honest about it.
The Enumclaw Courier-Herald was by far the WORST they even added a map they seemed to almost be pissed that they couldn’t say this woman’s name so they gave her address complete with a map with an arrow POINTING at her residence
For those of you who may not know: Enumclaw is a Muckleshoot word or term, it means “Evil Winds” that was where the “Bad Medicine” was practiced in days gone by, it is a cursed place to our people. It seems the evil winds have flown up a few reporters skirts.
I do see however that King County Animal Control did what all of these agencies do: They waited for the media so they could get all the camera ops, I mean we HAVE to vilify the owner so no one notices that only 1 horse had ribs showing & now that they have killed one of the horses they are really going to have to play a good game of grab ass.
Oh but there is more, much more. As it stands now, no one has charged the woman which is the reason no one is reporting her name. The newspapers & media can report mis-statements & non-facts all day long though, but once you call them on it they change the headline on-line but it does no good for the people who have already heard or read it & convicted her in their own small little minds, after watching too many episodes of “Hoarders” & honestly believe they have earned a home made psychiatric degree.
Because of the numerous emails being sent to me I have info the mainstream media can not get a hold of, namely names: Names that are connected, I am an avid Genealogy Buff, I have over 30 genealogy groups of my own, so when I hear names it always peaks my interest. One name in this whole stinking mess is sticking out like a proud red sore thumb, it is not a common name, this family was almost eradicated in Nazi Germany leaving only 2 branches both of which are related. A name that is coming up in a) horrific animal abuse case, b) a puppy mill, c) a care practitioner & d) a local transplant supervisor.
As of right now I can only say so much because the local rags & prosecutors offices spend far too much time on my blog as it is, if I give out all the specific info I have they may get angry & charge this woman anyway. The odd thing about it is I don’t even have her name, I don’t want it. I am praying for her, & I suspect she is a senior who may be ill since that is this state’s favorite targets: Nancy Punches, Margie Hamilton, Pam Deskins & the ocassional older single male. Most of whom have NO records, not so much as a speeding ticket so they are easier victims when they are threatened with imprisonment.
Their next favorite victims are the poor… but that is a whole new blog post
So for now I just sit on my hands & wait, to see if they are going to charge this woman, admit to killing a horse (which may not have even belonged to her) & if she is a poor ill senior, & lastly to see if she is going to have a paid attorney or if she will be left to the mercy of the Public Pretense Office
Oh just as a side note: Once they decide to go after this woman I did manage to confirm that they used the Henneke Scale & that is no longer available to be used in seizure cases so I will contact that person as well & I have a few 12 other tricks up my sleeve to give her attorney if she gets a paid attorney. Stay tuned for further developments
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