Things that go wrong when you don’t use your brain

I have learned a lot over the past few months, most of it negative. Mostly I learned that people lie & other people are too stupid to think for themselves. I also learned that I don’t need either one of those types of people in my life. No matter how many times I proved these people were lying & telling 1/2 truths there were some people who just couldn’t get it, they had to believe the worst.


I’ve finally had time to go over all of the emails & posts about me on Facebook, the brilliant part is that the AC Officer just gave me ANOTHER 2 years to file against her for her inability to stop her mouth from running.

I am also seeing some of the “documentation” they are spreading around the net, & it just proves my theory that people really are stupid. One of the papers they are passing around is the prosecutors recommendation, & saying that PROVES I can’t have animals. No that is a paper that is submitted in any court case whether for murder or for a traffic ticket that states what the prosecutor would like to charge you with & what conditions they want applied. Obviously THAT paper was not worth what it was written on, because they changed my charges 3 times, & they didn’t get what they wanted.


My daughter took over our Facebook pages so I can gear up for all of this court crap & because my health is failing a bit here. So now I am actually going over everything instead of just forwarding it to my attorney. The funniest part of all of this is how FIXATED they are on where I live. One of the idiots is claiming it is illegal to put a different place for an address on my state certification, I LOVE people who like to quote the law as if they know what they are talking about… I used to do it too (I have a whole blog to prove it!)  If all of your paperwork, supplies & the place you go to do “business”  primarily is to that address then it is legal. I meet people there, my fosters meet people there to do meet & greets, all of our supplies are there, all of our paperwork is there in paper format.

I realized something else too, sadly I have begun to act like these a-holes, so much so that it has compromised my health. I didn’t have anything to defend myself against anything they said or any lie that they twisted around, a normal human being with a brain who listened to the WHOLE story would understand exactly what was going on & why. I had to retaliate because at one time I thought these people were my friends.

208271_334360536668272_404178905_nThere is this strange comfort in just not giving a fiss anymore. This is a group of people who come to together to torture other human beings & if the story is not good enough they twist it to fit. All of these people knew about the crap I have going on in Everett & have since I met them online, I have never tried to hide it, but once they got mad they figured out a way to twist it around. I guess I should thank them for several things. One for making any lawsuits easier for me. Some of the lies are so ridiculous though that I don’t think I should include them, unless I want to make the judge laugh too… Like I have 31 criminal charges “pending” against me. I know our courts are slow but my divorce spanned from 1994 to 1998: but the courts are not that slow!

Oh & supposedly I am a horse abuser too yet I have never owned a horse in my life, or that my George had a tumor on his neck.

They love to bring up about the kids being taken yet they don’t happen to mention my kids were returned, almost immediately, that they only took the two I was having the custody battle over & left the other 5 at home with me & within a month I had foster kids again. I mean what use is the truth to lunatics?

The best one is all them saying I am a fraud… Really? Our taxes will be out for public record on January,31st,2013 & I would love to see where they could find one single penny not accounted for or missing & that is where I will crush them & where they have defeated themselves. As for all of the people who believed them & jumped on their bandwagon good riddens to bad rubbish. I had one person email me telling me how sorry she was that she fell for all of their nonsense I told her I didn’t hold any hard feelings but that I’d rather just not associate with her. I feel bad for her but I don’t want weak people anywhere near me.

Here is the most puzzling thing: They are mocking my Ministries, saying all kinds of vile things BUT these are all people who call themselves “Christians” I tell you what a lot of people should be infinitely grateful that I take my Ordination seriously or things would be a lot different. I am not a Christian & with these brilliant shining examples of “Christianity” I think I will pass. I am Native & Jewish & follow both religions accordingly, although I have to admit I do love the lessons & stories from the New Testament & from what I can gather Jesus was an absolutely beautiful creation, sad part is I know more about what he says then most who profess to be his followers, not because I am afraid of going to hell or any other such nonsense, I read it because it is beautiful, because it has wonderful lessons. I just think the people who “claim” to follow it should actually do so. It made me sick to see their pages when we were “friends” with all their Jesus postings.

This B.S. has cost me two dogs, which was brilliant on their part, animals or my family are the only 2 things that can hurt me. They went after my kid talking crap about my daughters house & then about the CPS thing. That Braden thought it was so funny talking about oh the kids will have to suffer for what the kids do… at that point is where I let go: Someone who goes after someone’s children is a low life scumbag POS, not worth the skin it takes to wrap their bones in BUT they are also the kind of people who spin in on themselves.

I will come out of this stronger, & better for it. As always it has made me some new allies, & in some ways has helped me. For instance I am getting help from the state agencies they tried to file complaints with as far as them teaching me everything I need to know to be successful.

They also helped to clear a lot of people I didn’t need in my life & showed me who I should keep in my life.

I learned a lot about 2 people that I thought would be my friends forever… & for the time when I thought they were my friends, they did help save Sophie, Rosie & few other animals, the problem is that because of their actions they have caused the lives of more than 14 dogs, probably more then that but because of them ruining our last auction another rescue stepped up & ended up saving twice as many dogs as I could have.

Unfortunately I am the one who takes the special needs, feral, aggressive, puppy mill, senior, terminal, 3 legged, or 1 eyed dogs, so those one’s never stood a chance. I can’t responsibly take them in with no money so they die, alone, afraid & sometimes in pain, but at the end of all of our lives we all must face our creator.

Their “help” came at a price that other innocent lives had to pay, I trusted them & put myself in that position so I have to live with it too, forever.


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