Aldo the Chocolate bulldog…

I am busy with several things but I have gotten a lot of requests for updates on Aldo… As of now most of the issue is being worked on by an attorney.

I do know that she has also been contacted by someone who can’t seem to make up their mind if he is in Winfield Illinois, or Green Bay Wisconsin. The claim is that he is still alive. I have contacted several animals communicators who have all said the same thing. He is being held somewhere & is very angry & upset. One of them brought up something very pertinent: He said or rather he asked if at any time the former owner ever cried or lamented on line about him being dead & I told him she never did, all she ever did was cry because everyone was being “mean” to her. All I have ever heard her say is that she was going to miss taking pictures of him… Or whine & try to say that I conned her into talking to another animal communicator. I did not, she “invited” herself to speak to him. At NO time did I ever suggest she even speak to him, & again I have emails to prove this.

The next few facts that don’t add up. I have asked 8 Bulldog rescues in that area if they would’ve taken him even with his “bite history” they ALL said yes, so if a lady in Indiana who claims to love a dog, punches him in the face after putting him on a 6 day transport & immediately throws him into her dog pile & he supposedly becomes aggressive, why wouldn’t she call a LOCAL rescue? She had over 12 to chose from & none of them were ever contacted about him.

I also have family in that town & have made more than a hundred phone calls, & all 6 of her stories don’t make sense. We also have the fact that the dog rescue that “supposedly” ordered him to be put down in TEXAS is still on my page & blog constantly, as well as the other people involved in this whole mess.

I gave the ultimatum that he be returned by 1/4/2013 or litigation would begin, but you put a bunch of jackasses together & add in a few liars, & the one’s who “think they know the law” & you get a bunch of cocky dipsticks who are surprised when they are served. Without going too much into the evidence, my attorney did just send me a part of what she is preparing & I wish I could be a fly on the wall when those papers are served. Just the invoice alone for services rendered in breach of contract should be enough.

Since his previous owner lied on line on several occasions she has laid out her own groundwork & made it fairly easy for my attorney: She found this online

ALDO #644’s Web Page

We’re sorry,
we don’t have
a picture of ALDO #644.

About ALDO #644

Status: Adopted!
Species: Dog
Rescue ID: D120189
Current Size: 52 Pounds
Current Age: 1 Year 4 Months (best estimate)

ALDO (Bulldog) El Paso, TX – Lynwood, WA

Aldo bit my grandmother. I have two small children in the home. Instead of sending him to rescue I am rehoming him.
He has ocassional lunging when triggered by small children and small animals and loud screechy noises. He lunged and grabbed my senior grandmother after two people screamed in the house and scared him.

Sadly we found out the root cause of Aldo’s fear & if there was any aggression we now know why. Keep in mind he never displayed aggression here, he did try to get a screaming Chihuahua out of my daughter’s arms which I think he believed to be a squeaky toy, but he never broke skin or even left a mark.

Here is the so-called vicious dog playing

Aldo spent most of his life in a shock collar, even looking at the pictures below you can see the other dogs with no collar but Aldo almost always has a shock collar & a leash on. Can you imagine living almost your whole life NEVER knowing what was going to cause you pain, or when it would happen, or where it was coming from? Numerous studies have been done on the horrid effects of these collars, add that to the fact that Aldo was almost always kenneled & yes he is bound to have some issues.

Aldo and Katara, my own then and now + 9 month pics

I was updating the forum’s then and now picture since the one I had on there was very old, and I cannot believe how much Aldito and Katara have changed! they are looking so “bulldog” now and I definitely notice it more when looking at their puppy pictures. Aldo is getting very wide chested and athletic, Katara is getting a little pudgy.. what do you think? she has the patellar issue so I am afraid to let her get overweight because she won’t be able to “exercise it off” She weighs 41 lbs Do you think Aldo looks ok or do I need to feed him more? he weighs about 46 lbs. I know I am a little biased but i think they are both beautiful! And yes, they are wearing e-collars, for their own safety since they occasionally fight, though it has been much better lately and mainly the safety of my kids since Aldo has (lately very rare) lunging episodes.. he thinks the kids are puppies that he can play rough with..

Aldo at 8 weeks and 9 months

Click this bar to view the original image of 799x535px.

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Click this bar to view the original image of 799x529px.

Click this bar to view the original image of 799x529px.

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HIs favorite thing to do is sliiiiide

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As always there’s a million more pictures of Aldo than Kat.. he’s such a ham!

And both together

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And last but not least taken a few days ago, this will be our fourth of July picture

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Aldo, Bruno and Katara…

Oh how I love them… they seriously make me smile so much!!
Dressed up nice!

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Aldo turned 11 months yesterday (when this pic was taken) and Bruno coincidentally turned 11 weeks yesterday!! They are so handsome!

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Bruno 11 weeks, one ear has perked up.. the other one completely flat! lol

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And yes, they all pose!

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And a little video of them playing together…e_gdata_player

Sorry but that is about all I can share with everyone right now. I was willing to drop this matter if he was returned but since he is not back home yet I kind of have no choice, even then I might’ve still let it drop but since they decided to continue with the harassment & the slander I simply do not have a choice. They have gone as far as to lie to state agencies about me, & have gone after my rescue. One of the idiots even called CPS on me… I told them they are welcome to take my 22 year old daughter but they should understand she needs to be outfitted in Hollister or Abercrombie & Fitch or she would self implode: They passed. I have letters from our state’s welfare & Social Security too of them making complaints against me.

I promise that when all of the papers are filed I will fill in the blanks for everyone, but it may take some time, the attorney is doing all of this for free & she has other paying clients she has to work for too. Once I am able to post her emails, the contract, & some other documents you will all understand.

Who knows maybe I’ll just be posting pictures of Aldo here at home soon, whoever it is emailing myself & my attorney is getting nervous, they may even be the one who has him & maybe conscience will get the better of him or her & they will simply return Aldo. Then those morons can post anything & everything they want to about me because it won’t matter what they say as long as I see his precious face every day.

Then all I have left to do is work on one other dog & another situation they have caused then we’ll be set! I am working on getting that story together to post on here as well about that dog & that breeder.

Never a dull day in troll land (((sigh))) If you EVER decide there is not enough strife, heartache or drama in your life & want to start doing rescue then please don’t tell me that you have not been warned 🙂

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