Damned if you do… Damned if you don’t

This is what I have been reduced to…


but I finally figured it out when a childhood friend of mine sent me this.

I freak out when people lie about me, but after the past few years I have come to accept that sometimes that is their only form of entertainment. The only way they can feel okay about themselves is to make someone else look bad.

I also had an epiphany of sorts. All of the drama & the lies & the bull: The people who believe it & follow these people around like the Jim Jones Kool-Aid crew, those are the EXACT kind of people I don’t need in my life. People who can’t think for themselves & will believe anything they are spoon fed are weak people & if I am going to succeed I need to surround myself with strong people. On my Facebook page there are people who have known me for 30+ yrs, family & other friends from varying times. All of whom I have been completely honest with about anything about me because I have nothing to be ashamed of & no one is capable of judging me except for God.

I am more blessed then anyone could ever imagine. Last night I was talking to someone about “What if” what if we had a time machine & could go back & change something or everything.

If I changed my parents I wouldn’t have the wonderful family I had

If I changed my childhood as brutal as it was I wouldn’t KNOW what it was like to be alone, to be scared, to be hurt beyond what I care to share right now, & I wouldn’t have the empathy I have now, nor would I have taken in foster kids or work with animals.

If I changed my days as a street kid I wouldn’t have the kids I have, even though I married idiots.

If I changed anything else I wouldn’t have all the blessings, the lessons & the love that I do now.

So: NO

I wouldn’t change my past, any mistakes I have made I have owned up to & atoned for with anyone I hurt. All the lies, 1/2 truths & innuendos in the world can not change the truth. Then it occurs to me the people I am trying to convince that these people are liars are people I don’t need or want in my life anyway. I also think this serves a couple of other purposes.

A) Evidently some of them have my radio show plastered on their walls saying “Who listens to this anyway” first off they do quite often I might add!  My page visits & radio show listens have gone up over 35% at this rate I might start blogging for money & they are advertising for me for free!

B) I have tons of people who are copying & pasting all their posts to me because people are starting to realize what kind of people they really are. The BIGGEST addendum to this is that it all started because they screwed around & got Aldo killed or killed him. People are starting to realize that not ONCE did his momma or the adopter ever cry & go poor Aldo, they has always cried about how mean people were being to THEM about it & their friends are finally starting to see it as well. They have seen this group go on enough rampages already to know what their true character is.

C) Every single lie they tell is like blowing wind on their house of cards, & they are getting so desperate that they are making up neck tumors, photo-shopping pix, & saying I have 30 criminal charges pending against me LOL! Really? All they are doing is digging a deeper hole for themselves in lawsuits & I don’t even have to do anything, just sit back & what them to bury themselves. BRILLIANT! They are basically doing all of the work for me.


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