Okay: It’s time! What is your New Years Resolution?

The wrapping paper has been thrown away… The family has all headed back home.

It’s time to do a personal inventory.


Time to think about the next year.

I have done mine, it is to continue doing what I do with rescue & my ministries, to continue to fight BYB’s Puppy Mills crappy shelters & rescues. To continue my legal education & to focus more energy & time on building our rescue. The difference is that I will be taking back who I am, I will refuse to get caught up in the drama that comes with the job. I am going to pursue all of my lawsuits & legal actions to the end. I am going to take a couple of classes in grant writing & brush up on my accounting.

I’ve got my brief & my taxes due by around January 31st so that will take up most of January. Plus I’ve gotten 4 offers for corporate sponsors & I have to write up a prospectus to lay out what our future goals are.

I see that I’ve got all the FB band of loonies on my pages, even on Christmas eve & Christmas day, that is sad. I most certainly don’t want to become like them & seriously I was starting to, that is even more sad. I made a FB post about it & they sent one of their little loons in & the best she could do was finally have a meltdown & call everyone names. It was kind of interesting because she was bringing up stuff that EVERYONE on the thread already knew about, & most have been long time friends, some are family. I do know about me, I can be crass, I can be out right rude, I can be over bearing, & I find that most of the people who don’t like me don’t like me because I don’t sugar coat turds. Part of it is being autistic, I live in the black & white, but people who fear the truth like to stay in the grey areas of life.

I don’t like the truth myself sometimes, especially when I have done something wrong stupid or mean & I was looking at a FB page I had started about a BYB in Canada, & it was an important thing to do, but instead of trying to keep it to facts & getting to the bottom of the story I figured I would just let it go & let them all meltdown on each other til we could get enough info. The problem? Well by attacking someone & letting hundreds of others attack them it wasn’t going to accomplish anything. Instead of doing it my way I did it out in public & it didn’t help anything or anyone, it most certainly didn’t help a single dog. All it did was give a platform for hatred. I believe that if I had done it the way I normally do I would be making a trip to Canada & coming back with a truckload of bullies & possibly be helping her to get things cleaned up & making things better. I did it because that was what my FB crew thought we should do. What I didn’t see or understand was that I was becoming like them… I have MANY apologies to make in the next few weeks, I have many stories to tell so that people will know the truths about some things.

I hope that no matter what your resolutions are that you take a personal honest inventory, I did not like what I found but as long as you are alive you have the power to change things & make amends, most of all make amends with yourself so you can accomplish what you set out to do.

Also understand the backlash, just because you “decide” to do things differently or make changes it doesn’t free you from the consequences, I will probably be dealing with the fallout from the FB Crew for months… they have called the Secretary of State, Dept of Revenue, The Washington Attorney General, Paypal, DSHS, & Social Security, when I don’t get either one of those, they also have called CPS the Snohomish County Sheriff & Animal Control so it’s probably only quiet because they haven’t thought of anyone else to call. The thing is when you know what is coming & understand why then you are better prepared to deal with it. Honestly you have to also look at the bright side, I am getting more help from the state agencies because they want me to succeed, & that will help me in the long run.

At the end of the day just make sure you can sleep soundly & even if you can’t right all your wrongs, or accomplish all of your goals just try to do the best you can everyday. Also have faith that everything will work out the way that God intended it. Life is not always fair, & the best of intentions don’t always work out but sometimes it really is for the better. We are all a work in progress, it is part of the human experience.

Remember to also pick & choose your battles carefully lest you become part of a Mash Potato Melodrama!

An Everett man, 19, was arrested over the weekend after allegedly threatening to stab his older brother with a kitchen knife. The threats reportedly were over who got to eat some mashed potatoes.
The incident was reported about 9:30 p.m. Sunday at a home just north of SE Everett Mall Way.
The older brother’s girlfriend reportedly told police she saw the incident transpire. She said the man “became upset about (the brother) not leaving any mashed potatoes for him,” according to the arrest report.
The younger man then grabbed a large kitchen knife, held it in a threatening manner and threatened to stab his brother, police allege.
The suspect was booked into Snohomish County Jail for investigation of second-degree domestic-violence assault. Story tags »  • AssaultCrimePoliceFoodFamily
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