Childish Facebook games… Is there anyway to block you in real life?

So the world didn’t end… It looks like you all are still stuck with me

What we are looking at is a new phase in human history. The possibilities before us are endless.

And I think now, more than ever, it is time to look at things from a different perspective.

Take the situation I’m going through right now, I could run around whining and crying about it or I can find good that’s happening in spite of it. Namely Megan and Jodi trying to destroy my auction could’ve been a catastrophe, it could’ve gotten seven dogs killed but instead it got eight additional dogs saved. If I would’ve went to the shelter I could’ve only saved 7 but because my friend who has far more resources went, she pulled 8 additional dogs!! So if you look at things in the proper perspective you find that even in evil God finds a way, God makes even the bad work for the good.

Again it all boils down to what is your attitude about the situation. As long as you are alive you have a choice…

The choice

I don’t know whether this situation is more sad or more annoying. I know first hand the damage these kind of harpies can cause. Enough evil women working together can destroy lives.

I find it very amusing that people would protest that I have blocked them so they can “defend” themselves when they are attacking me. WTH? I have one lady Mandy who keeps blocking & unblocking me long enough to send me messages. When most normal people are getting ready for Holidays these women are sitting at home, on their computers thinking about me. As far as I am concerned, that gives me the power, I own them, they belong to me. Every waking moment is spent on me, I am their star until they find a new person to fixate on. I do find it funny now that I think about it.

Okay so since I am getting the emails from this Mandy woman… Here is the answer to your question: Or several answers:

I don’t owe you or your groupies any answer about what happened to my kids, but since you seem to think it is YOUR business & it seems to be the only thing that you can come up with after calling the Attorney General, the Secretary of State, the Police in an area that I don’t live in, & the Department of Revenue with no results. Here it is & you’re not going to like it.

From 1992 til 1997 I was fighting my husband for custody of my kids, he had the 3 women he was sleeping with calling CPS on me every day. At the same time I was dealing with a crazy cop who was pissed that I had spurned his advances, I am related to enough cops to know better than to date one. Yes CPS came in & took my kids, yes there is a newspaper story about it, what the paper doesn’t say is that only my 14 yr old was in that house, my little kids were across the street at our babysitter’s because I had taken a woman in with 6 wild ass kids. I can’t get the newspaper to tell the truth or change the story even though I have sent them numerous reports & documents to show it is incorrect. My house was not filthy it was however messy… I had my own 7 kids at the time & that lady’s 6 kids, 2 of which sadly I have recently seen featured on Washington’s Most wanted, But because it ended up in the paper they had to do something, we had just had several children die in foster care or that had been returned home & they were under the gun. The next point is: If it was that bad why would the state ONLY remove 2 of my 7 kids, those 2 being the one’s my ex-husband was fighting me for?

You have to remember that the Child Welfare System is relatively new, when I was a child my mother & I were still considered property. I was beaten to the point of being in comas,  I had bones broken, I was raped, burnt, whatever my step-dad could think of to do to me. I told people but no one ever helped me, when I was lucky enough to end up in a foster home it would only be for a day or two. I finally broke free & ran away from home at almost 12 yrs of age. That was my only option.

My kids were returned & what the newspaper doesn’t tell you is that within a month I had other foster children placed in my home, one of which I ended up adopting. You just are not going to get me to bash CPS, they did what they thought they needed to do, & even though the system is not perfect, at least they are trying. At least they are trying to make it better for kids, & most of the people involved are in it for the kids because their paycheck & the heartache involved makes working at Wal-Mart seem like a better career decision.

I was going to say you should get involved in the system but after seeing you in action you should probably stay away from other people’s children. It does make me sad that the one of you that does have children spends so much time caught up in drama, that is wasted time & energy that could be spent on your kids, or your husband. Thankfully some of you involved can’t have children. It is so funny to see all of your “Christian” diatribes on your walls when you are anything but a Christian in fact you are everything a Christian isn’t. Frankly it is good that I don’t see your posts or crazy-making anymore, that is my blessing.

So onto the next item. I know what the fear is, I have random strange people emailing me asking if I am going to sue those involved: I have to, I have no choice. First off there is a lesson that needs to be taught, second the only way I can recover my own reputation is to put them in their place since these are not the kind of women who apologize, or admit their mistakes, their pattern of behavior has been to create more lies, & no matter how many times you prove them wrong they just invent something else. You also have to remember I did not start this fight, but I will not run from it either. Maybe it will save the next person some heartache down the road. For those who are saying that I shouldn’t do it, that I should just let it go, first off you are their friends, not mine of course you’re going to say that. Second off this is my life’s work, my reputation, & there’s no way I am going to just “let this go” they should’ve done that long ago. I live by my own rules, they are simple. You don’t have to understand it, you don’t even have to agree, just know that it is what it is.


I am moving forward, facing the ugly & the evil these women bring, I am not doing it for vengeance but for what is is right, I already let Aldo down because I trusted these people but I am going to make it right with him. For him. I don’t know if he is alive or not, I think he is alive… maybe it is only my heart that wishes he was. All of the people involved had every chance in the world to send him back to me, or simply to have left him here. I drew my line in the sand, & gave my terms that he be returned to me before the beginning of January & he is still not here. That would be the ONLY way to stop this. Now this is all I can say about this matter until the attorney gets to work on it. I wish I could publish all the documents I have… & I will soon enough. Once I do there are going to be a lot of people eating crow & an awful lot of people who are going to find out just what these women really think of them.  If anyone reading this has possession of this dog, please understand I am coming after you too.

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