Sometimes truth is far stranger than fiction

As I keep telling everyone I get hundreds of emails from people giving me the “dish” on corrupt people in the City of Everett & Snohomish County Government.

Some of it makes me sick, some of it makes me laugh, some of it makes me wonder. So tonight I start going through some of those old e-mails to see what proof I can come up with because I obviously I can’t print anything that I can’t prove.

So I come across one that tells me that a certain somebody in government in Snohomish County gives his wife antibiotics, he puts them in her food and/or drink because he screws around so much that he doesn’t want to get caught if he catches some disease from whatever woman that he sleeping with. At first it made me laugh and I thought about it: first off how would you do that, second off why would you do that, & wouldn’t the wife notice? Normally I don’t give much credence to these types of e-mails but I have another e-mail also from one of the people claiming she has supposedly slept with him, evidently she wasn’t as lucky as his wife and he didn’t give her antibiotics but he did give her something else. You also have to think, well she had to have known he was married, kind of a serves her right, but on the other hand STD’s are not nice to give to anybody. I did e-mail her back and tell her that it is a crime to knowingly give somebody an STD and that she should file a police report but somehow I don’t think she will.

So moving on I guess one of our local philanderer’s new squeeze is also married, evidently the husband’s not too happy about it but there is a a lot of money involved so I don’t see it going anywhere too soon, just good times and fun to be had for all. I do think this particular husband isn’t going to stand around & take it so it might get interesting once her husband leaves her, tells the world & she finds out he is still not going to leave his wife. Is that not the norm and Snohomish County?

I’d say of the 4000+ e-mails that I have at least 80% of them are about officials screwing around & some are also about their wives getting sick of it stepping out of too. That’s kind of a human condition, it’s the 20% that freaks me out and scares me. Some are very serious allegations some are very sick allegations and I’m kind of wondering why nobody has done anything about some other stuff.

Now if you’ll all remember I had a family member who was a Snohomish County Sheriff and he had information that he had locked away somewhere else in another state in case anything happened to him because he said the county was corrupt I don’t believe that it was anything to do with the Police Department he seemed to love those guys dearly it was something to do with Snohomish County government. I really wish I could tell everybody who it is but he still has family and children here that I’d like to protect and I don’t think that would be very good for them.

The really sad thing about this is most of the information I’m getting I can’t really use it’s just information now I know, it used to be that if somebody was out screwing around or doing some dirty well geez you could print off some proof and send it to them & get them to back up off of you but it seems everybody’s out being unfaithful, everybody’s stepping out. What is this entire world coming to? As you all know I’m a minister so I solemnize marriages I don’t do it because I don’t have anything better to do with my weekends I do it because marriage means something to me unfortunately it doesn’t seem to matter to about 90% of the population.

The thing about me is that I am not a journalist, I am a blogger,so I get certain information & I don’t necessarily go digging at it  get to the bottom of it because most of the information I’m getting could destroy families and hurt innocent people people who don’t deserve to be hurt. I don’t see how hurting another human being is going to further my cause or make me any better than them. The sad truth of the matter is that the spouses probably already know and are well aware of what the other one is doing so why should I, and rub salt in the wound?

Please keep in mind these are the same type of people were calling marijuana a nuisance and they claim they’re doing it for the moral good of the community they wouldn’t know a moral if it came up and slapped them in the back of the head. I had half a mind to go to the council meeting this evening in regards to the marijuana dispensaries but I know me and my big mouth and I would’ve gotten in trouble or arrested or possibly shot.



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2 thoughts on “Sometimes truth is far stranger than fiction

  1. Brenda, I don’t know what happened to your comment but I will respond. I find it very upsetting when you get upset when I write about anything to do with infidelity. I understand your own personal battle of having an affair with a married cop, you claim to not know after several years that he was married. The fact that he hid you from his friends, only came over while on duty, you couldn’t call him at home & you had never been to his home or met any of his family was the big clues. Yes it is illegal for him to be doing what he did with you when he was on the tax-payer dollar. I have 731 new hits on my page & over 600 of them are you. I am very sorry that you were hurt physically & emotionally, no one deserves that, but to bash other women for having affairs when you yourself were having one makes no sense to me. To get upset with me for writing what I want on my own blog makes even less sense. I know what sentence flipped you out:

    “You also have to think, well she had to have known he was married, kind of a serves her right, but on the other hand STD’s are not nice to give to anybody”

    Sorry but it is true, if you know someone does not belong to you that they have made vows or a commitment to someone else then you are both wrong, spewing venom at me does not change that fact. I have tried to have patience with you while you were bashing Tamera Dutton about the Aaron Reardon affair. I have tried to be there for you when most times most people don’t know what the hell you are talking about, myself included, but the anger you are displaying is coming from inside of you… it has nothing to do with me.

    I wish you well on the journey that you are on but please take a look inside of yourself & you will find out what is really making you angry. Take care B


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