“Official Notice” of time to correct deficiencies- Notice to all parties

Sorry to all of my regular readers but we had a dog who was supposed to be returned to me & instead a group of people got together & sent him to Texas, these people are emailing me threats & have not returned the dog yet so since I have most of them blocked & they are on this particular blog up to 14 times a day my attorney has requested I post this here, on my facebook & several other places. This should also be a warning to other rescues to NEVER adopt out of state, ever.

“Official Notice” of time to correct deficiencies
by Finally Home Rescue on Thursday, December 6, 2012 at 9:34pm ·

It has come to my attention that there are people slandering me mostly because if they don’t throw the spotlight off of themselves they will be found out. I have been on Facebook for several years & I am a very vocal voice against anyone who harms animals. That is well known, & in the course of this I have made many enemies. Those are not the kind of people I worry about. I do a lot of investigating into puppy mills, backyard breeders, corrupt rescues & shelters. I have been very careful in anything I say, if I said it you can be sure I have documentation to back it up even if I didn’t post it.

So let’s come back to the situation at hand: A bulldog named Aldo. His owner Ana sent him to me with the understanding that I was going to rehab him because she told me he was very aggressive, the first time I met him, he peed himself, he was even afraid of a bowl where his food was & I had to hand feed him for a while. I spent a lot of time & energy helping this boy to overcome his fears. At the same time I had Ana PM’ing me that I should keep him, then I should give him away, then I should send him back so he can be euthanized, CONSTANTLY for 2+months, anytime you repeatedly threaten an animal & then ask me what kind of anti-depressants I use that scares me. What most people don’t know is because I previously had a stroke I have a voice recorder on my phone so I can go back & listen to a conversation in case I have forgotten anything. I have all of my recordings from all of our conversations, as a matter of fact all of the conversations to do with Aldo at all. Like the nutjobs who for some reason got it in their heads that I was going to give Aldo to them the next day with no adoption contract, no home check, no reference checks for free. After that Ana turned up the crazy & tried to take control over the situation with Aldo, but at that time she had already turned him over to me NUMEROUS times, so it was never her decision to make. It got to the point where I had to go to court & file a UCC lien against Aldo because unfortunately he is considered property. Now I liked Ana, & she wanted Aldo to go to Jody, but until I had paperwork he wasn’t going ANYWHERE, but knowing that this was very hard on her, I went against all of my instincts & let Jody take him with the understanding that he would never go back to Ana, ever & that he was only to be returned to me. She was fully aware of the fact that I was not going to terminate the UCC Lien until Aldo had settled in with her. That was my only insurance for sending an animal 1/2 way across the country against my better judgement.

Please understand at this point I “thought” that most of the people involved in this BS were my friends, which I found out the hard way they were not.

A lady named Cheryl picked up Aldo from the vets office supposedly because I couldn’t get him to the airport where he was supposed to fly out early in the morning. This same woman I found out later was talking all kinds of trash when she picked him up saying he was gross & bit up but maybe she should’ve been smart enough to consider SHE PICKED HIM UP FROM MY VET’S OFFICE for a health certificate, so was examined & he was fine, leaving herself open for her own lawsuit.  The next day I am watching Jody’s page but NO Aldo, I asked her about it & she said that there was a 24 hr layover so they drove from Evansville Indiana up to O’Hare Aiport in Illinois IN 2 HOURS!!! Okay so I know something is wrong… I grew up in the Midwest & there is no way she made it there in 2 hours, but I don’t want to flip out because I have no idea where Aldo is now. I spent the next few days in panic mode crying throwing up & being mean in general to those close to me because STUPID ME trusted someone who was obviously untrustworthy with a helpless animal.

I have been told he is at San Antonio Bulldog Rescue, whether he is or not I don’t know, I messaged them to let them know they had my dog, yes MY dog, & that he needed to be brought back to me immediately so all they have been doing is sitting on my website & blog for the past few days, up to 14 times a day so that lets me know that yes they do have him or have some interest in him. I would suggest that they consult with an attorney about UCC filings, they go across state lines & EVERYONE who was involved in transporting him across state lines is in fact liable. If for one single moment the people involved in this don’t believe that I will attach their homes, & property they OBVIOUSLY haven’t spent enough time on my blog or webpage & they don’t understand I will fight to my death for any animal. For those of you who don’t know what a UCC Lien is, it is the same thing that a bank takes out on your home when they give you a loan & the reason why they don’t always have to do a Judicial Foreclosure in court. Oh & in case someone thinks they are funny, my UCC supercedes any that are filed after the fact, so running to go get one of your own won’t work. It will however demonstrate intent to fraud. Here is another thing to consider, the Animal Welfare Terrorism Act, I take animals from all across the country, from licensed agencies & owners. I also use my rescued animals to go to schools to teach children about spay & neuter & proper care of an animals. so I am involved in interstate commerce of animals as well as educational instruction. Which qualifies me for Federal Protection.

The beauty of this is that when Ana started her crap about trying to sign him over to everyone else, an anonymous person paid for the attorney for me to get this straightened out, but just for that incident, the attorney however is so upset about this that she is going to do the rest of this for free once she gets back on December 27th which leaves 21 days for someone to get him back to me before they end up in court. According to the attorney this is my “Official Notice” of time to correct deficiencies. All of the emails & phone conversations will become a matter of public record after they are filed in court, the phone conversations can’t be used to indict but they can be used as evidence of intent. Until then I can not share them.

Now please don’t think for one minute that I am blaming everyone else, this is entirely my fault, for trusting the people that I did, for going against my own better judgement, & for sending a helpless animal to fend for himself. I have been told he bit Jody, & attacked her dog, I do not for one minute believe that, in his whole time her, he ONCE nipped at my daughters leg because she was holding a screaming Chihuahua in the air above his head who sounded a lot like a squeaky toy & Aldo has never attacked any other dog here. If Sophie would get growly with him he would roll over on his back. Again he is not an aggressive animal he is a fearful animal. There is a big huge difference between the two.

So if you feel the need to keep talking crap about me do what ever you feel makes YOU look better, the truth will out, it will ALWAYS out, I am never going to apologize to anyone for anything I do to protect an animal, nor will I hang my head in shame, the only one’s I owe anything to are Aldo, Hoki, Sophie, Misty, Libby & Taz. The thing about it is: all your words can not stop what I do, the City of Everett can’t stop me, the 2 rescues behind it can’t stop me, I don’t give up, I get knocked down & I come up swinging. Yes knocking me down is the easy part because I love people & want to trust them, friendship is very important to me, & yes I get hurt but it won’t change who I am. If you are the kind of person who believes everything everyone else says then it is probably a good idea that you leave my life because I don’t want to get hurt anymore.

I also found out that many people from that same group are my true friends as well… One true friend is worth more than a million false ones & I have more then ONE so I am thinking it’s a pretty good day for me. Now all I have to do is get Aldo back home.

Ana could’ve stopped all this nonsense long ago by simply letting Aldo go or telling the truth. If you love something or someone you do the best for them, NOT for you. I sent him away to someone who lied & could not handle him because I was so worried about HER feelings but you can best believe that that will never happen again. Instead she is letting him be drug all across the country expecting everyone to feel sorry for her & clean up her mess. He was fine here with me, I didn’t have any problems with him, he was happy here, he was safe. Now I don’t know where he is or what he is thinking or if he is even alive.

On a sidenote… when you use the “Contact Us” form on my webpage to send me anonymous threats, it automatically sends me your IP Address, I also have visit & IP trackers on everyone of my webpages & blogs so I know who is visiting them at all times. So telling me how “educated” you are does nothing more than make me laugh out loud, along with your horrid punctuation kind of lets me know that you’re not. Also the fact that you honestly believe I live at my mailing address lets me know you’re not anyone I really know or care to know.

I need to also add (like I haven’t talked enough) that I am not asking or wanting anyone to choose sides, there is no “side” there is only right or wrong. I have blocked so many people because of this nonsense & I don’t do that normally but I have feelings too. So the newest postings are that people involved in this are going to make sure they wreck my auction, & they have been PM’ing people telling them not to go or participate. All they are doing is hurting animals, yes it hurts me: but in the end it KILLS animals because I can’t take in animals responsibly with no money & I take in the one’s no one wants & the hard luck cases. Animals that have no one else & no where to go. If you can sleep at night & or take pleasure in that then there is something far more wrong with you then this world can fix.

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