Will Michael Saffioti finally get some justice?


Don’t hold your breath…

The ONLY chance this boy & his family have is the fact that they have Anne Bremner fighting for them. Unfortunately I don’t know if she realizes how deeply the corruption runs in this county.

The jail guards for Snohomish County Jail are Snohomish County Sheriff’s, the people who investigate the jail are the Snohomish County Sheriff’s office but they call it a “Task Force”.

So the investigation… I predict that the formal investigation will go no where. I do however believe they will win hands down in a civil trial. I don’t however believe that this is going to change anything & people are still going to die. The sad truth is that even if they go to a civil trial, & win, the county will stonewall them all the way to the Supreme Court. The reason: Well if they concede on this case then they leave themselves open for at least 5 more cases for people who have died among hundreds of other lawsuits. If this never would’ve went to the news it would’ve been an arbitration hearing, money paid, gag order set in place & no one the wiser

So why am I so negative about this? Well for one, I know the way this county operates, I am currently fighting for my life & the life of my animals because of their usual course of conduct. It has been a 23 month long battle & they have spent well over 874K to prosecute me for a 1K misdemeanor, & they will spend far more than that to win. They don’t care HOW they win, just that they do, they have violated well over 94 local, state & federal laws to railroad me, for a couple of animals because I complained about abuse, so can you even fathom what they will do to keep from being held accountable for a loss of life?

What is NOT being told is that this is NOT the first time there have been a rash of deaths at this jail, in 2003 they had the Dept of Justice “investigate” them, but obviously it didn’t do anything to stop it, help it or make anything better. They even told a reporter that they didn’t even know anything about a DOJ investigation!!! What the Hell?

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3 thoughts on “Will Michael Saffioti finally get some justice?

  1. Two other deaths that triggered the DOJ Investigation in 2003 It was after this that the head of the King County Jails took over at Snohomish County

    Saturday, March 22, 2003
    Suspicious death of inmate at Snohomish County Jail investigated
    By Jennifer Sullivan – Times Snohomish County bureau
    EVERETT — Police are investigating the “suspicious” death Wednesday of a 43-year-old woman who was being held at the Snohomish County Jail.
    It’s the second time in less than a month that a female inmate has died.
    Joy S. Miller was taken from her jail cell on Monday to Providence Everett Medical Center’s Colby Campus, where she died two days later, according to Everett police spokesman Sgt. Boyd Bryant.
    Bryant said the Snohomish County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled Miller’s death as “suspicious” and contacted the Police Department yesterday and asked detectives to investigate.
    The Medical Examiner’s Office would not release what caused Miller’s death.
    Bryant did not know the details of Miller’s arrest. He also would not say whether Miller was conscious when taken from the jail to the hospital.
    Jail spokesman George Hughes could not be reached last night to comment on Miller’s death.
    On Feb. 11, inmate Diane Stults, 45, was found dead in her cell at the jail.
    Stults died from dehydration caused by vomiting and a possible drug withdrawal, according to a medical examiner’s report released Thursday.
    Jail Capt. Chris Bly is investigating the circumstances surrounding Stults’ death.
    It’s unclear how long Stults was dead before she was found. Valerie Stults, the woman’s daughter, said other inmates have told her that her mother’s pleas for help were ignored. She said inmates told her that jail guards gave her mother a garbage bag to throw up in but wouldn’t get her medical attention.
    Valerie Stults, 20, said her mother was taking Vicodin daily for her arthritis and a slew of other pills for her Lyme disease and kidney and stomach ailments.
    Diane Stults was arrested on suspicion of first-degree burglary on Feb. 9. Jennifer Sullivan: 425-783-0604 or jensullivan@seattletimes.com


  2. Please read the article, it is the one I have linked to in the story here, it should give you a feel for the attitude in Sno-Co, an attitude that has prevailed for decades

    Saturday, September 6, 2003 – Page updated at 12:00 AM
    Inquiry at Snohomish County Jail over death of 2 inmates
    By Emily Heffter and Jonathan Martin
    Seattle Times staff reporters
    The U.S. Department of Justice has launched an inquiry into conditions at the Snohomish County Jail because of two inmates’ deaths this spring, according to sources familiar with the inquiry.
    The probe is being handled by the department’s special-litigation section, which investigates conditions at publicly run jails, prisons and institutions. It is considered a preliminary inquiry, and a full-scale investigation would require the approval of Attorney General John Ashcroft’s office.
    The jail has been the site of continuing turmoil this year. Two inmates died, bail money went missing, the jail director left and jail employees were accused of sexual misconduct. Crowding, too, has been an issue: The jail houses more than 100 inmates over its capacity, and many inmates sleep on mats on the floor. A new jail is under construction and scheduled to open in 2005.
    The inmates’ deaths drew the Justice Department’s attention, but the inquiry is not limited to the fatalities, according to a federal law-enforcement source.
    The federal Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act of 1980 gives the Justice Department power to sue to force changes when illegal practices create “egregious or flagrant conditions which deprive persons” of their constitutional rights. It recently has focused on the “unmet health needs” of inmates, among other issues.
    Jorge Martinez, a Justice Department spokesman, said the department couldn’t comment on preliminary inquiries unless they became full investigations.
    Most recently in Washington, the special-litigation section gave “technical assistance” in 2000 to two institutions for the developmentally disabled because of complaints of excessive use of patient restraints but closed the case without filing charges.
    Snohomish County Jail officials said yesterday they didn’t know of the federal inquiry into events at the jail.
    “No one from the federal government or the Justice Department has contacted me or anyone in our department that I’m aware of,” said Steve Thompson, the jail’s director. “Clearly a challenge before Snohomish County … is the ability to properly staff and have on hand adequate health-care staff and services.”
    The jail is budgeted to have nine full-time nurses, but only 4.5 of the positions are filled. It uses outside agencies to fill the rest of the nursing shifts.
    Diane Stults, 45, was found dead in her cell Feb. 11. The Snohomish County Medical Examiner’s Office blamed her death on dehydration caused by vomiting and drug withdrawal. The Everett Police Department determined her death was natural and closed its investigation.
    Joy S. Miller, 43, died March 19 after jail workers took her to a local hospital. The medical examiner’s office determined she died from a lethal dose of acetaminophen, commonly sold over the counter as Tylenol. Susan Neely, the criminal-justice manager in Snohomish County Executive Bob Drewel’s office, said Miller’s death was not the county’s fault because officials at the Lynnwood jail gave Miller the medication. “It wasn’t our Tylenol,” Neely said.
    Miller was in the Lynnwood Jail to serve part of a 180-day sentence for violating the terms of her drunken-driving and reckless-driving sentences. There, workers may have dispensed Tylenol to her, but not more than one dose, said Don Cirino, detention commander for the Lynnwood Police Department.
    Miller became ill, and Lynnwood officials took her to Stevens Hospital, which determined she was “fit for jail” and released her to the Snohomish County Jail, Cirino said.
    Results of an Everett Police Department investigation into Miller’s death are pending.
    The deaths came in the midst of several other problems at the jail earlier this year, including $10,000 in missing bail money, a jail cook — the daughter of a jail investigator — accused of fondling and having sex with inmates, and allegations that a female jail employee had an inappropriate sexual relationship with a female inmate.
    The county last spring asked Jail Director Andrea Bynum to resign, but she refused. While county officials will say only that Bynum left county employment, Bynum has said she was fired. The county quickly hired Thompson, then the King County jail director, to take her place.
    Thompson, who took over in July, said conditions at the jail are “orderly and well-managed.”
    Emily Heffter: 425-783-0624 or eheffter@seattletimes.com
    Jonathan Martin: 206-464-2605 or jonathanmartin@seattletimes.com
    Copyright © 2003 The Seattle Times Company


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