UPDATE: Hung Jury for Officer Carlile – Mistrial declared

UPDATE: Wednesday November, 28, 2012 Snohomish County Prosecutor Lisa Paul announced this morning that they were not going to retry Officer Carlile. From all of us in the community that supported the Carlile family in this horrific time, we are so glad that this chapter is over & that you can move forward & grieve for your daughter in peace. Our prayers are with you all.


Well folks this is more of an Op-Ed then a news story… Here is the actual story

Mistrial declared in former Marysville cop’s manslaughter case

I was not aware that he was a “former” officer, I thought he was on administrative leave though. So the jury deadlocked, 7 – not guilty 3 – guilty & 1 – undecided.

In all the news stories it is a raging call for blood & the conspiracy theorists are coming out of the woodwork. There are even those who are comparing this to the case of the felon drug addicts who left drugs & a loaded unregistered gun in their car – apples to oranges there folks.

Trust me I know that people want justice and they want the police held accountable to the same standards that they are, that is just human nature. There is such a disconnect between the citizens and the police department it doesn’t surprise me.

The problem as I see it is that the law is made for people and each situation is unique &  that needs to be taken into account. I am somewhat torn myself. there is a saying that justice is blind but sometimes it is just plain stupid. As most of you will remember I actually wrote a letter to the prosecutor asking them not to file charges against the Carlisle family because it was a waste of taxpayer money and a waste of time and resources as far as  I’m concerned.

But… they are elected officials so they are under fire if they don’t do something. That is the beauty of being just an everyday average citizen, we are left to make decisions for our own lives.

They have set a new trial for January 29th which they claim is just a formality & then they will decide what to do based on what the jury decided. That can go both ways: Either they will listen to the jury, or they will learn from what they perceive to be their mistakes & come up with a new attack plan

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3 thoughts on “UPDATE: Hung Jury for Officer Carlile – Mistrial declared

  1. ARGGHHH!!!! Okay so the Everett Herald covered this story as well I didn’t really bother to read it once I seen the case dismissed on the state website, but I just had to have my daily dose of dipshits or something, the story was putrid & the commentors were just as insane. These idiots actually compared this case to the grandmother who’s granddaughter got into her methadone & the Troy Meade case!!! How the hell do you make that stretch??? From the story it is hard to tell if it was Mark Roe making these comparisons or the Herald writers. I would suggest if you don’t want to hear your brain cells screaming as they die don’t read the comments unless you just need to remind yourself of how many truly ignorant people live in Everett & have internet access

    Here is an excerpt of the story
    “We make decisions based on facts and the law, not the occupation of the participants,” Roe said. “There is ample history and evidence of that.” Prosecutors in 2008 charged a Lynnwood grandmother with second-degree manslaughter after her 17-month-old granddaughter overdosed on methadone. The girl climbed out of her playpen and found the drug in her grandmother’s purse. The woman took responsibility for her granddaughter’s death, pleading guilty to the charge. She was sentenced to a month in jail and four months on a work crew with home-electronic monitoring. In 2009, prosecutors charged an Everett police officer with murder for a fatal on-duty shooting outside a restaurant. A jury acquitted Troy Meade, but he later was fired from his job after an internal investigation found that he violated department policies during the shooting. “Accountability can come from a whole lot more than a criminal conviction,” Roe said. Carlile will remain on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an internal investigation, Marysville police officials said Wednesday. An internal review was put on hold until the resolution of the criminal case. The department expects to determine if Carlile violated any policies and whether he should face any sanctions for the off-duty incident. Allen on Wednesday said that he considers it a positive sign that Marysville police have kept Carlile on paid administrative leave.


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