Snohomish “County” or “Idiot Convention”? The jail, the prison, & the trial…

Snohomish County Jail


The Snohomish County jail is in the news again, this time they are not beating prisoners, and/or letting them die: they are beating each other… Evidently Sgt. Jerry Dixon who thinks “he runs the place” can’t keep his mitts off the women workers. He literally pulled a chunk of a female guards hair out!

So if he will treat a fellow worker this way in an area with numerous cameras what does he do to the inmates? What does he do to people in his private life?

Oh but don’t worry they are doing an “Internal Investigation”, you know, like the one’s they have done in regards to all of the deaths in the jail… On an unrelated side note it was Herald reporter Eric Stevick who actually reported this story.

Three of the 6 victims of Snohomish County Jail

Monroe State Correctional Facility


Monroe prison has now managed to lose an inmate… This is the same place where corrections Officer Jamie Biendl was murdered by Byron Scherf, a 3 time convicted Spokane area rapist Ms Bindle’s body was not discovered until many hours after her death, which prompted the firing of 3 other guards & the demotions of two others, but the fact remains that her life is gone & her family must carry on without her for the rest of their lives.

One person has been charged with aiding & abetting in his escape but so far they haven’t managed to catch Brandon Musto, who only had a couple of months left to serve. Now he is facing 3 more years instead of 3 more months… It might be safe to assume he isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, although he is qualified as a definite “tool”.

The alarming part is that his disappearance was not noticed til late in the evening which means he made a broad daylight escape, over a couple 10 foot walls & some serious razor wire.

The trial of Officer Carlisle


I have so many mixed feelings about this trial… Mostly I think it was nothing but “showboating” all of the motions were filed pre-election time, if his attorney had any sense he would’ve gotten a continuance when the elected officials would’ve been more amiable to making an unpopular decision.

I understand that most people want him to face the same consequences as any other person… He & his family are already serving a life sentence: Just think about the first day of school for the remaining siblings, about the empty space at their table, at the empty bed.

Call me crazy (and you wouldn’t be lying) but this seems like a huge waste of money, time & resources… but the call for blood has gone out & this is their version of delivering his head on a platter.

I just hope that people stop to think how they would feel if they were in this family’s place. No parent is perfect, & we have all let our kids do some stupid things, the difference is that our kids didn’t die, but his did. Cop or not, they are hard working parents who made a huge mistake. This whole thing is just sad all the way around

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