Drinking and driving allowed in Snohomish County but only if you’re a judge! Your vote counts!!!

So the latest news is Snohomish County District Court Judge Timothy Ryan got pulled over by local police and refused a breathalyzer but it’s okay because he had another judge lie for him, or else he lied. That is still the question of the hour: Who lied… But we’ll never know the truth since King County prosecutors are going to do nothing about it.

Snohomish County District Court Judge Timothy Ryan was arrested for DUI after a Washington State Patrol trooper determined he had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and smelled of alcohol. The judge told the trooper he “had a beer” with fellow judge Roger Fisher and his wife. According to court documents, Judge Roger Fisher was indeed with Judge Ryan that night and would testify that his friend was not impaired, but had only two glasses of wine.

Okay but before you express your outrage, remember you voted for this judge. Yes this is your golden boy, the one that you chose to represent you in the Snohomish County District Court’s.

So with the elections two days away you might want to rethink your choice of candidates… I’m just saying if you want to change the way things are run change the way you vote!

Remember this doesn’t just stretch through Snohomish County this goes into King County, the prosecutor declined to prosecute because the judge was going to lie for the other judge, and she tried to convince the general public that a jury would not convict him based on the fact that a judge was lying. Are you following me here? Do you understand what happened?

Snohomish County prosecutor Mark Roe handed the case off to King County prosecutors to avoid the appearance of impropriety, King County prosecutors declined to prosecute with the story so ridiculous that it is only evident what they think about the general public. Or at least what they believe about our stupidity.

According the Herald, the judge’s responses were slurred and Ryan refused to take any field sobriety tests. When the trooper told Ryan he was under arrest, Ryan allegedly asked if he was being serious. After his arrest, Ryan’s car was impounded and the judge was given a ride to his home in Bothell. Ryan’s case was moved to King County to avoid a possible conflict of interest for local prosecutors and judges. A King County deputy prosecutor concluded their was not sufficient evidence to prosecute Ryan, and that any potential case would be helped by Roger Fisher, a fellow district court judge. Ryan told police he had consumed one beer, but Fisher, who had a meal with Ryan right before he was arrested, said the man had two glasses of wine. Erin Norgaard, a senior deputy prosecutor, wrote to the trooper who pulled over the judge, the Herald reported. He said the DUI charge would be hard to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. “Although Judge (Ryan) lied to the trooper about the type and quantity of alcohol he consumed, the amount of alcohol that he did consume (i.e., 2 glasses of wine) is still insufficient to prove impairment under the circumstances of this case,” Norgaard wrote. in “Here, we can prove that (Ryan) consumed alcohol prior to driving his vehicle, but we lack sufficient admissible evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that his alcohol consumption impaired his ability to drive.”

Maybe someone should call the King County prosecutor and suggest that they subpoena the bar tab from that evening… Just a suggestion but it has been done before!

Either way you had to know nothing was going to happen to this judge no matter where they moved it or who they assigned it to. It is just a sad truth of what our so-called just justice system has become.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record if you want to change the way things are done, change the way you vote, change the status quo. If you don’t like “the good old boy club” vote them out, simple as that.

If you are comfortable with the way things are then by all means keep voting the way you always have. The chart below shows your position in the pecking order as it is now. I hope you have enough sense to understand it’s supposed to be the other way around.

There used to be a time when government was accountable to the people, now the people are owned and ran by the government. Not quite what millions of men have fought for throughout history. They fight for our freedom and we just throw it away…

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