Why is the Herald SO interested in who the venerable “Edmond Thomas” is? Witch-hunt or journalism?

After almost 5 decades on this earth one would think that very little would surprise me… but it still happens.

Most people read a newspaper to find out what is going on in their community, I read the newspaper to assure myself I am not crazy.

After the Seattle Times debaucle where they spent 40K endorsing a political campaign, the intergrity, it was already hard to trust any local newspapers. Even the editors are squawking about that move because they know their credibility just got sold out to the highest bidder at a time when newspapers sales are low, & the internet seems to be the main news source for today’s audience.

Snohomish County has always been a festering pot of corruption, as one officer said, this is our “playground” we do what we want here, we don’t give a shit about these people most of them are scum anyway.

My Uncle who will remain un-named was a cop for years in this area & he has documents stored in another state in a lockbox with instructions for release in case anything were to happen to him.

I have seen some biased reporting, I have seen some sloppy editorials called journalism but this takes the cake. Calling out the “Posse” to take down the records requester? Asking readers how to get past internet anonymizers? So you HAVE to ask yourself WHY does the Herald have such a vested interest in “who” Edmond Thomas is?  He is not hiding, he is right here in Seattle. Although I do have to say that my curiosity is peaked at what his stake in this is. D.C. comes to Washington? Whatever it is, it’s going to be good, that much I know.

But this begs the question as to WHY the Herald is working so hard with the county to solve this non-mystery? How does that work? Ethics are hard to come by in this county but when the media is doing the county’s bidding you have to ask yourself what else is going on?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 | 12:01 am

In August we told you about an anonymous Internet entity who has made a series of public records requests seeking documents about several Snohomish County government officials. The requester used the name “Edmond Thomas,” and depending on whom he or she was corresponding with, claimed to represent a couple of different companies, including one named Rue des Blancs-Manteaux, LLC. The internet addresses used by the person traced back to recently registered domains, and to the same post office drop box in Bellevue. Last week, the county received a particularly bellicose message from “Edmond Thomas,” suggesting that he or she is nosing around in preparation for some sort of lawsuit. That may just be bluster, but we think it is time to whistle up a digital posse to see if readers can help flush this person into the open. Perhaps somebody will have an idea on how to legally get around the Internet anonymizer tools being used?  Whomever is behind these requests is taking steps to keep from being identified. Why? What is there to hide? “Edmond Thomas” is seeking records for other people in county government, and in some cases their spouses. Those targeted were potential witnesses in the Reardon investigation or they played roles in bringing forward the information that led the State Patrol to investigate. The state’s records laws don’t require somebody to explain their reasons for seeking documents. “Edmond Thomas” offered one anyway. “We are collecting information that is likely to be used in civil proceedings,” the email said. Do tell. So a lawyer — or somebody who likes to make lawyer-like noises — is behind these requests? The Washington State Bar Association list nobody named Edmond Thomas practicing law here. We wrote “Edmond Thomas” in August with several questions. We never heard back. We wrote again on Friday. Here’s an excerpt:
You may be aware that requests for public records are themselves public records. We’ve been monitoring those brought by you over the past several months. As a result, we are in possession of a message you sent Oct. 18. It states that you are seeking these records in preparation for civil litigation.Are you doing this on your own? If not, whom do you represent? What is the nature of the case you say you’re exploring? Are the taxpayers of Snohomish County likely to be named as a party? As we noted in our earlier NTK post, many of the names of county officials and employees you want records regarding are a “who’s who” of named witnesses in the recent Washington State Patrol investigation of Aaron Reardon, the county’s elected executive. However, some are spouses of officials in the prosecutor’s office. Those women are engaged in public jobs that would appear to have nothing to do with Reardon’s imbroglio. Why are you seeking these records? Do you have some connection to the case yourself?Noticeably absent from your list are several employees in Reardon’s office, some of whom figured prominently in the state patrol investigation. These include his executive director Brian Parry; his spokesman Christopher Schwarzen; his former assistant Nancy Peinecke; and his executive analyst Kevin Hulten. Care to explain why you aren’t demanding records about them?
We wrote “Edmond Thomas” to ask the obvious:
“Are you on the county payroll? If so, does your boss know what you are up to?” We’ve also approached folks in county government, including a Reardon spokesman. Apparently nobody knows “Edmond Thomas” or who may be behind the records request. So it’s a public records mystery. For now.


What is the “real” story here?
When does a newspaper take such an interest in who is making public requests & why? What is your stake in the records being requested?As far the anonymizers, good luck with that, there are very few programs that can track or beat them & the people who create them or have them aren’t in the mainstream.Think as to why certain records requests are for only certain people though, pre-litigation is like hunting, you cull the weakest from the “pack”… Once you do it will be easy to figure out who the people are.

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