Even the Everett Herald realizes some of their readers are idiots – Censoring comments

*** EDITED: See below

Okay we have established that there are a lot of ignorant prejudiced folks in the City of Everett & Snohomish County… Some of the comments make me laugh, cry & cringe at the same time, but the Herald lets those comments stand because they seem to have the same feelings.

So they did a story about the investigation into the child’s death on the Tulalip Reservation & about their criminal courts… I read it & then got that all familiar knot in my stomach as I got down towards the comment section

In order for you to understand the way it was, & the way it still is you need to know my story:

As a teen I lived in Marysville before the Casino’s Liquor Stores & Smoke Shops. I-5 was “The Dividing Line” between the city & the reservation. I lived on the city side with a white mother, I learned very well how to fight at that point & I had to fight everyday. Unspeakable things happened to us & the people on the other side…

Fast forward 30 yrs, all of a sudden the Injuns got money, & they got power that comes with money, court orders & education. So now we have become like that Aunt you hate but she has money & can help you even though you think she is worthless. The Tulalip gives millions of dollars worth of grants to the city & County, as well as surrounding tribes & localities. They are now a force to be reckoned with, not just a bunch of drunks talking about the stick people.

So I get down to the comments section &….


They have blocked comments!!! Censorship at it’s finest but nonetheless a very wise decision considering the fools that would gladly bash the tribe & spew their prejudiced good old boys drivel & also very wise of the Herald to protect their purse strings.

The Natives are NOT dumb we know how some folks still feel about us, it has never been a secret although we do enjoy that now it is not said out loud, no one dares walk up to us & spit in our faces, or pull our hair & drag us into the street from a moving vehicle, or stand in a crowd on the streets kicking us until we are bloody. It took me 6 yrs after I moved back up here to step foot in the city of Marysville…

Generally I have been very pleasantly surprised at the way things have changed but there are still a few bad ugly people, in positions of power & with the ability to comment on the local news stories 😦

We need to get rid of those 50 people!

Published: Sunday, October 21, 2012, 12:01 a.m.

For a decade, the tribes have steadily worked to build a legal system that serves and strengthens the community.

By Diana Hefley, Herald Writer
TULALIP — Tulalip tribal investigators are waiting on results from an autopsy of a young girl to determine who ultimately should prosecute the toddler’s mother in an apparent case of neglect. For now, the case is in Tulalip Tribal Court, a legal system that has been carefully nurtured over the past decade as part of the tribes’ efforts to administer justice and strengthen their community. Christina Carlson, 36, is charged with criminal endangerment and failure to support or care for a dependent person, both violations of tribal law. Tulalip prosecutors allege that Carlson refused or neglected to furnish basic necessities for her two daughters, ages 19 months and 2½ years, for more than two weeks.
“In my personal opinion, as a Tulalip tribal member, our job is to minimize the impact of a traumatic event on the community and the way to do that is to heal the person that committed the act,” said Niki Cleary, communications manager for the Tulalip Tribes.
That does not mean absolving people of their personal responsibility, but it does mean a focus on healing rather than only on punishment, she added. Sheldon said he has seen a growing change in how the tribal community views the court system. “What is so interesting about this journey we have been on is that Indian people never trusted the court system run by non-tribal people. When you have your own court system here, including things like the Elder’s Panel that focuses on restorative justice, they come to trust the system,” Sheldon said. Additionally, a healthy community needs legitimate, transparent and responsible legal system, Taylor said. Investing in a justice system provides assurance that the tribes value the rule of law, and that is important to for public safety and economic growth, Taylor said. “That kind of development is only successful if the community is strong,” Taylor said.
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***Okay so I went on to read the other stories on this particular case: There are 3 other stories & ALL OF THE COMMENTS HAVE BEEN TURNED OFF!!!
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3 thoughts on “Even the Everett Herald realizes some of their readers are idiots – Censoring comments

  1. Kind of like a train wreck… You don’t want to look, you know you shouldn’t, but you do 😦

    What frustrates me is the underlying tone of the hatred & bigotry that has prevailed there for so long, but if you just go there & interact with the average citizen they don’t think, talk or act like this. It is the few who are still in power after 2 to 4 decades, & the shut ins who use the paper to spew their venom. Everett is now a Naval Base town, so they can’t keep the “others” from getting in now.

    I have long had my suspicions about the local paper & have done a few stories on their slanted reporting & ignorant commentators but the more I look the more blatant it becomes: Yet there is this part of me that thinks: People just don’t think like this, but some still do.

    I better go find something happy to write about or I am going to end up just as hateful as these folks. Why does it matter what skin you’re wrapped in anymore? With as much trouble as we have in this country we should be more worried about if the person next to us is a good person or not.

    That is why I rescue animals


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