Sorry for slacking… UPDATE on the Nancy Howard dog theft case of Takoda

So quit yelling. I am behind on everything!

So Nancy Howard, steals a dog, out of someone’s yard.

She drags the helpless dog across an electric fence while the neighbors video cameras catch the horrible sounds of Takoda’s screams as she is being shocked.

Several days later after the news showed the heartbreaking scene she is unceremoniously dumped off at a parking lot by an anonymous lawyer.

Everyone keeps asking for an update so here it is: JUST LIKE I SAID…

She got a slap on the wrist, more like a tap

It appears she got 2 yrs probation, 10 days in jail which she didn’t have to serve, & was NOT charged with animal cruelty. Even though Takoda was obviously brutalized as you will see in the pictures from this newscast.

I keep looking at her face, knowing that for days she held this poor sweet old dog, seeing her injuries & doing nothing, thinking she had gotten away with it until the news cameras showed her cruel acts. Even as they accused an innocent woman: this piece of work still kept her mouth shut. As the tearful owners begged & pleaded for Takoda’s safe return she ignored their pain.

If there were no cameras, only God knows & we fear what would’ve happened to her. She most certainly would not have come forward

So after treating an animal with such cruelty & calling herself an animal rescuer… Why or how did she escape the charges? Why wasn’t she also charged with theft of a pet which is a different charge from simple theft?

One of the comments said if she was a different race then white she would’ve had the book thrown at her… their goes that damn race thing. My first instinct is to deny it, to say it was not a factor. Common sense screams at me that it was.

Cruelty that was caught on video tape…. but let’s look again

So how did she get away with it? The same way that the Spanaway man got away with raping his pitbull which was caught on videotape by his wife.

So now all we have to do is find out where this family’s cats have gone, who paid her to steal the dog, & how she got away with this. I will keep digging…

This is the thing that haunts me the most… her smirk, as she stands there with her lawyer, she just smiles away like she’s some kind of star

What kind of person does this? I don’t know, I just don’t know.

I do know that she is the second rescue in this state with a account that they do nothing about & that she is still a registered charity.

If you click on the video’s it will send you to the owner’s Youtube Channel & maybe they can answer more of your questions.

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