Hooved Animal “Rescue”??? Can they be beat at thier own game?

Okay so this makes the 10th story I have had the displeasure of doing about Hooved Animal “Rescue” of Thurston County

For those of you who are not familiar with this particular county, rescue & animal control practices here is a short version.

1) 2 ladies start a horse rescue called Livestock Protection Association. Mary Cooper-Ware & Debbie Moss. PAWS find out they are collecting livestock from Craigslist claiming they will be given good homes all the while they were selling those animals to a horse-meat dealer slaughterhouse.

2) One of the ladies Mary Cooper-Ware starts another rescue called Hooved Animal Rescue of Thurston County. Her husband Lt Mike Ware is almost ALWAYS the investigating officer for any cruelty case & they always seize the animals, & on their adoption site it seems that 385 animals were never adopted out, they were also probably sold to slaughter, oh & the slaughter-house is one of their “foster homes”

3) The lady steps down as the head of the Hooved Animal Rescue but is still active but the lady who takes it over is the head of Thurston County Animal Services, Ms Patterson.

4) In any seizure they ask/beg for public donations, then they ask the courts for 10 to 20K for care of the horses or other animals, then they sell them off to slaughter once the case is finished. So they are making money from the public, the accused, the courts & from grants that are awarded to them from the County.

Did I also happen to mention that the prosecuting attorney Cassandra Jones shows up when the search warrants are served so she can get on the news, & that the local paper/news the Olympian, is also a relative to someone in the agency, so they do stories about the animals every time they cough fart or sneeze… BUT… they don’t do a single story about animals dying & being permanently disfigured while in their care. They LOVE to brag that they have only lost one case of animal neglect or cruelty & NOW I hope you can figure out WHY!!!

So much for avoiding the “Appearance of Impropriety”

There are a few updates I haven’t gotten to though:

I found out that Carlos, the horse from the Turner case that was forfeited illegally is doing great, he is under saddle & doing well. I’m sure that doesn’t make Ms Turner as happy as she could be if he was home with her but it is better then the HORRENDOUS fate of Sassy who died 4 or 5 months after being in their care of a ruptured intestine. At least Carlos is alive… Sassy suffered the most painful death a horse or person could experience. For a while they had told her it was her other horse Kat that died… Idiots didn’t even know which horse died.

I still am not aware of how the Danes lost their toes & tails in the care of Thurston County, I don’t think they even know.

There has been no sign or mention of Quinn the pig so we can only hope they didn’t jump the gun & forfeit him to their slaughterhouse. (Please note the pictures they show you of Quinn are NOT him, they are of some other pig)

Ms Turner finally gave birth to a healthy baby boy in spite of the miscarriage & death of her first child from all of this stress.

I got a hold of quite of a bit of their “evidence” because of some big bragging mouths & a little bird who is giving me info as well & there are some exciting things on the forefront for this whole case. Most of it I can’t tell you yet but just trust me it is going to be GOOD!!! I was told there was a meeting today & that it was quite fruitful. I am still trying to get a hold of Ms Turner to see if she can or will confirm it, but will let you all know as soon as I do.

I do know something is brewing because they have been on my page up to 25 times a day all combined the past few days so it seems like they are trying to see what I know or what I will say….

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17 thoughts on “Hooved Animal “Rescue”??? Can they be beat at thier own game?

    1. That is quite possibly the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen… So if a criminal decides to take a whack at the dog then it’s is supposed to headbutt him or her??? I think someone was in the lager that day!


  1. This story about H.A.R.O.T.C. Is rediculouse! You don’t even have the names of the founders of the organization correct! I adopted one of the horses that was involved with one of their cases, and personally know the founders and they would never “sell” and of these animals to slaughter! I suggest you stop making these slanderous remarks.


  2. First off you might want to check your spelling. Second off these are not comments that I’m making these are comments that they have made. they have openly admitting to selling the animals to slaughter to cover their costs, not only have they admitted that they have tried to justify it to newspaper reporters! You might want to read this story: http://finallyhomerescue.wordpress.com/2012/05/09/harotc-lpa-horse-meat-dealers-public-funds-what-else/

    Furthermore the names of the founders are what is listed on the state website, and I doubt very seriously the state has any reason to lie.


  3. i need to get ahold of someone soon there are at least 10 horses the a guy in winnebago own’s and he does nothing to feed these beautiful animals. I used to keep my horses with his but there was a very pressing issue that could not be resloved. So i bulit my horses a new pen. and shelter and got them out of the sitituation before it worsen. and trust me it has, I drove by and see that all the trees have been skin of there bark and need i mention that they are black walnut trees if that mean anything. But i just need a number to call and report these to. please help before these beautiful horses are hurt!!!


  4. I also forgot to mention, That this guy has two foals both about 8months old. and any good horse person knows that a foal should not be rode till 2 yrs of age. correct? but this guy has on numerous occasions saddled up these two little ones for his children’s enjoyment. and left one tied up over night and this cause it to dislocated her jaw from all the pulling and tugging.Also they have another one by the name of scarlet and if i was to tell you why thts her name it would leave your eyes full of tears. I just just want these lovely horses to have a fighting chance.


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