This is how cruel the Everett Animal Shelter Manager can be…

This is what makes your shelter manager’s life fun:

Either killing animals or pretending they are dead…
They picked up a disabled woman’s dogs & told her they had killed them after she tried in vain to get the money to “bail” them out. Lo & behold they ended up at another rescue.

Instead of telling her that her time was up & they were going to be transferred they told her her dogs were dead!!!

What kind of a sick twisted, hateful individual does any thing like that to another human being or animal?

Shannon Delgado, Manager
333 Smith Island Rd
Everett, WA 98201
T: 425-257-6000
F: 425-257-6018

When your life is so pathetic that this is the only joy you get then you need to be removed from a position where you can hurt others.

There are so many abandoned, & homeless animals that no one wants, but to take 2 animals that are loved, that have a home, & have an owner who loves them, hold them ransom & then fake their death is beyond all human decency.

They could’ve worked out a payment plan with her, since the Everett City Council has given her SUPREME discretion in this matter


6.04.110 Administration and enforcement by manager.

A.    It is the responsibility of the manager of Everett’s department of animal control and those he/she designates to enforce the provisions of this chapter.

B.    The manager may promulgate such rules and regulations as deemed necessary to implement, administer and enforce provisions of this chapter.

Oh but wait: She wouldn’t be able to do this if she was not allowed to do by the people who keep her in power there. Just take a look at their stupid smiling faces, not one of them cares about you, believe that. Most certainly none of them care about animals, most of this board are the one’s who voted for BSL & sanctioned the murder of thousands of innocent animals

Mayor Ray Stephanson               Message from the Mayor

Councilman Jeff Moore                 

Councilman Paul Roberts             

Councilman Arlan Hatloe                

Councilman Ron Gipson                 

Councilwoman Gigi Burke               

Councilwoman Brenda Stonecipher

Councilman Shannon Affholter        

Why does it make her so angry that animals are loved, that people actually want their animals?

Remember this the same woman who LAUGHED while I cried when I found out they had killed my dog.

This is the same woman who made a dog wait while she went on vacation, only to come back & KILL it anyway, a dog who had been abandoned for months, wasn’t aggressive, who had someone who wanted him, along with 12 other rescues who were begging for him.

The same shelter that killed a dog that a family spent 200 dollars on & wanted to keep, the actual owner signed him over & they IMMEDIATELY killed him then denied it

This woman Shannon Delgado who can’t seem to stay off of this page to see if I written about her, & Lori Trask the animal control worker, who also seems to love to spend all her time on this page as well. I have your IP addresses & you can’t mask them idiots, you should really find something else to do with your nights & weekends & you should ACTUALLY be spending your time working since you are being paid by taxpayers.

Oh & we can’t forget their cohort Rose Adams who just worked with them to get another homeless woman’s dogs taken away & is busy trying to get her kids taken away, the same woman who is facing 6 criminal charges in Edmonds right now because they don’t have their heads up her ass. Those dogs died without anyone to fight for them & I know she enjoyed knowing that. So it seems Ms Adams is a pro at getting animals taken from people by lying…

Adams, Rose Defendant Edmonds Municipal IN0105083 08-29-2012

Adams, Rose Defendant Edmonds Municipal IN0105085 08-29-2012

Adams, Rose Defendant Edmonds Municipal IN0105084 08-29-2012

Adams, Rose Defendant Edmonds Municipal IN0102048 07-05-2012

Adams, Rose Defendant Edmonds Municipal CR0029462 07-05-2012

Adams, Rose Defendant Edmonds Municipal CR0029461 07-05-2012

You can’t hide anything from me, I will find out every single evil hateful thing you band of pathetic excuses for human beings do & I will write about it, I will talk about & I will make it known & once I find the woman you told that her dogs were dead I will tell her too. Does it make you feel better knowing that she cries herself to sleep thinking that now that all she loved is DEAD. Don’t worry you won’t be able to do this forever. I promise this.

On a side note I find this very funny: The shelter has a board who has been in operation for years but they could ONLY manage to post minutes from TWO meetings & OF COURSE one had to be about my case… but if you look at who runs it you will understand why. How pathetic is this?

City of Everett Animal Services Shelter Advisory Board Monthly Meetings April 25, 2012 6:30pm – 8pm

Shelter Board Members

Kathy Eaton Jim Civey, DVM Tyler Rourke Janelle Sgrignolli Barbara Birman

Emmy Schindler Grace Martinez Ian Civey Eddie Jones

Staff Members

Shannon Delgado, Shelter Manager

Deborah Wright, Executive Administrator

Susan Shephard, Minutes

Animal Shelter Advisory Minutes 2 22 2012

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