Post 9/11 so let’s talk about homegrown terrorists…

Today is indeed a very sad day: A day that for all intents & purposes could’ve been prevented if in fact the Bush Administration had gotten off it’s duff & responded to the threat. They were warned, by the intelligence community but failed to heed the warnings.

There is a lot of talk about homegrown terrorists: But what are they really? My definition is ANYONE who threatens the American way of life, or the Constitution. Anyone who infringes on our God given unalienable rights. That includes terrorist cell groups & corrupt officials.

As it stands now our own Government is the biggest threat to the American people that there ever was. The Patriot Act & NDAA prove that a thousand times over. We are being led back into slavery & blindly we all follow. The Government doesn’t need to protect us by stripping away our rights, they simply need to  do their job.

These people died in vain… The many tributes, the wisest leaders can not give us any answers that give us comfort or explanation.

We fear other people from other countries, & other religions yet we don’t have the intelligence to fear our own Government, they are the real danger. I would suggest we all get involved with our Govt, how it run, & who we put in power, get to know the candidates, get to know who they align themselves with, look at their moral fiber, & their true record. To do any thing less would be a disgrace to the innocent civilians who were murdered that day, & to the Soldiers who are still dying every day.

Seriously did anyone but me not notice, we get attacked by Osama, then we start a campaign against Saddam, WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ABOUT??? Almost 10 yrs later we turned out attention back to Osama & not one person ever questioned anything. When they introduced the Patriot Act most Americans blindly agreed to give up the very rights that so many men & women died for us to have. Taken away, not by some super poser or foriegn govt, taken away not by force, but given away freely.

It is time for the American People to realize & get back what this country was founded on & what was fought for by generations.

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3 thoughts on “Post 9/11 so let’s talk about homegrown terrorists…

  1. Good post.
    LIbrarians fought the Patriot Act like crazy – surprising few of the general public even noticed. The battle continues.
    Are we really “free to move about the country unhindred?” THe command to “freeze” is barked in airports and you must comply? Travelers are told their drinks must be “tested” and if you refuse, you may not be allowed on the plane? Children, daughters, wives, mothers, grandmothers are groped by strangers – normally this would be called sexual assault.Compliance over common sense.
    Anyone who disagrees with the government is labeled a “homegrown terrorist”?
    Schools are told what to feed students. People are told what size drinks they can sell or buy?
    There are lists of words you can’t use because it might hurt someone’s feeling ( some of the words it’s Ok for one group to use but not anther) And there’s free speech for one side’s messages, but not for the other?
    No agree to disagree? No we think different but we can politely respect each other’s position?
    What happened to self reliance, commons sense, and work hard in order to enjoy the fruits of your labors?
    Wake-up and read history – understand why this country came into existence. Liberty isn’t free.


  2. I home-schooled my children so that I could chose their curriculum one of the things I chose is Political Science: They were not allowed to graduate until I gave them ANOTHER “Elective” in other words the school doesn’t want our children to understand their rights or the way the government is run, they want uneducated slave labor who are unable to fight back or realize what is going on….


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