Mexicans & Pitbulls not allowed… or maybe a little bit of Arizona envy? (Part Dos)


As long as there is biased reporting there will always be those precious little gems of ignorance…

As you know I have IP trackers on my page, so in “reply” the Herald writer wrote this little “follow up”. You know: To PROVE what a piece of shit this Mexican kid was so that his readers would know that the Herald was the good guy.Cause you know: We all look & act like this;

What I find most disturbing is that Diana Hefley wrote the first story, & Eric Stevick wrote the second. I give Scott North & Noah Haglund their fair share of crap about all their Reardon stories, but at least Scott is honest when he has a bias….

I honestly have to say I just don’t get it, the people, the police, aren’t like this… So WHO are they catering to? 12 prejudiced folks who love to comment, the Mayor, the City Council, a select few of the City Employees?


Second suspect arrested in killing near Snohomish

Published: Thursday, September 13, 2012, 3:17 p.m By Eric Stevick, Herald Writer

EVERETT — Two men are now behind bars after being arrested for investigation of murder in the shooting death of a teenager outside of Snohomish. Police believe one of the men shot Fernando Mendoza, 18, on July 2 and that they both hid the body.  Victor M. Garcia, 19, was arrested Wednesday for investigation of first-degree murder for his alleged role. A judge in Everett District Court on Thursday set Garcia’s bail at $2 million. Detectives believe Mendoza was killed July 2. That was the day that the Burlington teen told relatives that he was going to Everett to collect on a drug debt, court papers said. He said he’d be back shortly for another appointment. He never returned. His family reported him missing the next day. Before he died, Mendoza was awaiting trial in Skagit County Superior Court. He had been charged with dealing cocaine in 2010, according to court records.
Eric Stevick: 425-339-3446,

According to the reports in the Everett Herald there are ONLY Mexican drug dealers, gang bangers & killers… How do I know that? Well because they publish all of their names! If it is a Caucasian person then they aren’t named until they are convicted & even then sometimes they are not named.

So what was my point about pitbulls? Well Everett has BSL, they also discriminate against various dog breeds, more correctly the Mayor, the City Council & the Everett Shelter, does. This is what you don’t see in that shiny new killing shelter

If you don’t understand why I hate that shelter by now then you are lacking a certain gene that makes you human…

So WHY does the Pit Bull ban in Everett bother me so much? Besides the obvious killing of innocent creatures for simply being born in the wrong skin, it is because it was a very thinly veiled attempt at another way to harass people of color in this city. I put an ad on craigslist asking if anyone had ever had any trouble with the city’s animal control… Got over 90 responses ALL people of color, except one white woman who’s husband was black & it was him they started in on while he was walking his dog…

Now keep in mind this is NOT the Everett Police Dept doing this, it is the City of Everett Animal Control & shelter, but more importantly the City Council & the Mayor who have given them the license to discriminate & harass the people of color in the city. Most of the citizens don’t even know that Bred Specific Legislation even exists in their city…

Maybe they would feel better if we all had our signs

The bottom line is that a young man is dead, 2 other young men’s life are ruined, their family’s lives are ruined & nothing has been gained, all that has been accomplished is that the local paper got to point their little finger & say bad Mexican – No burrito for you…

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3 thoughts on “Mexicans & Pitbulls not allowed… or maybe a little bit of Arizona envy? (Part Dos)

  1. Yep! My last name is Perez & the only Spanish I know isn’t the kind you use in mixed company…

    I was trying to find that DNA chart that showed which dogs are pitties & which aren’t but I can’t. I’ll look for it tonight



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