I’m on my way to my 6th Attorney

Yep… My new attorney has withdrawn, & the last one was conflicted out, evidently Rose has 6 new charges against her in Edmonds & he was appointed to represent her. The lawyer before that was a Bankruptcy attorney, the one before that didn’t want to file anything in my behalf “because the judge wouldn’t listen to it anyway”… The one before that fresh out of law school wanted me to cop a plea, no thank you.

So now what? HELLS BELLS I don’t know!!! I know that the head of the Washington State Office of Public Defense called me the last court hearing & said YES I do have a right to an attorney qualified to handle my case, & if they don’t have one that is THEIR problem not mine, & NO not all attorneys are qualified to handle appeals, as a matter of fact very few are. So now I have to find an attorney that can handle the case, will take their fees & that they will agree to. One more way to screw around with my life & my animals lives.

I figure there is no way I can get meaningful employment with all the time spent in courts & I have nothing to do but rescue, write & talk so now I guess it’s time to file my personal lawsuits.

One thing EVERYONE should know & understand is that these people are still accountable for what they say & what they do, & certain things they have done have stepped so FAR out of the realm of their official capacities that they have no more immunity. They know this: They just didn’t count on me knowing it or coming after them. The Judge, the Prosecutor, The City Attorney, The Animal Control Officer, & The Shelter Manager have ALL stepped way out of bounds & have made themselves liable. I can still go after all of them including the city, county & state Federally as well. They know this, as well.

I will break it down so you can understand, I won’t give you every single detail, gotta save some for court but I’ll list it by person to kind of explain

Judge Mitchell: For all of the verbal abuse & numerous violations of my civil rights.

The Prosecutor: For the numerous violations of my civil rights. filing of false instruments & several types of conspiracy, along with about 12 other things.

The City Attorney: Defamation of character, accusing me of crimes I was not charged with of which there was no evidence anyway & violations of my civil rights.

The Shelter Manager: Numerous violations of my civil rights. That can go further than what she did to George’s body, it goes to the city writing ordinances that give her the power to make legislative decisions & thereby destroy my civil writes.

The Animal Control Officer: Again for numerous violations of my civil rights along with some things I will reveal in my suit, also for filing of false instruments & conspiracy

Normally all of this would be contained in the Tort Claim but normally no case in history has ever gone this far out of left field. I also have about 40 things to add to my Tort Claim as well since it has been a year since I filed it. Just when I think they have done ALL they can do they go off & do something else. It is absolutely ridiculous. The only bright spot is that I can file one claim against all parties which will actually help to prove my case.

I already have a listing of all of their assets that are public record so maybe I might have to go file some kind of a lien so they can’t try to sell it off or quit claim it someone, they also have their paychecks which can be garnished

Now who do I get mad at? The idiots up above, I can’t get upset with the attorney’s, they know when they can’t win against corruption, they can’t pick & chose who they are assigned to & generally Municipal cases don’t bring a lot of Appellate issues. I would think that at some point they had to expect this, someone at some point should’ve known that there was going to come a day when ONE person would fight back. My case is BONDED so they can afford to get me a decent appellate attorney, I do know this, they won’t admit it but it doesn’t really matter.

The root of all of this? They happened to take their jobs a little too personally… They just had to step out of the bounds of their jobs just to “get” me. It is that kind of attitude & thinking that will come back at them. Anyway I have a radio show, a big order to make, & I have to file the addendum to my Tort Claim as well as start on my personal & Federal Lawsuits. Let’s see if I can get anywhere before too long or before my poor animals die of old age.

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