City of Everett, Snohomish County & the State of Washington Tort Claims

I have decided…

I know what I am going to ask for from the City of Everett.

It is actually a win win win situation for me, for dogs, & for citizens.

The city needs to get out of the shelter AND animal control business, & hand over their shelter & non-profit to another Animal Care Agency, someone like PAWS or NOAH.

They get to keep the shelter & land so no one loses property, or equity: but on a 100 yr lease, with the same support that they give the current shelter.

With the stipulation that they get a NEW shelter manager & new staff. The city can rehire those folks to other positions in the city. (Preferably after they have completed & passed a workplace ethics class)

They need to abolish their BSL & Animal Codes & use Washington state RCW 16.52 as well as Washington state’s dangerous dog ordinances. (Yes I firmly believe there needs to be rules in regards to dangerous dogs, but that the dog needs to be actually declared dangerous, not just arbitrarily picked because of a specific breed)

They need to offer a formal apology & retraction & pay for what they did to my dog  for damages payable to our Non-profit & I want charges filed against their AC Officer, AC manager, the city attorney, judge & prosecutor. (Remember the City is a corporation so yes they can write it off as a donation) I also want my record expunged.

The city wins because they don’t lose any property, they don’t face any additional costs above what they are responsible for, they won’t bend over the tax payers for their money, the dogs will now be safe, & there will be compassionate people working for the animals & the community’s good. They won’t be able to harass people & no one’s doorstep will ever be darkened by hatred & prejudice again.

Realistically I can personally sue a lot of these folks because the things they did were so out of the scope of their professional duties that they are legally liable, but I have a few other tricks up my sleeve for them… Their immunity is pretty much shot to hell once they started violating Federal Laws.

Now here is the funny thing, I called & emailed the City asking what happened to my Tort Claim I filed a year ago, they tried to say that I didn’t sign it so it was considered unfiled. I sent them a copy of the signed & date stamped Tort Claim so now they are “working” on it. If it was considered unfiled then why would the city have filed a Prosecutorial Offer of Diversion requesting I DROP the claim?

Moving on to Snohomish County…

I’m not going to negotiate with them & their County Assessor needs to take a course in Ethics, the Judge will probably order Arbitration though…. or maybe they will just make an offer & save themselves a lot of time trouble & money. I guess the Tort was assigned to the civil dept on July,19th so we’ll see what happens.I haven’t really gone into everything that they have done & the problem is that I was willing to let the whole thing go because I am trying to deal with the City of Everett BS until they sent the last AC Officer over here & sent their pissy little letter to harass me even further.

So why sue the state?

Well because the city & the county “belong” to the state, they are responsible for them, they have let them run amuck & they are liable for their actions. Also mainly because I have made them aware of the situation but Rob McKenna is so busy campaigning that tending to state business evidently isn’t very high on his priorities list right now, although he had plenty enough time to sue Obama & plenty enough tax-payer money to spend doing it.

So please keep in mind that any part of a settlement will most likely include a gag order for me & will most likely include the demise of my webpages, blog facebook page & radio show. Oh but please don’t think that I am being a “sellout” if in fact this page & all of my others “disappear” then that means I got what I wanted, that things in the city, county & state will change & that life will be safer & better for animals in Everett & Snohomish County. There is no way to call that a loss, I will still write about corruption I will still doggedly pursue anyone who is violating the law & people’s constitutional rights.

So then what?
I go back to rescuing animals, & whatever money I can get goes to the folks who fight BSL, our vets & community service programs. I have not let any of this nonsense stop me from helping people & animals, & I’m not about to stop now. I have faced bigger & badder then these folks & never backed down from that either.

Their newest pile of trash they are throwing at me…

I got a call yesterday that the media was going to be at the house in Lynnwood, or rather my manager got the call, from some woman, she called me at home & told me. She was saying I was the lady with all the dogs trying to see what she was going to say. BUT there was a phrase she used that told me EXACTLY who it was! I am also pretty sure the media has better things to do than try to find out where I actually live, & not the mailing address, & if they do show up they’re going to be sadly disappointed. Funny how these things happen once I see the city of Everett trolling around on my pages…

I also got a letter the other day saying my attorney is making a motion to withdraw & of course I am going to go to war about that, UNLESS they get me a paid attorney, not a PD or a conflicts list attorney. Waste 6 months of MY dogs lives, after waiting for 14 months… Ya I don’t think so. If he had a conflict he should’ve known about it before, or at least checked before this, I am done with the games. Realistically I am geared up for a war lasting 10 yrs or more, they have endless tax payer money, bonds & insurance to keep fighting me but I won’t give up, I never give up. So I’m off to court, 2 courthouses today & I have to go back into the pits of the City of Everett & Snohomish County twice in one week & it’s only Wednesday.

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