Well how is this for STRANGE??? Catching up on what’s been going on with us.

Dangerous Cat Hoarding Situation making strange bedfellows

Here is the one thing I hate most about myself! I don’t care who you are, or how much crap you have given me when an animal is in danger I will work with anyone.


Well I just spent a week trying to work with people I like to save a bunch of cats, the cats are in a horrible place & situation. I am 10 times more allergic to cats then dogs & as it stands now I am on allergy shots, Allegra, Zirtec & Claritin & have to carry around at least 5 Epi-Pens with me at all times.

I got a call from a South Sound Pasado’s investigator & I was glad to talk to her, glad that anyone at all was stepping in to help. I guess that makes me a traitor of sorts but when it comes to animals all bets or grudges are off. I also have to say this girl was very nice, not at all what I have experienced with Pasado’s  in the past.

Okay pick your jaw up off the floors now & let me explain: There is a very seriously violent & mentally ill woman with around 20 cats & the house is covered in feces, the counters, the table, the furniture, she just makes her bed over the mounds of cat poop, there is even feces on the wall & the smell is something I couldn’t even describe to you, but it makes my car smell like a febreeze commercial. She is in a  mental institution & her 76 yr old mother is trying to care for the cats but doesn’t know what to do to help & the woman has already beat her almost to death on more than one occasion.

I don’t often see situations like this so it flabbergasts me to no end. I have to also admit this one is waaaaaaay too far out of my league of ability. I am glad to say this time their “tactics” might actually work to the good of the animals: for that I am glad. In my opinion THIS is truly a hoarding situation. The Feral Cat program is also helping out, by helping out I mean they are going to fix & vet all of the cats & we are all going to try to find fosters for the tame ones & barn homes for the feral ones but they are bearing ALL of the costs for this effort. I will post the link to the rescue when I find it & if you could please donate to them, they don’t get many donations & they do most of this out of their own pockets.

Search Terms & Visitors to our page being nosy

I see we have had almost 600 visits today on our blog pages on a Sunday no less, if you have any questions you would like to ask of me or about me please email me at finallyhomerescue@yahoo.com or better yet you can listen to my radio show at


That will explain what you are nosing around for…

Rescue News & Events

I haven’t been blogging much as the radio show is taking a bit of an emotional toll on me & I have been so busy with rescue that it is ridiculous.

We did manage to get 25 shots & flea meds for our free clinic, now all we need is 75 more shots & the wormer. I think that Costco is going to come through for dog food so that should help as well.

I don’t know if I mentioned it but we got our state non-profit & our 501(c)3 should be done very soon which means even more paperwork but a lot more options for helping our community!

We are also putting a new policy into effect with our rescue, as of last month we will no longer be adopting out any large dogs or terrier mix dogs since the morons at the Snohomish County Assessors office couldn’t even manage to secure a new contract with PAWS it endangers the life of any dog that is unfortunate enough to end up at the City of Everett Shelter, & that is where they will ALL go now so we can not in good faith adopt out to an area that may possibly endanger the lives of the animals we save.

Legal News

I guess my appeal is going through on August 8th 2012 so hopefully that will see my babies back home with me soon after that & then I can quit bouncing back between Shoreline & Everett.

I have to date filed a Tort Claim against the City of Everett, Snohomish County & will be filing my civil suit against Ginger Luke. I’m still sitting on the fence about filing suit against Pasado’s since this Angel Light is starting so much garbage in the charity it may not even be worth it, it seems like they may self implode on their own with all the backbiting going on there. I should be getting news back from Senator Cantwell & from the agencies who are investigating the people involved in this. So I will let you all know what happened when I find out.

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3 thoughts on “Well how is this for STRANGE??? Catching up on what’s been going on with us.

  1. Cats in distress like this is so sad. Well meaning, but not good situation. Mass rescues also really stretch shelter’s resources – forcing tough decisions. (Locally we are still dealing with one recently)
    Glad Cosco is stepping up – will contact them with “thanks” – they need to be recognized when assisting.
    Hang in there


  2. This is a mental health issue with this woman, that is why I called in more experienced rescuers & even talked to Pasado’s, I have only once seen a creature that just keeps animals only to suit their own needs, but even that other person still vetted them & kept them safe. There is a fear factor here as this woman has almost beat her 76 yr old mother to death several times, & I don’t even want to imagine what she might be doing or has done to those cats. Way out of my range of experience so I stepped aside for the most part.

    I have an appt with the dog food person at Costco on Thursday so we’ll see what we have going on here, keep your paws crossed!


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