Rescues committing Federal crimes to bash eachother? How low can you go?

This is the lengths that these ugly hateful vile people in rescue will go to, to destroy another rescue…

The “story” is this woman (Mack’s Bulldog Rescue) sent some woman named Sue (who was denied adopting a dog from them) forged docs, & fake IRS letter, but you can clearly see the IRS letter does NOT state she is a 501(C)3 non-profit, as a matter of fact it clearly states that the letter is no indication that the person is a 501, just that they have applied for an EIN (Employee Identification Number) for her state licensed non profit corporation.

So once “they” realized that didn’t work, they went one FEDERAL step further & took the IRS approval letter from another rescue, rescanned it blocked out their own personal info & added this woman Mack’s info in there to make it look like SHE forged the document, but if you have the right equipment you can clearly see that they copied, pasted & blocked a bunch of stuff… Keep in mind the woman they are “claiming” forged these documents can’t even open up a freakin link to go to another page, I know because we were trying for THREE BLOODY HOURS to get her to a certain page without realizing she was using her facebook searchbar!

It might have actually convinced me if they hadn’t used the  EXACT document they forged it with… as an “EXAMPLE”

Really how stupid & petty do you have to be? That sound you are hearing: It is me banging my head into a brick wall repeatedly.

Yes I will be forwarding this info to the IRS & the Federal Marshal or whomever it needs to go to.

DISCLAIMER: I need everyone to realize that MADR does good work, that they may not even realize what is going on, it was their form that was used to doctor this supposed whole thing… I am currently trying to get someone to mediate between these groups so that the agitators from the outside have no more power to cause misery & grief!


doc 1

Receipt of application letter. 7-5-11 date up top is cut and pasted on the doc, and crooked at that.

Pay attention – Her EIN # is 45-5359953

This is one of the documents I received on 5-28-12


doc 2

another receipt of application letter. Where is the date? Same letter as doc 1 yet no date.


doc 3 – pg 1

Lookie here. Yet a third receipt of application letter with a date of 5-25-12. The ONLY legitimate receipt of application for 501c3 letter.


doc 3 – pg 2


doc 4

letter of acceptance that she forged/altered. Her address is in a different font as the rest of the letter, not to mention in upper and lower case.


doc 5

another, different letter of acceptance. Note that the EIN # at top now starts with 45. DLN is whited out. Effective date is whited out. IRS date stamp below their address is whited out. Why is her address so far outside the left margin of the letter?

there is no page 2 with these docs – the page they send back to you once you have been approved for 501c3 status. How can she claim she has been and is currently an approved 501c3 when she just applied and received her receipt of application letter which is dated 5-25-12 as the 3rd letter shows.

This is another document I received on 5-28-12


doc 6 – pg 1

Had this and asked if I could use as an example of what a legitimate 501c3 approval letter should look like. This is a 3 page letter. Any legitimate 501c3 will/should be able to send you the identical letter with their info on it.

An important legal document like this should be legible. But when you copy over and over to forge/alter info, they look like the ones we all received.


doc 6 – pg 2

page 2 of the approval letter. Again, an important page because of the applied for date.

Notice how in the middle it shows the signature with the date she applied for 501c3 status. 11/16/07. Took 6 months, which is about standard time, and they were approved 6-2-08. You get this page back with your letter of approval.


doc 6 – pg 3


doc 7

letter dated 6-3-12 saying they received her application for 501c3 status but unable to process as she submitted insufficient fees. She would have had to apply for 501c3 tax exempt status back in June 2011 since the first receipt of application letter posted here was dated 7-5-11. The IRS is slow, but NOT this slow.

But wait, we have seen two forged/altered legal IRS docs saying she IS an approved 501c3 tax exempt organization.

This refutes another lie that she told someone (I have it in an email and on my FB wall) that she is not found on the IRS site due to her changing from LLC to INC which has held up her being able to be seen on the IRS site. Again, how can she claim she is 501c3 when this letter says otherwise. She JUST applied for both her NH tax exempt status and for 501c3 tax exempt status.


doc 8 – pg 1

I didn’t know what this was and was educated on what it is.

This page from the state of New Hampshire Corp Division shows she just now filed for state non profit on 5-29-2012. Again, this refutes her claim that she made to someone that she is not appearing on the IRS site is due to a hold up because she changed from LLC to INC.

The 6-24-12 date up top is Sunday’s date because I went back to the website Sunday morn and printed it so I could scan it. It will always show the current day there.


IRS select check

IRS select check page. When you type in her real EIN # and search, she is NOT found, which means she does NOT have 501c3 status. GO CHECK IT !! Once you are approved for 501c3 status, you are visible on the search a week after approval, give or take a day or two.

This, yet again proves, she forged/altered legal IRS documents. She stated on all her FB pages, her website and possibly her auctions (I never participated so I’m not sure) she IS a 501c3 tax exempt organization.



document I was sent on 5-28-12. A 3 page mission statement, however I am only showing page 1 as that is where she states she IS a 501c3 organization


doc 1

Receipt of application letter. 7-5-11 date up top is cut and pasted on the doc, and crooked at that.

Pay attention – Her EIN # is 45-5359953

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5 thoughts on “Rescues committing Federal crimes to bash eachother? How low can you go?

  1. I have to do a disclaimer here: I don’t know that Midatlantic Bulldog Rescue had anything to do with this garbage, they may be innocent pawns buying into a psychotic woman’s lies. I would hope they are not because it could jeopardize their own 501(c)3, the IRS does NOT like to be played with…

    Also all of the writing between the photos is from this crazy woman who was trying to blackmail Mack’s Bulldog Rescue they are not my comments, I kept them there to show you how mentally unbalanced she is, the IRS letters clearly state Mack’s is not a 501 so if you were trying to con someone or lie & say you had a 501(c)3 WHY WOULD YOU SEND THEM A LETTER FROM THE IRS SAYING YOU WERE NOT????

    DUH PEOPLE’S Think before you jump on a bandwagon…


  2. Not jumping on a bandwagon however when I asked for 501c3 status because I couldn’t find them on the IRS website this is what Ann told me:

    Mack Hamilton
    I saw that you had asked about my 501c3 standing I am not listed yet on the IRS search yet I have asked them about it and was told they update at different times. I have attached my Inc papers, my EIN and my status with the IRS. On the letter it gives a file number where 501c3 is as I had to just pay them 100.00 to add the Inc to the rescues name.

    She is clearly stating that 1) she is 501c3 but the IRS website is not updated, and 2) claiming that she paid $100 to add INC to her name (another reason for the hold-up for updating the IRS website). That is NOT how it works. You are on the website immediately. Also, she did send me the 501c3 determination letter but when you used the EIN on that document another English Bulldog rescue comes up.

    No one is trying to pick on Ann but there are right ways to do things and wrong ways. Claiming to be 501c3 and NOT being one is dishonest. I hope that she is able to get her 501c3 and continues to do great things for the bullies. Honesty is a very big part of that, however.


  3. I came into this after the whole cat fight started, but from what I see after I digitally analyzed the “documents” is that they have been doctored all right, but the forms that this lady claims that Mack’s gave her: It states right on there that that form doesn’t mean she is a 501… So if you were trying to con someone into believing that you are a 501 why would you send them a form from the IRS clearly stating you are not?

    When I was grilling Ann from Macks about it she did say a few times 501 when she meant state non-profit, I still do it myself, & some people think they get automatic 501(c)3 status once they get state approval. She had to change it with the state, I did see that on the history.

    I understand your email & being upset because she didn’t seem to know the difference but that is a lot different than forging documents, that is a Federal offense to forge Govt docs, & the IRS is no one to lay with. If I could tell that it had been doctored using the SAME forms they used as an example imagine what the govt could figure out.

    It is just a bloody shame that it all got this out of control. All it is doing is taking time & energy away from saving dogs…

    May I ask why you needed to know about her non-profit status? Also may I ask if you are the one who got the ball rolling on this? My understanding is it was someone named Sue, Kathy & Cathy. I’d like to get to the bottom of it & move on so we can all get back to dogs…


  4. I need everyone to know that I will post all comments here, my intent is to get everyone to the table so we can figure it all out. Me being who I am I don’t want to believe bad things about people, & who knows maybe all talking here we can get it sorted out. Don’t be afraid to post & don’t be afraid to make your own decisions


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