All’s well on the home front… I’ll never be bullied into silence

I have been a busy little bee!

So I have filled out all my stuff for Senator Cantwell. I met Congressman Larson but got too tongue tied too talk much. Better to let them think you a fool then to open your mouth & remove all doubt & I would’ve removed all traces of it.

I filed my Tort Claim against Snohomish County…. So now anything they do will just be more ammo for me.

I have been working on our Radio Show, so now we have the ability to have a daily show! I have scheduled a show every night for the next 3 weeks, I haven’t really invited anyone to listen yet til we get a couple more shows done because the shows are archived so then folks will be able to listen to them & get a better feel (I hope) of what is going on.

I have been working on presenting the Turner Case & the Deskins case so we can have it on our page, & I am doing a week long show about both of them.

I have managed to network & save over 50 dogs this week, plus an injured goose & a couple baby fawns (Disclaimer: The baby fawns didn’t need rescue from anyone, just for the folks to be told to leave them alone til momma came back!)

Oh & we had court… Municipal court which should have NEVER been scheduled, it was just another way to harass me & they knew it cause when we got there they cancelled it, which is okay with me since I have a conflicts attorney they have to pay him every time he shows up…

Now I finally met my attorney face to face & I love this guy! His mind is absolutely brilliant. We talked about our strategy & let me just say this whole thing is going to not only blow up in these dipsticks faces it is going to explode.

I would love to tell you how many ways these people are retarded & how may ways they have screwed themselves but I can’t til August :~(

Oh as most of you know I got a state non-profit but I just finished filling out the app for our 501(c)3! So now I can do even more good works & help more people & animals in need. Nothing can stop me now!

I am trying to find a qualified Elder to do a cleansing & blessing for my Eskie George since all of my hope is gone to be able to do it myself, since they threw his body away like trash. I won’t even go into the fact that he was considered evidence which they destroyed & disposed of, that is another court matter. I did find out that the reason they wouldn’t tell me anything about my animals is because of this, they knew they were wrong. Just add this to the list of ways they have screwed up.

We also had some horrid things go on in rescue this week, to the point that people were threatening to kill eachother’s dogs… I have had dogs murdered so once it got to that point I stepped in & brought 1400 other friends to the front & we ended that crap right now. It was ridiculous & sad. No one wins when these things go on & dogs die in shelters that we should be working to save.

I can’t say too much of what is going on with the other agencies I am working with but when this is done no one’s life will be the same. I just don’t understand the thinking in the City of Everett, you can’t take someone’s animals & abuse the person & the animals & expect them not to fight tooth & nail, it doesn’t make sense. I think once these people (or at least the ones who are left) get put in their place the only thing that will happen is they will be more careful about who they screw, you can’t change evil & you can’t fix stupid.

Anyway I will keep fighting for what is right & what I believe in, but mostly I fight for my animals, then I’ll worry about taking the idiots to task… I am working on my list of demands if they want to avoid a tort claim, but remember they have all of your tax-money to waste on frivolous prosecutions, so they’ll take this to bankruptcy if need be.

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