So this is who runs your shelter: YOU are paying this woman’s wages.

Well I finally got a letter after almost 19 months about the disposition of my animals. Your city shelter manager, the one you entrust with animals, helpless animals, who have no voice to scream, who can not call out for help. Your animal control officer that has the power to take & murder people’s animals, this is what they do to precious living breathing feeling sentient beings

Let me tell you first what they did to my George: First He was taken at 10:30 a.m. from me, & he arrived at the shelter at 4:40 p.m. bleeding from his rectum & unable to walk

Then even though they KNEW he had terminal cancer they barely gave him any pain meds, the dosage was about the same as you taking 1/2 of a baby aspirin for a migraine. He was also listed as sick unhealthy/untreatable w/ severe issues on January, 21st, 2011 10 days after he was slaughtered….

This is how they slaughtered, mutilated & desecrated his body, they had to put sticky notes all over his internal organs, for 18 months this is the only pictures I have had left of my beloved George, a necropsy performed by an unqualified city vet. I don’t know if my court hearing had video but they actually smiled when they looked at these pictures….

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For 18 months I have always known & had to live with the fact that George was in the hands of incompetent cruel people, the day I called after I found out he was dead & told them that they needed to save his remains so I could wrap him & bless him to help him get to the next step & release his spirit SHE LAUGHED at me, while I cried this piece of human excrement laughed while I tried to explain how important it was that I could bless him.

Today I got this letter, it is still not telling me what happened to my cat, it was written “supposedly on March,20th, 2012 but I didn’t get it til today June, 22nd, 2012, 3 months later….

Read the last paragraph…

“With reference to “George” who was seized from you on January,6th,2011 his remains have been cremated & disposed of.


Shannon DelGado

So for those of you who ask yourself what I am always squawking about or wondering why I go off on such tangents about these scum of the DNA chain, this is why.

So the issue was with them returning them to me was that he was “evidence” but it is okay for them to throw out “evidence”? No Ms Delgado did this because this is the ONLY power she had, she couldn’t make me shut up, she couldn’t make me go away so she took it out on my precious helpless little dog just like I told ALL of you she would & she did.

At this point ALL BETS ARE OFF, I still don’t know what happened to Soffie when she was brought in LAST August for “lacerations” . As most of you know I wasn’t going to push on for any monetary damages in my Tort Claim, but now, I have NOTHING to do but proceed forward.

This is who the city of Everett has put in charge of helpless creatures. I do not care any more for the citizens of Everett, whatever hardship this brings to your piece of shit city you all brought on yourselves, when you elect people who would rather spend 3/4 of a million dollars to prosecute me for a 1000.00 miisdemeanor, which is more than they put into community & senior services TOTAL, don’t cry about your excise taxes, your property taxes to me. You can’t even help an innocent animal, you LET the Breed SPecific Legislation stand in your city, the blood of hundreds of thousands of dogs & cats are on your hands, May God have mercy on your souls.

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