Public Disclosure Commission, the media & unintended consequences

Politics make strange bedfellows… but they make better stories

So the Public Disclosure Commission is now investigating Mr Reardon’s campaign practices. This whole debacle is finally in the arena it belongs in… This is not Mr Reardon’s first brush with the PDC, my understanding is he was fined before.

Oh but enter a certain Gold Bar Blogger/Attorney Anne Block, she has filed a petition with the courts to recall Aaron Reardon which is set to be heard by a Snohomish County Judge very soon. I looked up Ms Block’s litigation history & she might be the new “Pitbull” of the political arena! She does not just “let it go”, she’ll take it to the Supreme Court! I don’t know who this woman is or who she is after, or even why, but I love her already!

Block, Anne Plaintiff Snohomish Sup 09-2-02891-3 02-12-2009
Block, Anne K Plaintiff Yakima County Dist Y09-09131 12-08-2009
Block, Anne PLAINTIFF Snohomish Sup. 10-2-02355-9 02-02-2010
Block, Anne PLAINTIFF Snohomish Sup 11-2-04307-8 04-06-2011
Block, Anne PLAINTIFF Skagit Superior     11-2-01357-2 07-05-2011
Block, Anne PLAINTIFF Snohomish Sup 11-2-09706-2 11-10-2011
Block, Anne K. Appellant Supreme Court     868883 12-28-2011
Block, Anne Appellant Coa, Division I 681630 01-19-2012
Block, Anne Appellant Coa, Division I 685619 02-21-2012
Block, Anne Appellant Supreme Court 873178 04-26-2012
Block, Anne K PLAINTIFF Snohomish Sup 12-2-02255-9  01-17-2012

I have a prediction that may not set well with others who are anti-Reardon. This whole circus never belonged in the hands of the WSP, it was a waste of their time & resources in a time when NO ONE can afford any more Government waste.

This whole situation lacks any credibility because of the timing. Here is the timeline (in the eyes of the tax-payer).

Councilman who already has a bone to pick with Reardon for PERSONAL reasons, RIGHT BEFORE ELECTION TIME to drop this “bombshell” on the world & ruin his political career…

Karma being what it is the whole thing didn’t come out til after election time. Oops curses foiled again! Councilman scorned

Okay so they didn’t knock him out of the election & every one loves Reardon at the county level… Hey let’s call the state patrol! For those of you who don’t know it was the Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe who sent it on to WSP, he didn’t want that hot potato, he is also an elected official, but I suspect he just didn’t want to get involved in the drama either. Mark Roe has spent his time & energy putting together a crack team of prosecutors & pushing forward with prosecutions & making them count.

Now add the Everett Herald Reporters who can’t stand him anyway who make sure to keep the story alive with up to 5 stories a month on the whole situation…To those of you who have asked, I flip them my fair share of crap but I do like them & I do respect & understand why they are so pissy about the “Teflon man”. For them it is the principle of the matter but in this day & age priniciples don’t matter.

(Too bad they haven’t spent that amount of time & energy on dealing with the waste of 3/4 of a million dollars to prosecute me for a simple 1000 dollar misdemeanor when the city is facing a 100 million dollar shortfall but it’s all about priorities & personal agendas, oh & timing.)

Everyone KNEW this should’ve been turned over to the PDC first & foremost, the PDC knew this as well. So now that you have exhausted all of your other remedies & avenues you FINALLY want them to do their job??? I don’t think the PDC is going to take kindly to being anyone’s little Patsy, & they most certainly aren’t going to be enforcing personal vendettas.

I think that the PDC is made up of educated individuals who can make intelligent decisions & aren’t going to play into the local politics. They may levy a fine against him but nothing more. The whole investigation has been so corrupted & convoluted that I doubt they are even interested in the High School drama that seems to reign in Snohomish County.

So what about the recall petition? I think the Judge will approve it, not because they agree with it but because they are afraid to get sued, & because they are also elected officials, keeping in mind that Reardon didn’t win by a “landslide” showing there are a lot of folks who are sick & tired of “politics as usual”

Not so fast, as has been pointed out a million times already Reardon is at the end of his term limits so either way he is done at the end of 3 years & he will be moving up the political ladder  anyway.

There are people who are morally outraged by the things he’s been accused of, just like Clinton, Edwards, even Kennedy & everyone still loves them…

Just a sign of the times, some folks would tell you it is a symptom of our moral decline, others will say it is because we have learned not to be so judgmental. I don’t know which is true.

Those of waiting for fall of the “Mighty Reardon” you might not want to make a day out of it. History dictates he will get dinged a bit monetarily but Reardon has higher political aspirations then the county. The constant reporting & badgering of him has almost made a martyr out of him & America likes the underdog, they always have. In these tough economic times most Americans really don’t give two craps who anyone is playing in the sheets with as long as they can bring some kind of recovery to our Nation & if you look at the actual records, not the constant newspaper reports & all the high school drama that they have brought to the table his record is actually pretty good, or at least his attempts & his reasoning…

I see Mr Somers has removed me from his friends list, that was pretty amusing, yet the other council members & elected officials have taken it in stride: That shows me this is personal…

Was it something I said?

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