Just thinking about things & realizing how many lies people can tell (HAROTC)

The more I look at these stories about the Turner case the more upset I get.

I went back with all of the records that I have gotten as well as the records that I was given.I get so nervous when I think about this case coming to an end… The 2 surviving horses & the pig Quinn, will most likely be sold to slaughter. Who knows what will become of the Danes & the Cattledog.

I can only imagine if Ms Turner thinks about the same thing…When I seen the pictures & read all the crappy newspaper reports I thought what everyone else did: GUILTY, fry the witch. But now that I know how these people operate & about all the corruption & bull that goes on I had to look deeper, I do that in every case.

I did manage to talk to Ms Turner to ask her a few questions I still had, I’m pretty sure she is sick of me by now but she answers the questions. The picture that haunts me is of the Danes, Raja the female is so skinny, Nemisis isn’t far behind her. Yet the other animals besides Carlos are all fine including her Roosters & Rabbits. I personally went down there & seen them.

Me being me I asked her what the hell happened with Raja, & told her those pictures are going to destroy any defense she might have ever had. She finally snapped at me & said she was trying to get help from those people (Animal Services & HAROTC) she said something to me that really struck a cord: She said “Look at those pictures” I said I was, then she said “You only have to look at those pictures, I had to live that every day, to see my babies go through it, these are dogs I had for 7 years, I had to see it every day & everything I tried wasn’t working & when I reached out & asked for help my babies were taken from me & I probably won’t see Raja before she dies of old age”

I was re-reading the story in the Olympian & asked them to report the whole story… I don’t know if they will, I don’t believe they will, but at least they stopped doing a story every week if the dogs coughed farted or sneezed, as a matter of fact I haven’t seen them do another story, but the damage is done, her name, address & age are out there & the damage has been done.

It is just sad that the people from Animals Services & HAROTC lie in wait for people to reach out to them & then crush them & destroy their lives for asking for help. All for the sake of a few hundred pounds of meat money at the slaughterhouse, & 10K they think the Judge is going to award them. I mean every raid brings in 10 to 16K so we don’t have to ask ourselves what motivates them, nor do we have to ask why it will keep happening.

To prove my point about the collusion that goes on in places like this let’s compare the Kitsap County Bailey Raid to the Thurston County Turner Raid. The

Kitsap County case was dropped because there was an HONEST judge who was not going to go along with all of the dirty dealings, Thurston & Kitsap both forfeited animals, & let animals die & be injured in their “care” but again the critical difference is that the Judge stood up for the LAW, he did the right thing… Too bad we can’t have him cloned.

In the Kitsap county situation it was simply the Animal Control that made the decision, then the prosecutor HAD to get on board, but the buck stopped at the Judge, that is how the system is supposed to work, there should be someone somewhere in there that does the right thing, but not in City of Everett, not in Thurston County, & not in Stevens County.

There are other cases I am working on as well in this state I haven’t written about yet. I have to work on about 20 other different things right now & try to make heads or tails of all of the paperwork, one woman sent me 12 big ring binders of paperwork!!!

Please pray for the Danes, the horses & for the pig, hopefully by this time next year the dogs won’t be dead & the horses & pig won’t be on someone’s dinner plate. This is such an ugly hateful world, I am sometimes ashamed to be called a human.

Great Danes, horses and pig seized at Olympia-area home recovering nicely

NATE HULINGS | Staff writer • Published December 03, 2011

Two Great Danes described as “critically thin” two months ago after being seized from an Olympia-area residence have gained considerable weight and are recovering in foster homes, according to Animal Services officials.

Raja, the female, weighed 66 pounds at time of the raid and is now 113 pounds; Nemesis, the male, has gained 38 pounds. He came into the shelter weighing 77 pounds, said Connie Patterson, Animal Services’ shelter manager. Both dogs were on IV support and could eat only small amounts initially.“ The truth was that they had an IV inserted into them but the records I am looking at have them feeding them almost 13 cups of food a day each at first, then they reduced it a coupe weeks later, but if a dog is TRULY emaciated any vet with a brain will tell you, you can NOT feed them too much or you will kill them especially with Danes, you can create bloat as well
It’s a very nice, normal, steady recovery,” Patterson said. She added that the dogs are sequestered in private foster homes. “ Is this where they lost their toes & a tail? GREAT foster home!
Their starvation was pretty severe.”The four horses that were also seized are improving and receiving care from Hooved Animal Rescue, including Carlos, a 4-year-old paint stallion. The stallion was in the worst condition of the four, given a 1 rating on a body-condition scale of 1-10. Carlos is now rated a 5 and is becoming more active, Patterson said. Again if the dogs were starved they should NOT have been overfed. The 3 female horses were not skinny or underweight, Carlos was turned out elsewhere before he came back to Ms Turners property, I went & checked & asked the lady where he was at.
A pot-bellied pig that had a broken leg has healed and will leave for a foster home this week. A small cattle dog seized remains at the shelter but is in good condition. Quinn the pig’s leg did NOT heal while he was in their care, he had been kicked as a piglet, & the leg was long healed, & he required NO care. George the cattle dog was fine to, why doesn’t he get to go to foster instead of sitting in a cage going insane, maybe they have one that won’t let him lose his toes & tails?
Rebecca Lynn Turner, 28, was charged in October with three counts of felony animal cruelty and three counts of misdemeanor failure to provide humane care. A pretrial hearing is scheduled next week; her trial is tentatively scheduled the week of Jan. 16. None of the animals seized has been adopted, pending the result of the trial.
Nate Hulings: 360-754-5476 nhulings@theolympian.com

Finally Home Rescue

Can you please report the rest of the story;

1) One of the Horses died in the “care” of HAROTC 4 months after they were seized, on January 9th, she died from an intestinal rupture
a) it was most likely caused from simple colic, the horse would’ve been thrashing on the ground & screaming for up to 2 weeks before her intestines finally ruptured & even that may have not killed her immediately, she could’ve been suffering for days before hand
b) they didn’t even tell the woman the right horse, first they said it was Sassy, then it was Cat, now it’s back to being Sassy, she still doesn’t truly know which one was dead,
c) keep in mind the female horses were all healthy weight

2) The Dane dogs have had to have toes & tails amputated while in the care of the shelter

3) The cattledog was healthy weight

4) Nothing was done for the pig because nothing could be done, he required no medical care or treatment. You might also want to note in your photo montage that the second picture of a pig is not even the pig that was taken from the property, that pig has a pink nose, the pig that is being held has a black nose

5) They left all of her rabbits & chickens with her & all were healthy & of good weight.

6) The male horse that was underweight had recently been returned to her property, after being turned out somewhere else off & on

7) This woman was actively seeking vet care & advice for her Dane dogs, she was raw feeding the vet wanted her to feed kibble & that was their bone of contention.

8) That HAROTC forfeited the horse Carlos back to the original owners in December without a court order & still continued to ask for donations for these animals.

9) that after this case is over the horse will most likely be sold to Schorno’s which is a Horsemeat dealer & one of their “foster homes” plus they are going to ask for their standard 10K for the care of the horses one of which died, one of which was forfeited, 2 of which didn’t need any care other than feeding because they were healthy.

10) That Thurston County became aware of the situation because she had reached out to them in an effort to get help for her animals

So let’s add this up:
3 Healthy weight horses who required no medical care, one of which died.
1 Underfed Horse who was forfieted
1 healthy weight Cattle dog
1 healthy weight pig who required no medical care
2 Severely underweight dogs, one with an intestinal issue

I have done a lot of investigating this case & all these people, I have even had to create an entire blog category for them because of all of the info I have found out about them. Shouldn’t we expect the same from the local media?


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