New Posting Rules: Yes I’m having a “day” but you can’t make me ugly

1) If I have to write about you more than 3 times… you get your own category.

2) If you continue to harass me… you might get your own lawsuit & webpage

Seriously I am so tired of hateful people with NOTHING better to do than focus all their time & energy on me.

3) If you don’t have documentation don’t tell me something that you KNOW not to be true, I am not going to write lies for you. If you know it to be true then write a blog about it

Push the link at the bottom of this page & you can start your own blog & don’t come crying to me when you get sued.

All of the stuff that I say here, I say it, I own it & I can back it up.

I have never been the gossip & rumor kind of gal, if I like you you will know it, if I don’t there is no mistaking it.

If I can’t stand & say it right in your face then I am not going to say it behind your back: it wouldn’t make any point for me to hide what I have to say. Besides that WHY would I want to miss the look on your face when I do say it?

I am dealing with such a bunch of poop heads that I don’t even have to resort to making stuff up, they give it all to me with their own actions & words… Maybe they should’ve looked up the word “Autism” before they showed me their little grey areas of life & moved out of their little glass houses before throwing bricks at my little shack.

I am what you call an idiot savant I know this, I don’t care: because if “being like everyone else” includes being like these people, give me a damn box of chocolates & call me Bubba.

Do you know what I did today?

I picked up an abandoned little puppy in Lakewood & a little black kitten from Bremerton, I bought dog food for a senior in Mount Vernon so she doesn’t have to give up or lose her pet, I dropped off 20lbs of meat at one of my foster’s homes for our allergy dog, I dropped off a dog in Tacoma for a terminally ill woman to visit with for a while that she had to give up because she is at the end of her life, (the foster mom gave her a bath & painted her nails: Thank you Kimmy!), then I sat & cried with her for a long time, then I went up to Snohomish County & Skagit County to give 7 people flea treatments for their animals, & talked another rescue into taking the Kitten & the Puppy & by the time I got back to Shoreline this evening the Puppy had adopters & the Kitten had a meet & greet!

I covered 5 counties today & I didn’t cause anyone any misery, I did not do one hateful ugly thing, I did not gossip or start trouble for anyone. I did not say one unkind thing to anyone, I shared my lunch with the crows, seagulls & a few starlings, I let people in front of me in traffic & at the grocery store, I stopped to talk to a man who asked me how I was doing, & needed to talk, to be listened to, he had just lost both of his parents & his job of 32 yrs & was on his way to an interview, & he just wanted someone to tell him he had every right to feel angry, sad & betrayed, but that he could make it in spite of everything… AND YOU KNOW WHAT??? Before I even got home, I got an email from him telling me he got the job!!!!

I have been BLESSED enough to be a part of many people’s lives today, even if it was just for a moment, I smiled at them, talked to them, cried with them, today I made someone’s life just a little better, & I was also shown many kindnesses, the lady with the puppy gave me a gas card, the lady with the kitten gave me a grocery gift card which I bought meat for allergy dog with & lunch for me & the birds, our pet store in Shoreline donated the food for the lady in Mount Vernon, & I have over 200 doses of flea meds left from a  housecleaning job I did. That housecleaning job it was 3 kids of a single mom, with 2 jobs, they saved up their money & couldn’t find a place that would charge less than 17 bucks an hour, me & those kids worked for 8 hours at 5 bucks an hour…. I heard she cried when she got home & baked them a cake! (Mom’s are like that)

It doesn’t take much, just determination, just wake up in the morning with the intent of doing something nice for someone else, even if it is only 1 thing a week & even if no one knows it was you who did it, that is okay. I run my big fat mouth but you know what? Every night I pray for other people, even the poop heads, I have enough faith & sense to know that I don’t have to pray for what I want, my Creator already knows what that is, but maybe he will give to others because someone asked for them

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3 thoughts on “New Posting Rules: Yes I’m having a “day” but you can’t make me ugly

  1. If you are being attacked it is because YOU, My Friend, are Making a Substantial “Positive and Constructive” inpact on EVIL! Evil Ones never waste their energy attacking people who are unimportant! You Brandia, are spiritual and good, and I support all that you do! BRAVO! Keep up the good Fight! Never BOW to EVIL! FIGHT….


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