Strange Bedfellows… Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?

Some things are just so weird that they actually make perfect sense:

I just got an email telling me that Ginger is now doing adoption events at Sierra Pets & Fish…

Makes perfect sense: They used to sell puppy mill dogs, she buys puppy mill dogs.

The weird part is that this is the place she & Rose Adams used to torment & torture.

I then get another email telling me she is also doing adoption events at The Ideal Pet:

Up to this point I thought they were a good pet store, I have referred many adopters to them. I can only HOPE that they don’t have any idea of Ginger’s past of abusing animals. I have emailed them & gave them the links to the stories here with documentation so maybe they will act on it. Maybe not, depending on their motivation. I’m going to have faith in them… I sent them an email informing them of her past & current situation so I will let you all know how or if they respond.

So as I have said before Ginger & Rose got my petfinder account closed down, but I have had so many other things to be worried about that I didn’t really care. I know that we got Ginger removed from PetCo & PetsMart, then I started thinking about it: I emailed Petfinder & told them about her past & sent them all the documentation so we’ll see what happens with that as well. I know I have to go file my suit against her before August 24th but every time I think I have it done I get new information to add to it. I finally gave up & sent it to our attorney so he can perfect it & make sure it is legally up to par. I guess I can amend it & add statements of additional grounds once it’s in motion.

Please don’t make any rash decisions about Ideal Pet until we know what their response is going to be. Many of you that emailed me have gone there for a while & been happy with the store, & businesses rely on repeat customers & word of mouth, so no bashing til we figure all of this out please. I honestly don’t believe any pet store would support an animal abuser knowingly.

I have not contacted Sierra Fish & Pets, I will next week but I am working on several other things, I have no connection to Sierra only Ideal because I have referred people to them, you are free to share this info with them in the meantime

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