A funny thing happened on my way to get my mail… Ms Weikel is at it again.

So I go over this morning to get my mail over at the hubby’s house & LO & BEHOLD GUESS WHO’S THERE??? No one believes me when I tell them that my timing sucks.

Animal Control!!!

Hubby wasn’t home yet so I was at the neighbors & she comes in & tells me AC is knocking on his door. I went over there & talked to him. He was trying to get my King County address & then asking me Rich’s name, & asking if his dogs are licensed up here.

Because of the fact that I am on 3 different kind of allergy pills right now I couldn’t even try to explain what was going on with him so I just ended up sounding like an idiot.

So I explained to him that that is a Motel, not an apt, he said it’s not I showed him the big sign that says MOTEL, & he says we still have to get them licensed… but they’re not my dogs, sorry but not my problem. In the meantime there are 5 cats & 4 dogs running around here but he’s not asking them about licenses.

He had copies of my webpage & said I couldn’t run a rescue without 5 acres of land & I explained to him that I DIDN’T LIVE IN THIS COUNTY so they could hardly dictate to me what I could & couldn’t do in King County. So he says he’s going to contact King County & “let them know what is going on”. What???

He also tells me I can’t foster dogs unless I have a shelter like PAWS or the City of Everett shelter. Um that is not the way it works, as long as my fosters don’t have over 3 animals & or they are licensed as a kennel if they have more than 3, Snohomish County can not dictate what I do in any other county.

Don’t you as tax-payers find it comforting that the woman you elected Ms Carolyn Weikel is saving 5 dollars to make sure that all pit bulls get killed yet… She can waste your tax money sending the poor animals control officers on a wild goose chase to get back at me for doing blog posts about her???

It was pure simple dumb luck that I went over there today, so now I know she is sending AC over to harass me now So I’m pissed that I had to deal with them but glad that now I know what she is up to.

Time to go file the Tort Claim against them too.

Funny everyone knows I go over there to pick up my mail every Friday morning & there he is.

Trying to catch me in the act of doing nothing??? The AC guy was nice enough after he & I both stopped being buttheads.

I have to stop & think: It’s not their fault, they are just doing their job. Too bad it means wasting time settling Ms Weikel’s little vendettas.

Pathetic, seriously just pathetic. This is getting to be so much drama that I think it is time Ms Weikel had her own category… I am so sick & tired of dealing with people’s ego’s. Do your job right & I wouldn’t have ANYTHING to write about! Duh!

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