The Story of Angel Lee

In spite of all the garbage going on with the city of Everett I still do rescue, it is usually people moving can’t take the dog… Dog outgrew the house… They didn’t realize how much work it was going to be… Foreclosures, Job losses etc…

I get the angry threatening calls, from people threatening to throw a dog out a window, shoot it, or just let it go.

I get the one’s who try to convince me that I can adopt their 97lb dog who has only bitten 3 times & is food aggressive who is not fixed or chipped or UTD on shots, that I can adopt them out for tons of money.

I get people who want a dog for free because they have never paid for any dog. Or the geniuses who want to adopt an unfixed dog from me so they can breed it.

But… Then I get those heart breakers

Sunday was like that. Ms Lee is dying, she has her beloved dogs, she is a Buddhist & believes that her Poodle Angel is her mother reincarnated… Which made it that much harder for her to trust her with someone else.

I have those times where I have the nerve to feel sorry for myself these are my life’s version of a “Reality Check”…

Ms Lee has cancer, she has faced the fact that she is going to die, I will hope & pray for a Miracle, but in the midst of facing her own mortality she is more worried for her animals. I spent a good deal of time with her & she told me everything about Angel, I wanted to feel I knew her before there was no one I could ask about her.

Ms Lee has never had children or been married because of the path she has chosen in life so the dogs are her children. she tied a medal of St Benadictine around Angel’s neck & begged me to keep it on her. I promised I would.

Here is the worst part, as she becomes more & more ill she is unable to walk Angel because she won’t use a potty pad, so her piece of scum neighbors charge her $15.00 to walk her dog & she needs to be walked about 4 times a day. She has a savings account for Angel but has had to use $60.00 PER DAY just to make sure her dog is comfortable. Money she is not using for her OWN medication, or to feed herself, money she is using on her greedy neighbors & her beloved Mamma Angel.

Soon I will get a call from the respite care nurse that it is time to go get Peter as well & I will get to say my final farewell to Ms Lee.

I am left to wonder… Why the neighbors could be so cruel, why the respite care nurse can’t take a couple 10 minutes out of her shift to walk the dogs, & why Ms Lee is not angry.

She is afraid, but not of dying, she is afraid to leave Peter & Angel. Normally I would adopt them out immediately but not with cases like these.


Because somewhere in my heart I still believe in Miracles. I survived my childhood, my cancer, & a murderer. I was never supposed to be able to have children or be able to walk again. I have received many many miracles.

I spent hours mostly crying with Ms Lee, I was honored & blessed to have meet such an incredible individual. I know life is not “fair” I know bad things happen to good people, I have had my share of bad things happen to me for no reason I can understand. I just want to believe that maybe, just maybe I can see another Miracle.

I have Angel in a foster home with a lady who has also felt a recent loss & we have agreed that we are going to hope against all odds that Ms Lee gets her Miracle & if she doesn’t get it this world is going to lose an immeasurable treasure.

I wished I lived closer to Ms Lee or I would go over the 4 times a day & walk her myself.

I feel as if taking her is going to kill her, some people have said that me taking her will help her go peacefully… I don’t want her to go at all. The foster mom is going to adopt them both if that time comes, but she will still be gone.

I say a lot of times in my frustration that “I rescue dogs & not people for a reason” the truth is I do love people, even one’s who are not so lovable, I have been blessed with so many people who have loved me that it is hard to justify being a certified people hater.

I just lost my sister about a month ago, I have not spoken or written about it, I have not been able to. She was that kind of person… She could always find the good, even when she was tough on me as a teenager she was still kind. Ms Lee is like her. I will get to say goodbye to Ms Lee, I never got to say goodbye to my sister.

When a singer or actor dies, it flashes across our TV screen, radio & the net, most of these people are of questionable character, & the world still mourns, yet people who are so good & so kind they die & no one even notices. I just don’t understand…

This is a not so gentle reminder that everything, especially the people you take for granted can be gone in an instant, you could lose your own life. Appreciate what you have & don’t sweat the small stuff, quit looking for the worst, & don’t leave people you love with an unkind word, it could be the last they hear & you will regret it for your whole life. Make some time for the people who really matter in your life & most importantly THINK: Today is a gift, tomorrow is not promised, please look at your priorities & see what really matters.

Now I have to go learn about St Benedictine & about reincarnation so that I can honor Ms Lee’s requests & so I just don’t feel so helpless. Be good to each other & appreciate every moment you have , please


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