Another Mary Kay Letourneau… Shame on you Ms Lemaire, Carlon, Trask, Staib.

Please bear with me here.

I HATE CHILD MOLESTERS, I hate women who molest children even more. I see all the talk about “Cougars” it is not “cool” it is stealing a child’s youth.

Whether the kid is 13 or 23… It is still sexually deviant to look on a young man with thoughts like that. The argument is that Vili is an adult now & he made a “choice” to be with her now, but he was groomed at a critical point in his life when he was just forming his sexuality & becoming a young man.

Anyway on to my point. I have been doing research on the animal control officer… Lorelei Staib, Carlon, Lemaire Trask. I find her info on the Snohomish County Auditor’s website for her house, & a couple marriage licenses & certificates. Nothing unusual but I keep seeing search terms that say “Lori Trask child molester” & Lori Trask Cougar” on this page but I don’t see her on the sex-offenders website, & she works with animals so I figured maybe a cougar wandered into Everett & she helped catch it.

I don’t know what hit me but last night I decided to do a little more research on Ms Trask, I find the marriage certs again from 2007 & then think I should look up her husband to make sure she is not hiding any assets in his name for when it comes time to sue her. I know she is 54 to 57 yrs old but all I can find for this Ronald Staib/Trask listed as a 29 yr old kid… Well that s ridiculous,  why would a 24 yr old kid be marrying a 50 to 54 yr old bat???

I am just stumped so I just quit for a while, then my son calls me & he is convinced that that is the kid who was in the navy with him who lived across the way from us when we lived at the Summermill Apts off of North Road. Really? I knew her address but never even thought about the fact that we did live right across the road from where she lived, & he described the house to me  I Google earthed it & it is the same house he described but he is in Detroit so he can’t exactly come over & show me.

What kind of a mind does one have to have to look at someone 30 years younger than you & think “those” kind of thoughts? We see it with men all the time, it is still disgusting, but a woman? You have to wonder where his family is, or what they think. If this was one of my sons there would be hell to pay.

My son was in the Navy & some of the things I seen these boys go through was horrific, they were scared young men, facing their own mortality, knowing at any time they cold go off to war to die, they were lonely, sometimes they had already been to war & carried the PTSD, that war brings. Those boys were the most vulnerable to girls their own age… I can only imagine what an older woman could do to those boys minds. I just don’t want to though. My son accidentally got stationed back over here, which doesn’t usually happen & trust me I had to come between him & 2 cougars & 1 crazy girl that I had to haul down to the hospital to have a blood test to prove her child was not my son’s. So the questions remains is this the same kid my son knew? If so he was just a kid in 2007 when they got married if he is only 29…

Ronald Staib listed as 29 yrs old in 2012,+Bothell,+WA&s8=t30#:5280603431

Another listing for this kid….

Don’t know who this is… Father? First Husband? Augustin Lemaire

The newspaper announcement of their marriage license app.

TRASK, Ronald James and LEMAIRE, Lorelei Renee

Marriage App & license for her & this kid


2) 200801104005     01/10/2008     MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE     STAIB RONALD STANLEY II     LEMAIRE LORELEI RENEE     DOM 12/23/2007; DOR 1/10/2008

Now we have to wonder WHY did this kid change his last & middle name? His father is listed as a James Staib from back on the East Coast…

1) 200805230724     05/23/2008     NAME CHANGE ORDER     STAIB RONALD STANLEY II     TRASK RONALD JAMES

2) 200805230725     05/23/2008     NAME CHANGE ORDER     LEMAIRE LORELEI RENEE     TRASK LORELEI RENEE

Now here is what is very interesting to me… She marries – divorces – marries – divorces, but her house is still listed as Lemaire, her arrest records are in Carlon, so is Trask her family name or this kids family name. Why does she use so many different last names? What else is she hiding? I think it is time to dig a whole lot deeper.



I know that some people think it’s okay for women to do things like this because “men do it” either way you are taking away a child’s youth… My husband is younger than me by 8 yrs & it took him 2 yrs to convince me to even date him & even then I wouldn’t get serious or even introduce him to my kids for a couple of years after that because your mind changes every 5 minutes in your twenties & I wanted him to make sure he was EMOTIONALLY mature enough to fully understand what he was getting himself into. We have been married for 8 years now & it has been a lot of work. 8 yrs is far different than 30 years for crying out loud!!! She is old enough to be his mother & the grandmother of his own children, that is absolutely disgusting.

What if he decides he wants children? What then? He won’t even be able to adopt because the state’s adoption agencies would be concerned for the welfare of the children & her age… She’ll be ready for social security when he’s hitting the prime of his life, as obese as she is & having cancer: How long do you think some kid is going to hand around taking care of an invalid?

What I find the most disgusting is that if my son is right, he said this guy lived with some fat lady & her husband… So she was married & had this kid living with her & then she marries the kid? What happened to that husband? These are the kind of people who are in a position of power who are trying to judge me?

Amazing, simply amazing…

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5 thoughts on “Another Mary Kay Letourneau… Shame on you Ms Lemaire, Carlon, Trask, Staib.

  1. You must have just heard me scream across the entire country! This is my brother you are writing about. This is incredible! In the last five years I have been searching the internet with what little infornation I have. My parents and family and I miss him so mich and do not understand what happened. He has not been in contact since I was pregnant with my soon to be five year old son. Ron if you are somehow reading this please reach out. Annas number is still the same. I have beeb searching and sesrching and i also found your marriage and name change. I stilk call your cell once a month. I have beeb sesrching you and your wifes names every so often. Today this blog post came up. Whatever made you stop connecting with our parents doesnt matter. Our mother is sad and is afraid to just fly out to find you. You now have two nephews uou havnt met. We wabt to be a part of your life. Just send me an email. I hope you read this
    your big sis always,


    1. Oh dear… This started out as a story about my disgust with the age difference. I just didn’t understand how this young man’s family could condone such a thing: Now I see the reality of it.

      I am glad that this has given you some answers. I am so sorry for what your family must be enduring. If there was some way I could help I would.

      If this was in fact the kid who was deployed with my son, these kids went through hell, my son still has some horrific nightmares, the other kids are scared to wake him up because he comes up swinging, but I can’t stand to know that he is reliving the hell he lived through so I wake him immediately :~(

      I think it will help your family to do some research on PTSD & the Stockholm Syndrome.
      Here is a good link that can give you some direction

      Please tell your Mom & family that if this post is upsetting to them I will remove it, you now have some of the answers & I don’t want to put your family through anymore heartache. My issue is with Lori Trask Carlon, Lemaire, Staib blah blah blah, not your brother or family & I am sorry if this post has caused any of you any unnecessary pain.


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